Now the Buccaneers are drafting Johnny Manziel?

Johnny ManzielIn a matter of hours, all the guessing, reporting and speculation will finally come to an end and we’ll find out where players are going in the draft. But until Roger Goodell tells us that the Houston Texans are on the clock, there will be nothing but rumors and reporting. And one report is significant enough for us to pass along.

Yahoo! Sports’ investigative reporter Charles Robinson tweeted on Wednesday that after following the Johnny Manziel game for months, he believes the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will draft the former Heisman Trophy winner.

The Bucs mostly played rookie Mike Glennon at quarterback last season. Though he played well, he doesn’t have the look of a franchise guy. They also signed Josh McCown, who played extremely well as Jay Cutler’s backup with the Chicago Bears last season. He’s a stop-gap/good backup more than a guy you actually want to enter into a season with as a starter, though new coach Lovie Smith pretty much declared him the team’s starter.

Based on their roster, the Bucs could use a real quarterback. Will they take Johnny Football at No. 7 overall? From everything else we’re hearing and reading, it seems like Manziel will be available to them in that slot. Manziel would be a good pick for them if they make the choice.

Browns, Raiders reportedly not planning to draft Johnny Manziel

Johnny ManzielThere has been a lot of talk about the Cleveland Browns liking Johnny Manziel, but that might just be a smokescreen.

FOX NFL reporter Jay Glazer, who is extremely well connected, reported Tuesday that the Browns will not draft Manziel at No. 4 overall. Glazer also says the Raiders won’t take Manziel fifth, either.

If both teams pass on Manziel, then the possibility that Johnny Football slides in the draft seems legitimate.

If Houston, St. Louis and Jacksonville pass on him 1-3, which seems entirely possible, then the next most likely landing spot might be Tampa Bay at No. 7. You know Atlanta (6), Buffalo (9) and Detroit (10) aren’t looking QB, and who knows what the Vikings are thinking?

Some team may end up trading into one of those 6-10 slots to snag Manziel, if I had to make a guess.

Texas DC Vance Bedford: Johnny Manziel played backyard ball in college

Johnny ManzielNew Texas defensive coordinator Vance Bedford expressed concern on Sunday about Johnny Manziel’s ability to succeed in the NFL.

Bedford, who played college ball at Texas and was most recently Charlie Strong’s defensive coordinator at Louisville, was on the subject of spread offense quarterbacks in the NFL when he brought up Manziel.

Here’s how his tweets went:

After Bedford’s tweet about Manziel began circulating, Bedford defended himself and said he wasn’t taking a shot at Manziel:

Say what you want, Bedford, but saying Manziel played “backyard ball” and that he will have to “learn how to be a Qb” sounds an awful lot like a shot to me. And if it’s not a shot at Manziel, then it’s a shot at A&M/the spread offense in general.

I’m not sure what Bedford has to gain from those comments, but maybe he just likes playing NFL draft analyst on his Twitter account.

Johnny Manziel’s girlfriend could be Kyndal Kyaire


Johnny Manziel was sitting behind home plate at the Texas Rangers game on Tuesday night, but the internet was more concerned with the lovely lady who was sitting next to him. Naturally, the folks at Busted Coverage quickly determined that the woman accompanying Manziel was a model from San Diego named Kyndal Kyaire.

Could Manziel have simply been going to the game with a friend? Yes, but let’s remember the former Texas A&M star has been known to date models. Also, I would never do this with my buddy at the ballpark.

If Manziel and Kyaire can be classified as “just friends,” I need to get me one of those.

Photo: Twitter/Nate’s Rangers Notes

Ryan Howard: Phillies have played very well this year

Ryan-HowardThe Philadelphia Phillies have started the season 3-6 and are in last place in the NL East. Considering they finished the 2013 season with a 73-89 record, very few people are surprised. One person isn’t discouraged by the slow start, however. A certain optimist actually thinks the Phillies are playing well. You know him as Ryan Howard.

“In all actuality we’ve actually played very well this year,” Howard said Thursday before the Phillies lost yet again, per Ryan Lawrence of the Philadelphia Daily News. “I disagree with everybody else. Our record doesn’t necessarily reflect that right now, but, you know, we’ve played well. We had three real bad games. So the only thing to do is go out there and try to win again.”

