Jon Gruden reportedly told Bucs he was going to get ‘two hotel rooms for all my bitches’ if they reached Super Bowl

Whether you are a Warren Sapp fan or not, you can probably find something in his new book that entertains you. The book, “Sapp Attack,” came out on Tuesday and contains all sorts of accounts from Sapp’s career that coaches and players were probably hoping would never become public information. Take former Bucs coach Jon Gruden, for example.

According to Deadspin, one section of Sapp’s book talks about the motivational speech Gruden gave before the 2002 NFC Championship game between the Bucs and Eagles. He went over the things Tampa Bay needed to do to win the game, and closed it out with an absolute bang.

He stood up in front of us and explained that there were 10 things we needed to do to beat the Eagles. Ten Things! He went down the list one by one, blah blah blah, blah blah blah, we’d heard it all. But then he got to the number one thing we needed to do, and he started talking about their kick returner Brian Mitchell. “I want Brian Mitchell’s ass on a plate,” he said. “And once we finish with the Philadelphia Eagles we are going to go to San Diego for the Super Bowl…” he paused, grinned and concluded, “Where the coach is gonna get two hotel rooms for all my bitches!”

The room erupted. Exploded. That was it, that was the greatest motivational speech ever. There isn’t even a second place. “The coach is gonna get two hotel rooms for all my bitches!”

If Bill Belichick talking about having an erection wasn’t funny enough for you, perhaps Gruden’s speech is. And if your head coach talking about all the tail he’s going to get doesn’t make you want to win a Super Bowl, I don’t know what would.

Jon Gruden, Mel Kiper Jr. have heated discussion over Russell Wilson (Video)

The ESPN NFL Draft set was never more animated than when the analysts began discussing quarterback prospect Russell Wilson.

Early in the third round, the only quarterback taken on the second day was Brock Osweiler. ESPN showed draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr.’s quarterback board, and he said Wilson was more of a fourth-round prospect. Kiper’s big knock against Wilson is his size — he’s only 5’11”. That reasoning caused Jon Gruden to have a fit.

Gruden tore into Kiper for downgrading Wilson over a matter of an inch or two in height.

“You discriminate against guys who aren’t six feet!” Gruden told Kiper.

He then cited Ray Lewis, Wes Welker, Darren Sproles, and Maurice Jones-Drew as examples of undersized star players who Kiper would have downgraded.

The whole exchange was highly entertaining, and Gruden turned out to be correct in his prediction that Wilson would be taken that round; Seattle took him with the 12th pick in the third round, No. 75 overall.

Below is a look at Wilson turning down the volume on his TV after hearing all the ESPN bickering:

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Jon Gruden Confuses Michelle Obama with Lisa Salters (Video)

Jon Gruden may be a football expert, but he obviously doesn’t keep up with politics too much. That became evident when Clemson’s offensive coaches flashed a cue card of First Lady Michelle Obama from the sidelines to signal an offensive play during the Orange Bowl. Gruden thought it was Lisa Salters, a sideline reporter for ESPN. Here’s the video:

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Jon Gruden Might Want Rams to Draft Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III to Replace Sam Bradford

Jon Gruden’s name is once again being mentioned as a potential head coaching candidate in the NFL. A report from the San Diego Union-Tribune said Gruden could team with A.J. Smith in St. Louis as a GM-coach tandem should the Chargers fire Smith. If the Rams, who are likely to clean house, are considering Gruden, there is something they should know.

During the Seahawks-Rams Monday Night Football game two weeks ago, Gruden strongly suggested St. Louis draft Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III to replace Sam Bradford at quarterback. Here is a video of Gruden’s exchange with Ron Jaworski, who strongly disagreed:

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Jon Gruden Denies Falling in Love with All Players During ESPN Broadcasts

In case you somehow failed to notice, Jon Gruden can become overwhelmed at times during the Monday Night Football broadcast on ESPN.  The man loves him so football, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  His passion for the game is unrivaled, but sometimes it can border on weird.  Whether it’s giving out a secret handshake or focusing a little too much on Maurice Jones-Drew’s thighs while on board the Gruden Bus, Jon provides viewers with some awkward moments.

