Jordan Cameron changes Twitter bio to ‘pass catcher’ after Jimmy Graham ruling

Jordan-Cameron-BrownsCleveland Browns tight end Jordan Cameron is the same type of hybrid player as Jimmy Graham. The former USC star burst onto the scene last year with 80 catches for 917 yards and seven touchdowns. Like Graham, Cameron often lined up as a wide receiver. Unlike Graham, Cameron does not call himself a tight end on Twitter.

After an arbitrator ruled on Wednesday that Graham is officially a tight end for franchise tag purposes, Cameron made an adjustment to his Twitter bio.


Graham wanted to be classified as a wide receiver so he could make more than $12 million with the franchise tag rather than the roughly $7 million he stands to make as a tight end. In arguing that he is a tight end, the New Orleans Saints pointed to the fact that Graham even calls himself a tight end in his Twitter bio.

Cameron obviously doesn’t want Twitter being used against him if a similar situation arises. He sarcastically thanked Darren Rovell for blowing up his spot.

Now, the Browns can argue that Cameron changed his profile intentionally after seeing the Graham ruling. Thanks a lot, Rovell.

H/T Around the League via SI Hot Clicks

Blake Griffin Poses as Mars Blackmon to Help Jordan Cameron’s Draft Stock

On Tuesday LBS writer Shane showed pictures of Blake Griffin dressed up in a Mars Blackmon type outfit for a recent Nike photoshoot. Well now we have a video that shows what the outfit was all about.

Griffin departed from his typically serious demeanor to joke around in a video where he portrays the character “Mars Blake Man.” In the video, Griffin hypes us his friend Jordan Cameron who is a tight end entering the NFL draft:

Cameron played both basketball and football at Newbury Park High School and actually went to BYU initially to play basketball. He went to a JC after that, then tried to play for USC’s basketball team before ultimately deciding his future lied with USC’s football team.

Cameron only had 16 catches for 126 yards and a touchdown in his career with the Trojans so that’s why he needs all the hype he can get. Oh yeah, and you might also recall Jordan is the brother of Brynn Cameron, the former USC women’s basketball player well known for being the mother of Matt Leinart’s son.