Have the Phillies simply been victims of a series of bad breaks? As Lawrence noted, they have committed seven errors in the past four games. Philadelphia is batting .263 as a team, which isn’t horrible. Howard, who currently owns what many have called the worst contract in baseball, is hitting right where we all expected him to — .200 with one homer and three RBI. He has one hit in his last 18 at-bats.

Is it time to panic? Of course not. We’re nine games into a 162-game season. That said, the Phillies have gone straight downhill since they won 102 games in 2011. Their roster is filled with aging superstars who can’t stay healthy and just don’t seem to have it anymore. If Howard wants to pretend the 2013 Phillies have a bright future, that’s certainly his prerogative.

H/T Hardball Talk 

Johnny Manziel reportedly had highest Wonderlic score of top QBs

Johnny ManzielJohnny Manziel comes across as somewhat of a knucklehead for some of his off-field behavior, but he might actually be more intelligent than you think.

According to former NFL scout John Middlekauff, Manziel had the highest Wonderlic score among the top quarterback prospects in the 2014 NFL draft class.

Middlekauff also says coaches have raved about Manziel’s intelligence:

Middlekauff says the average Wonderlic score for a starting quarterback in 2012 was 29 and that anything above 30 is considered outstanding. He says Manziel scored above both figures.

There will continue to be a debate about Johnny Football. Some feel he is a character risk and not suited to lead an NFL franchise. Others feel he is a special player and want him as their quarterback.

We’re sure when draft day comes that someone will take him in the top 10. We wouldn’t be surprised if the Texans took him first overall. And if you want my opinion, it’s not his character or intelligence that has me worried; it’s whether he will be durable enough for the league.

Deion Sanders says Johnny Manziel has ‘ghetto tendencies’ then denies it

Deion SandersDeion Sanders is a fan of Johnny Manziel because he likes the former Heisman Trophy winner’s flashy ways on the field. In fact, Primetime says Manziel’s behavior reminds him of the way he used to act, and that’s a big reason why Prime is a fan. But Deion had a little bit of a problem on Wednesday when he denied saying people will have a hard time accepting Manziel because the ex-A&M QB has “ghetto tendencies,” even though the comment was caught on audio.

Sanders was a guest on “Roland Martin Reports” and spent most of the interview defending DeSean Jackson. At the end of the interview, he was asked about Manziel.

Below is a transcription of what Deion said via the Roland Martin website:

SYBIL WILKES: So before you go, Deion, what do you think about all of this talk about Roland’s boy, Johnny Football, Johnny Manzel in all of the conversation about him?

DEION SANDERS: Oh, please. I love Johnny Football. See, the reason people won’t accept Johnny Football is because Johnny Football has ghetto tendencies. I love Johnny Football.

TOM JOYNER: He’s got ghetto tendencies?

ROLAND MARTIN: He’s got ghetto tendencies? What are ghetto tendencies, Prime Time?

DEION SANDERS: Because he was successful, he made it, and he let you all know he made it, and he was cocky, he was flamboyant, and he let you know.

ROLAND MARTIN: So he was a white Prime Time coming out of college.

DEION SANDERS: Thank you. And I love him. (Laughter) I love him. They had the music playing when he came in. Put his whole equipment up, who go out there all do your pro day with all your equipment on? (Laughter) That’s some hula stuff, I love Johnny Football.

They even posted the audio on their website (skip to the 6:27 mark to hear it):

Sanders’ point was understandable, but the phrasing “ghetto tendencies” is more than questionable.

Now here’s where the fun begins. Our friend Rob Littal at Black Sports Online says someone from Roland’s program sent him the audio clip along with the headline that Manziel has “ghetto tendencies” in an effort to receive more coverage and publicity for the story. One of Rob’s writers, Vashti Hurt, posted the story on their site, and Rob tweeted out the link. Someone showed the link to Sanders, who flipped out and denied saying what he said:

Unfortunately for Deion, the Roland program posted the audio clip on their site and transcribed all the comments, so everyone could hear and see exactly what Deion said. And there’s no denying that Deion said Manziel had “ghetto tendencies.”

Deion never apologized for denying making those comments, but that’s not too surprising. Would you expect him to admit where he was wrong?