Johnny Manziel trumps Twitter hater with Heisman Trophy picture

Johnny Manziel put a Twitter hater in place by throwing down the ultimate trump card — a picture of his Heisman Trophy.

Manziel received attention this weekend for getting kicked out of one Texas fraternity party and for wearing a Tim Tebow New York Jets jersey to another. Anytime Manziel is in headlines for what he does off the field, he receives a big reaction on social media. And it sure seems like he thrives off the online hate.

The Texas A&M quarterback has admitted that he responds to people on Twitter out of boredom, which may have been his motivation for responding to another hater on Sunday. Manziel sent a series of tweets seemingly intended to quell the grumbling regarding his off-field life.

After one Twitter hater told Manziel that he had a “lucky year” and isn’t going to do s— this season, the quarterback sent a solid response.

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Johnny Manziel wears Tim Tebow jersey to Texas frat party

Johnny Manziel Tim Tebow jersey

Johnny Manziel may have been kicked out of one Texas frat party this weekend, but he had more luck at another.

A few Twitter users photographed Manziel at the Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) Island party at Texas on Saturday, which apparently is a major rager at the school. The best part about it? Manziel was wearing a Tim Tebow New York Jets jersey. Who knew he was such a fan?

[Video: Johnny Manziel thrown out of Texas fraternity party]

Here are several photos of Manziel:

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Johnny Manziel thrown out of Texas fraternity party (Video)

Johnny Manziel Texas fraternityJohnny Manziel has won a Heisman Trophy and beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa, but that doesn’t make him a welcomed guest at all fraternity parties.

The Texas A&M quarterback was thrown out of an SAE fraternity party at the University of Texas on Friday night, according to Burnt Orange Nation. Someone even launched a beer at him, as you can see in the beginning of the video posted above. The video uploader tells LBS that Manziel, who is in the pink, received a lot of attention and was asked by some of the older brothers to leave. He supposedly was not at the party very long.

Manziel apparently was drinking a Keystone Light earlier in the night:

Even though he attends Texas A&M, Manziel grew up a Longhorns fan and remains a fan of the school. He caused a huge controversy when he was photographed with a fake Longhorns tattoo on his torso. Between this and what happened with the Manning Passing Academy, Manziel is getting used to being kicked out of events lately.

UPDATE: Manziel was later photographed at another Texas frat party, and he was wearing a Tim Tebow Jets jersey.

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NFL personnel guy on Johnny Manziel: ‘Nothing but red flags’ off the field

Johnny ManzielJohnny Manziel loves to party and has gotten himself into plenty of hot water because of it, but he also became the first ever freshman to win the Heisman Trophy. If Manziel has another great year at Texas A&M, you have to wonder what NFL teams will put more stock into — his playmaking ability or his antics off the field.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, one NFL personnel man who works for a team that is in need of a quarterback called attention to Manziel’s “red flags” outside of football.

“I talked to one personnel guy and he goes, ‘We’re gonna have to do a lot of work on this guy because there are nothing but red flags for him off the field,’” King said, according to NBC Sports.

King explained that the issue for most regarding Manziel being sent home from the Manning Passing Academy is not about whether or not he was drinking. The fact that he missed an important responsibility without giving any valid excuse and without calling is what NFL teams find most concerning.

“I don’t care if he was out getting a tuna fish sandwich,” King said. “It’s a monumental red flag.”

Of course Manziel drinks from time to time. Most 20-year-old college kids do, but there are plenty of them who do so without letting it affect their responsibilities. When Manziel was flashing his cash inside the casino and golfing with the Jonas Brothers, he did so on his own time. Getting dismissed from a prestigious passing camp like the Mannings’ is just plain embarrassing — no matter what the excuse.

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Johnny Manziel reportedly out on Bourbon Street before Manning Academy departure

Johnny ManzielJohnny Manziel was out on Bourbon Street in New Orleans the night before he was sent home from the Manning Passing Academy last weekend, Rumors and Rants reports.

