The Story Behind UConn Quarterback Johnny McEntee’s Trick Shot Video

LBS staff writers Steve DelVecchio and Larry Brown collaborated on this story

By now you’ve probably seen the trick shot video compiled by UConn quarterback Johnny McEntee. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and watch it now because it’s incredible.

McEntee is a redshirt junior and one of six quarterbacks on UConn’s roster, and by far the most famous Huskies quarterback to never have thrown a pass in a live game. Last week, he posted his trick shot video on YouTube and it instantly went viral, surpassing four million views in less than a week.

After watching such an incredible video, we were determined to learn more about its back-story. LB spoke with McEntee’s high school coach, Troy Thomas, to learn more about Johnny, while Del talked with Kyle Campbell who edited the video.

First off, to all you conspiracy theorists, both McEntee and Campbell have confirmed that everything in the video is real — there was no digital editing when balls left the screen, unlike these trick shots. Because everything was real, it took about six hours to get all the shots, and then another three or so to edit, according to Campbell.

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UConn’s Johnny McEntee Trick Shot Video is Pretty Impressive

Throughout my four memorable years studying at the University of Connecticut at Storrs, I was always led to believe that the football team had no passing game.  Were they on the rise?  Absolutely, but they were a ground and pound team led by the likes of Donald Brown, Jordan Todman, and some tremendous run-blocking offensive lineman.  Perhaps the Huskies need to unleash their backup quarterback next season?  Check out the Johnny McEntee trick shot video:

There are a few shots where the ball disappears from the screen making me think it’s not legit, but there are plenty of others where you can see the ball the entire time that made me a believer.  All of this is done in a pressure-free environment, but the kid has to be talented.  Making those throws blindfolded?  The thing where he dinged all the goal posts using mostly his upper body?  Get this kid some wide receivers and get him into the lineup.