He may love “this guy” or think there’s no lineman in the league who could match the power and intensity of “that guy,” but Gruden told Sports Illustrated he does not believe he falls in love with players too easily.

“I’ve had people tell me you don’t want to be too positive all the time, you want to be more critical,” Gruden explained. “I’ve had people tell me that I am trying to set up my next job. That’s not true. I am enthusiastic about the game. It’s like golf: Every shot makes someone happy. I just want to do a better job listening and telling the story as I see it. I don’t have time to worry about all the critiques. I feel like I am preparing as hard as I can. If you listen to the broadcast, I would not agree that I fall in love with everybody. But I do want to be enthusiastic and I am fired up to be up there on Monday Night Football. It’s an electric atmosphere.”

SI also pointed out that last year’s Monday Night Football telecasts were the most watched cable series for a fifth consecutive year.  Whatever the new broadcast team is doing, it must be working.  Yes, even Jon Gruden’s creepy man crushes.

Jon Gruden Higher on Jake Locker Than any Other Rookie Quarterback

Jon Gruden has been described as a man who collected quarterbacks when he coached. He turned Rich Gannon into an MVP, won a Super Bowl with Brad Johnson, and he reached the playoffs with Chris Simms. He seems to know his quarterbacks and is respected for his ability to coach them. That’s part of the reason why he runs a “Quarterback Camp” on TV (however strange the episodes may be). Simply said, when he talks quarterbacks, we listen.

Gruden sat down for an interview with Marty Caswell of Double X Sports in San Diego and was asked which rookie quarterback he felt would have the best chance at making an early impact in the NFL. His answer surprised me.

“I really like Jake Locker,” Gruden said without hesitation. “I think Locker is special. Cam Newton is physically very talented, but I think Jake Locker. And what I’m hearing about Blaine Gabbert’s exciting too, but I’m a Locker stocker.”

I respect Gruden’s opinion of quarterbacks, but I think he’s crazy there. Sure Locker had a strong pro day, but as I said on draft day he was a reach for Tennessee. Locker is big, fast, and has a strong arm, but his big weakness is his lack of accuracy. That is a real problem, not a criticism by haters.

Locker is going to throw a lot of interceptions in the NFL and I don’t envision much success for him. But at least we have a prominent analyst who validates Tennessee’s selection, so they have that going for them.

Report: Jon Gruden to Coach Miami Hurricanes Football

It’s been almost two years since Jon Gruden was fired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers following a 9-7 season in 2008. Not long after the surprising move was made by the Bucs, Gruden was hired by ESPN to provide commentary on Monday Night Football. He’s spent his time speaking glowingly about players, slipping secret handshakes while waiting for the right coaching opportunity to come along.

Chucky reportedly talked with the Cowboys after Wade Phillips was let go, but nothing serious happened. Apparently he has been interested in the Miami job since Larry Coker was fired, and now numerous people are reporting that Jon Gruden will be the next coach of the Canes.

Lake Lewis Jr. reported on twitter that Gruden will be the next Miami coach for the price of about $3 million per season. Compensation issues seemed to be the difference between the sides — Gruden could easily command around $4 million per season in the NFL and reportedly did not want to take a paycut to coach at Miami. $3 million per season seems like a cut, but it would also make him extremely well paid as a college coach.

Gruden has always crossed me as an excellent coach. He took Oakland’s passing game to astronomical levels and turned Rich Gannon into a Pro Bowler and MVP (Gannon won MVP in Gruden’s first year at TB). He won the Super Bowl his first year at Tampa Bay, and won the NFC South two other times. Despite the lack of quarterback consistency, Gruden seemed to always have the Bucs competitive. He made the most of Brad Johnson, Chris Simms, Brian Griese, Bruce Gradkowski, and Jeff Garcia — not exactly a collection of franchise quarterbacks.

OPINION: Miami is “not a marquee program

If Gruden has indeed accepted the job at Miami, the big question is how he’ll fit in as a college coach. He coached in the pros from 1992-2008 and hasn’t dealt with recruiting and boosters for two decades. He has a huge name and an outstanding offensive reputation, so drawing local playmakers to The U should not be a problem. If you want to know what the real problem might be, read this.