Johnnie Morton Got Knocked the **** Out

I’m going to go ahead and give my description of things before I show you the video, because before long, it’ll be pulled down due to copyright infringement. Let me start out with the following. It was a tiny ass ring set up in a gigantic 100,000 person stadium. Translation — place was packed like a Georgetown football game. And despite having the backing of his native Southern California and USC fans, former Detroit Lions wide receiver and Trojans All-American Johnnie Morton got his shit HANDED to him in his professional MMA debut. No joke. Literally. It was over so fast you would’ve thought Morton were fighting Mike Tyson.

Here’s how it went: Morton came out charging, throwing lefts and rights like he was working his trainer in practice. Only problem, Bernard Ackah fought back. Morton, clearly over-matched, then tried to shoot on his opponent and go for the take-down. It was at that point that Ackah caught Morton with a solid Muay Thai knee to the dome that sent Morton standing back up. Then, with the two men facing each other, Ackah delivered a knock out punch that HAS to go on the Best of MMA Knockouts video, Volume 1.

You know that stunt from the movies where a dude walks into a clothesline and gets flattened like a pancake? That was Morton. He was dropped in an instant. Kind of like a quarterback getting blindsided by LT — crumble like a cracker time. And unfortunately, as foxsports.com reports, Morton was carried out from his unsuccessful debut on a stretcher, wearing a neckbrace. It was over in 38 seconds. And now you can experience the magic yourself:

Chest bump to Deuce of Davenport for the video hookup, via the almighty Ballhype.

And I truly hope Morton wasn’t seriously injured, and I hope he learned and taught many other amateurs a good lesson.

Caught in the Middle of a Possible Johnnie Morton Family Feud

A few weeks ago, I posted the story that Johnnie Morton would be trying out mixed martial arts fighting. Naturally, many people including myself thought it was an odd way for Morton to spend his retirement. Anyhow, it now appears as if some members of the Morton family, including Johnnie himself, may have used the post as a forum to air some grievances. First, a man claiming to be a cousin of Johnnie’s talked about beating Johnnie at wrestling back in the day. Then, a man named Alan, who claims to be related to Johnnie through marriage wrote this:

I’m related to Junior only by marriage. When he started out in football you could call him human. My wife baked him cookies so when I met him at the end of the game he could have a treat. Well how did he ‘treat’ us once he made a buck or a touchdown in football, like dirt. His mother was worse. One day I asked his younger brother Chad to see if he could get Junior to autograph a Chiefs football for my best friend who had broken his neck but loved his Chiefs and admired Junior. Well a $65 football never got autographed, it was lost by either brother and when I asked his mother and father about it by leaving a note on the iron fence that guards their home, the next thing I heard was from my mother in law, Johnnie’s aunt who told me that Katz and Johnnie accused me of ’stalking’ them. So why the story, while family should always be family and former USC greats like Johnnie and his brother Chad (who have a 1/2 brother who played for J.K McKay and the Bucs in the 70’s) go from career to career, now fighting for a living, no matter how much money they make, they should always remain ‘humans’ and kind to their fellow man. Millen was wrong on words but maybe right on in judging Johnnie as into himself. I remember Chad riding ontop of his older brother when they were youngsters, they always would ask me for a ride in my 82′Mustang GT, when I asked them over 20 yrs later for an autographed football for my injured friend, I got nothing but attitude. Johnnie – I wish you well in your new career, you’ll always be successful in life, just one question – where is my friends special KC Chief Football signed. See he still values you and a team you were a part of, even after what you never did and costing him a valued item.

He was obviously bitter and still had some anger inside him over the football that allegedly was never signed. Then, imagine my surprise to see a response left by J-Mo, who registered the comment under a pretty legit email address:


First of all, if you have something to say, say it to my face. Why go onto a website and leave a posted message? If you were a real man you’d address me personally. You know how to get ahold of me. You say you’re not a stalker? How did you find out about my fight and why are you on some site blogging about me? You seem to be infatuated with me. You talk about what Matt Millen said about me? Maybe he was talking about you. Why don’t you mention in your little whiny little blog about the time you asked me for $35,000 but didn’t want me to mention it to anyone? You’re the only relative to come out of the woodwork and ask me for money. Hmm, seems you forgot about that. The time after the San Diego game a lot of people asked me who that crazy guy was who wouldn’t leave you alone and was harassing you. One final thing. My father was shot 8 times and survived and that incident caused a lot of grief for my family. He survived luckily. Some time after that you wrote an anonymous letter telling him how happy you were that that happened. You said a lot of nasty things in that letter. I know it was you that wrote it because it came shortly after I denied you that money and you know my father didn’t approve of you asking. You are a fucking coward and know that you’ve gone public talking shit about me, when/if I see you next, you’re going to have a big fucking problem. You fucked up Alan and I’ll see to it that you pay bitch. Payback’s a motherfucker…

The legitimacy of these comments can definitely be questioned, but it begs to be answered, why would a Johnnie Morton impersonator go out of his way to write all that? And who else would have those types of details?

Did Johnnie Morton really respond to that comment? Thoughts anyone…

Johnnie Morton Will Try His Hand at Mixed Martial Arts

12 seasons in the NFL on three different teams which resulted in 43 touchdowns and nearly 9,000 career receiving yards. A 1st round pick out of college and 1993 All-American honors. 138 yards receiving and a TD in the playoffs.

And where do all those accomplishments get former USC great and Detroit Lions WR Johnnie Morton? Into mixed martial arts. That’s right. In an email from a P.R. group I received, it stated this:

FEG (Fighting Entertainment Group), ProElite and Showtime will announce Softbank presents DYNAMITE!! USA in association with ProElite, a major pay-per-view event at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum with some of the world’s best mixed martial arts fighters, including 7-foot-2 South Korean Hong Man Choi, mixed martial arts legend Royce Gracie, former pro wrestler Brock Lesnar and former USC Trojan and Detroit Lion football star Johnnie Morton. Reporters will have the opportunity to speak with fighters, as well as representatives from FEG, promotional partner ProElite and Showtime.

7’2″ Hong Man Choi against 6’0″ Johnnie Morton. Yeah, I’d pay to see that.

And to think, Matt Millen called Morton a “faggot.”

Maybe Morton’s got an axe to grind.

(or he’s really desperate for dough)

Well, at least the bright side is that unlike most other former athletes, he’s keeping himself in shape.