Jonathan Quick makes absurd save against Jets (Video)

Jonathan Quick made 24 saves in the Los Angeles Kings’ 4-2 win over the Winnipeg Jets on Saturday, and none were as pretty as the one seen above.

Seriously, how the heck did he do that? I mean that’s using your entire body to make a save. Now you know where they get the expression “stand on his head” when describing goalies. Wow.

Jonathan Quick save

Quick entered Saturday’s game fourth in the NHL with 2.06 goals allowed per game.

Jonathan Quick allows most embarrassing goal ever (Video)

Jonathan Quick goalJonathan Quick is an excellent goalie, but that doesn’t mean he’s immune to committing embarrassing plays every once in a while. And, on Monday, Quick allowed one of the most embarrassing goals you will ever see.

The Kings were facing the New York Rangers and trailing 2-1 in the third period. They were on a power play early in the period and lost the faceoff. Rangers defenseman Ryan McDonagh got the puck and cleared it by dumping it off the boards. Quick went to play the puck off the boards, but he lost control of his stick and allowed the puck to deflect off his pads and into his own net.

It was a truly pathetic goal allowed by the former Conn Smythe Trophy winner, who stopped 25 shots in the 3-1 loss. On the bright side, nothing Quick does for the rest of his career will ever be as bad as that.

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Jonathan Quick’s blunder costs Kings the game (Video)

Jonathan Quick Alex SteenJonathan Quick committed a huge blunder that cost the Los Angeles Kings Game 1 of their playoff series with the St. Louis Blues on Tuesday.

The defending champion Kings were on a power play with the game tied 1-1 in overtime. Quick went behind the net to retrieve a puck and was debating which way he should pass it. For some reason, he tried to slip the puck along the boards in the direction of Alex Steen, who was closing in behind the net after just getting on the ice. Steen stole the puck and pushed it in for an easy game-winning goal.

“I don’t have an option to the left, and you’re trying to force him to the left, trying to give my D-man a little more time with the puck …. You try to make him make a decision. And he got the stick on it,” Quick said of the play, via the Los Angeles Times’ Helene Elliott.

The goal was Steen’s second of the game — he also scored in the first on a power play. The Kings were unable to score until 32 seconds left in the game when they finally netted one with the extra man on the ice.

Quick stopped 40 shots on the night, but his one big mistake cost the team. Everything went perfectly for the Kings in their Stanley Cup run last season, but it’s already shaping up to be a much different story this postseason.

Jonathan Quick dropped 3 F-bombs at Kings championship rally (Video)

I guess cussing runs in the Kings franchise. Three days after captain Dustin Brown dropped an F-bomb in a postgame interview after winning the Stanley Cup, goalie Jonathan Quick triple down on his teammate.

The Conn Smythe Trophy winner dropped not one, not two, but three F-bombs while making a speech during the Kings’ Stanley Cup rally on Thursday.

“How bout this ****ing team right here,” the obviously sloshed Quick said. “Look at this ****ing team. Look at these ****ing guys.”

Is Quick going to go Chase Utley and blame his F-bomb on a bet, or just lay it all on the booze? For a guy whose last name is Quick, his speech pattern was very slow. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he broke out the infamous “I wanna kiss you” line on a female reporter the way he was going. And what about those shorts? Clown shorts, bro, clown shorts.

This is the first time most of LA sees Quick not wearing 500 pounds of goalie pads and that’s the impression he makes? Maybe it’s better that he keeps quiet.

L.A. Kings use creative poster to remind you Jonathan Quick is really good

The eighth-seeded L.A. Kings have been the story of the NHL playoffs this year, losing only once and carrying a 3-0 conference finals lead over the Coyotes into Sunday. The Kings have seen outstanding performances from Anze Kopitar and captain Dustin Brown. But none more crucial to the team’s unlikely run has been goalie Jonathan Quick, who’s a Conn Smythe contender with his 1.41 goals-against average, tops this postseason. The Kings have even celebrated their netminder’s stinginess with this creative poster:

You’d be better off if it was your wife’s way of telling you to make it quick.

Photo via Beto Duran

Jonathan Quick Went Retro in Kings’ Opener with Rogie Vachon Mask

After all the great college football ended on Saturday evening, I had a chance to watch some of the Kings’ opener against the Canucks. Hanging out with my cousin Corey for his birthday celebration, one thing stood out to all of us immediately — the Kings went retro with their jerseys. While I wasn’t wild about the Kings’ unis, goalie Jonathan Quick looked fantastic in his old-school retro pads and mask. The mask was incredible, just like Rogie Vachon back in the day, and it had ears and hair painted on. It looked awesome. Check out some of the pics courtesy of In Goal Magazine:

The Kings went back to their normal unis for Sunday’s game at Calgary and wound up losing 3-1. Jonathan Bernier was in goal for the game, stopping 29 of 31 shots. Quick stopped 23 of 24 shots the night before, so I’d say the Kings would be better served rolling with the throwbacks all the way around. If you have a superstition working, you can’t break it. And how awesome did those ears look painted onto the mask?