Rumors and Rants first reported about the Texas A&M quarterback being sent home from the camp at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, La., last Saturday. R&R reported that the Heisman Trophy winner showed up to the camp tardy on Saturday afternoon after being out partying the night before.

At SEC Media Day last week, Manziel denied that drinking and being hungover led to his early departure from the camp.

Rumors and Rants added to their initial report and now say that it was Dartmouth head coach Buddy Teevens, not Archie Manning, who was behind the decision to send Manziel home. Teevens was apparently peeved that Manziel missed or was late to every camp meeting. Rumors and Rants says Manziel lied to Archie about his whereabouts on Friday night and lied to his mother about why he was kicked out of the camp (he supposedly told her he overslept). They say he did not even spend the night in his room on campus, which is why Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron, his roommate at the camp, did not have the opportunity to wake him up.

Though Manziel is getting a ton of negative publicity over this whole matter, he reportedly was great with the campers when he participated in camp activities. Furthermore, most of the counselors who attend the camp go partying at night, per R&R.

I guess the real lesson to learn here are that telling the truth is the best way to handle situations. I’m also kind of wondering where the pictures of Johnny Football out on Bourbon Street are. You figure they’d be out there if he were partying there on Friday night. Maybe a detail is off somewhere.

AJ McCarron details differences between him and Johnny Manziel

AJ McCarronAlabama quarterback A.J. McCarron would not address a report that said he tried to wake up an oversleeping Johnny Manziel at the Manning Passing Academy last weekend because the Crimson Tide QB said he did not want to get into another player’s business. But in the process of explaining why he would not comment on the report, McCarron, speaking from SEC Media Day on Thursday, outlined some of the differences between him and, say, a guy like Manziel.

“I can’t answer on Johnny Manziel’s part,” McCarron responded when asked about the report. “My name’s A.J. Everything that has to do with him, he’s his own man. I’m not going to speak on another man’s business. That’s how I was raised. If it don’t have nothing to do with you, don’t speak of it.”

McCarron then discussed how he takes pride in avoiding negative headlines.

“The one thing you can say throughout my career you can never bash me for is I never brought any type of negative spotlight on my last name or my university or my head coach or my teammates. I’ve always done the right thing, I’ve always done it how it’s supposed to be done. That’s the way I want to be remembered.

“I don’t want to be remembered as some guy that was an off-the-wall type guy doing all this crazy stuff. That’s not me. My job is playing football, not being a celebrity off the field.”

McCarron didn’t mention any names when describing how he doesn’t want to be remembered, but it’s pretty obvious he was contrasting himself with Manziel. Johnny Football has gotten into trouble off the field. Manziel is considered a celebrity off the field. He’s brought negative attention to his school and team. Whether he intended to or not, McCarron just showed all the ways he differs from Manziel, even if the two are friends.

About the only negative headlines McCarron has been involved in at Bama came when he got into a Twitter beef with Tyrann Mathieu, and when the media blew it out of proportion that he got a boot put on his car. That’s not bad.

In many ways, McCarron is actually the ideal Nick Saban player. Look at the way he answered some questions at SEC Media Day:

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Johnny Manziel receives props from Drake for media day

Johnny Manziel OVO DrakeJohnny Manziel has friends in high places, but you already knew that.

Johnny Football has been repping Drake’s gear and shouting out the rapper’s OVO crew for months ever since meeting the Canadian artist over the offseason. In fact, Manziel even said meeting Drake was the highlight of his offseason.

Apparently that relationship goes two ways.

Drake tweets infrequently — he’s sent less than 1,500 — but he did make sure to shout out the Texas A&M QB on Wednesday:

Drake was referencing the way the Heisman Trophy winner addressed questions at SEC media day Wednesday about his early departure from the Manning Passing Academy. Manziel admitted he missed a meeting after oversleeping, but he denies drinking alcohol or being hungover, contrary to a report.

[VIDEO: Johnny Manziel addresses Manning Passing Academy departure]

Whether you believe Manziel or not is up to you, but we can all probably agree with Drake that the A&M QB handled himself well. What’s strange is that Manziel keeps talking about maturing, but his behavior still indicates he has a ways to go.