Jon Lester favorites tweets about him returning to Red Sox in 2015

Jon LesterJon Lester was traded to the Oakland A’s on Thursday after spending the first eight-plus years of his MLB career with the Boston Red Sox. Is the 30-year-old lefty moving on for good, or are the A’s just borrowing him for a few months?

There are plenty of people who believe the Red Sox traded Lester with the intention of signing him on the open market this offseason. Boston is out of contention in 2014. If they bring Lester back this winter, they essentially swapped Jonny Gomes for Cespedes straight up. Not that it means anything, but here are two of the tweets Lester favorite in the hours after he was traded.

Lester probably just appreciates the kind words, but you never know. What we do know is that the A’s don’t have the money to sign Lester to the extension he is seeking. That means he is all but certain to hit the open market, and the Red Sox have plenty of cash if they want him back. Boston has been hesitant to pay that kind of money for pitching, but they could make an exception if this was the plan all along.

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Jon Lester, Jonny Gomes traded to A’s for Yoenis Cespedes

Jon LesterThe Boston Red Sox have reportedly agreed to trade Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes to the Oakland Athletics for Yoenis Cespedes. The move was first reported by WEEI.com’s Alex Speier.

The Red Sox made it clear in recent weeks that they were looking to move Lester, as they are obviously not prepared to pay the lefthander the amount of money he will command on the open market. Boston made an offer of four years and $70 million over the offseason, which was borderline laughable. Lester has thrown over 200 innings in six of his last seven seasons and has proven that he can pitch effectively in the postseason. He’ll likely sign a deal worth somewhere in the six-year, $150 million range.

Boston was initially said to be looking for two top-tier prospects in return for Lester, but the Sox must feel that Cespedes fills a need more immediately. The 28-year-old will provide some middle-of-the-order pop that the Red Sox have been lacking this season. Cespedes is owed $10.5 million in 2015 before he becomes a free agent.

As for the A’s, some of the best pitching in the league just got better. Lester and his 10-7 record and 2.52 ERA will join a staff that is in the top five in the league in most pitching categories. Pitching wins in the playoffs. The A’s, who have the best record in baseball, now have plenty of it.

Jon Lester to Colin Cowherd: You couldn’t be more wrong about David Ortiz

David-Ortiz-rips-Buster-OlneyBoston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester went on Colin Cowherd’s show on Friday to defend David Ortiz. Earlier this week, Cowherd spoke about Ortiz’s mind-boggling performance in the World Series and all but accused him of using performance-enhancing drugs. Lester seemed certain that is not the case.

“I think you couldn’t be more wrong about him,” Lester said. “I think the biggest thing with David is you really haven’t seen the power numbers spike up or anything like that. I think he’s just become more of a complete hitter. … It’s not like he’s going at there at 37 and all of a sudden he’s hitting 50 homers and driving in 140 (runs).

“He’s hitting his normal home run totals that he’s hit his entire career. His average has gone up, which I think is a result of him taking his walks and taking the base hits. I think Fenway Park is a good ballpark for him and fits him well and I think he’s done it the right way for a long time.”

Lester is right about that. Ortiz has hit somewhere in the vicinity of 25-30 home runs and 90-100 RBI for the past six seasons of his career — excluding stretches where he was injured. After hitting just .238 in 150 games in 2009, many assumed Big Papi was washed up. Instead, he enjoyed one of the best all-around statistical years of his career this season at age 37.

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Cardinals GM John Mozeliak: Jon Lester’s glove substance is a ‘non-issue’


If Jon Lester did indeed use some sort of substance like Vaseline or pine tar to doctor his pitches in Game 1 of the World Series, the St. Louis Cardinals are not concerned about it. When asked about photos and video clips that have been circulating the web on Thursday morning, Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak insisted the team has already moved on.

“As far as I’m concerned it’s a non-issue,” Mozeliak told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “It’s something that arose in social media and not from our players or manager or our coaching staff. To me it does not represent a concern.”

As an MLB spokesman said in his statement addressing the accusations, neither the Cardinals nor the umpiring crew raised any concerns about Lester doctoring the baseball on Wednesday night. If they were given any reason to believe that the ball was moving in a way that seemed unusual, they almost certainly would have mentioned something.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports, who referred to GooGate as a “non-controversy,” speculated that Lester was using BullFrog sunscreen to help him get a better grip on the baseball. That is the same substance that Clay Buchholz allegedly used on his arm when he was accused of doctoring the ball back in May. During their ALDS series against the Tampa Bay Rays, Passan shared a screenshot of a bottle of BullFrog in Boston’s dugout.

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Did Jon Lester have Vaseline on his glove? MLB says there is nothing conclusive


UPDATE: Cardinals GM John Mozeliak shares his thoughts on Jon Lester’s glove.

The internet is accusing Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester of cheating during his impressive performance in Game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday night. A number of photos and video clips that have been making the rounds appear to show some sort of substance on the inside of Lester’s glove, which many have speculated could be Vaseline or pine tar.

For a video clip of Lester seemingly going to a specific spot on his glove, click here.

An MLB official briefly addressed the accusations on Thursday morning.

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Jon Lester used Vaseline on his glove? Cardinals minor league pitcher Tyler Melling thinks so


UPDATE (12:15 p.m.): An MLB official has addressed the Lester accusations.

UPDATE (1:02 p.m.): Cardinals GM John Mozeliak shares his thought’s on Lester’s glove.

Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester turned in a phenomenal outing against the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday night, but some are accusing him of cheating. Tyler Melling, a pitcher who plays ball in the Cards’ minor league system, posted a photo during the game that has caused some speculation.

Melling later deleted his tweet, which I assume was done per the request of the organization.

The only thing we can really see is that there is a discoloration between the thumb and webbing of the glove. It’s hard to tell if there’s some sort of substance there or if the leather is simply wearing out at that particular spot. Another Twitter user pointed out that Lester appeared to touch that part of his glove before gripping the ball in the 7th inning.

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Jon Lester tweets Temple Run score during game he pitched

Jon LesterJon Lester experienced his shortest start of the season on Friday, and it looks like he tried taking his mind off the poor performance by playing a little Temple Run on his phone. Unfortunately, Lester had the autotweet feature on his phone turned on, so his score achieved on the video game was sent to his Twitter account … while the Boston Red Sox-Arizona Diamondbacks game was still going on.

Here’s the tweet that was sent from Lester’s account during the ninth inning of the game:

That tweet has been deleted, but it linked to an image of Lester’s low 1,209 score in the game, which matched his equally poor performance on the mound. Here’s an image of his score:

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