La La Anthony appears to take shot at Jordan Crawford: ‘You’re on the bench for a reason’

Jordan-Crawford-Carmelo-AnthonyTensions between the Boston Celtics and New York Knicks are really beginning to run high heading into Game 6 of their opening round playoff series. After Boston beat New York at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night, Carmelo Anthony and Jordan Crawford got into it near the bench and had to be separated by teammates.

It is unclear exactly what Crawford was saying to Anthony, but a number of self-proclaimed lip readers insist he was saying some not-so-nice stuff about ‘Melo’s wife, La La Anthony. On Thursday, it appeared that La La fired back on her Instagram account.


If you can’t make it out, La La wrote, “Try again. You on the bench for a reason,” which seems to be an obvious shot at Crawford. If you remember the whole Honey Nut Cheerios incident, you know that this is not the first time La La has been at the center of trash talk between the Celtics and Knicks.

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Jordan Crawford, Carmelo Anthony at center of postgame mixup (Video)

Jordan Crawford Carmelo AnthonyJordan Crawford got into it with Carmelo Anthony after the Boston Celtics’ 92-86 win over the New York Knicks in Game 5 of their playoff series on Wednesday night.

As the final seconds were ticking off the clock, Crawford appeared to say something to Anthony. Raymond Felton didn’t like what he heard and tried sticking up for his teammate.

Though Melo walked away, others players got in between Felton and Crawford.

Anthony had an off night shooting. He went just 8-of-24 for 22 points and missed all five of his three point attempts. Crawford, meanwhile, didn’t even play in the game, yet he was running his mouth afterwards. Another player feeling more cocky than he should.

Credit to Carmelo for not falling into the trash talking trap the way he did in January with Kevin Garnett.

“I’m not thinking about Jordan Crawford right now,” Anthony said after the game, per the Washington Post’s Michael Lee. “I don’t even think he deserves for you to be typing about him.”

What’s this? A newer, wiser Carmelo Anthony? I’m shocked he didn’t get caught up in the trash talk this time. That’s smart, because the Knicks need him focused so they can close out this series.

Jordan Crawford says Kobe hisses like a black mamba when he wants the ball

Kobe Black Mamba

Kobe Bryant is nicknamed the “Black Mamba” because of the way he can strike quickly and metaphorically kill you on the court. The black mamba is believed to be the fastest and one of the most poisonous snakes on the planet, so Kobe loves having the nickname. But did you also know that Bryant is more than just a metaphorical poisonous snake?

According to Washington Wizards guard Jordan Crawford, Bryant hisses on the court when he wants the ball.

Crawford appeared on “Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable” Wednesday and talked about his “oh wow” moments when he joined the NBA. He said playing with Vince Carter and Kobe were those moments. That’s when he shared the great note about Bryant.

“When I first played with Kobe — they call him the Black Mamba — but then he was doing like a little snake sound when he wanted the ball,” Crawford told Le Batard, via DC Sports Bog. “It was crazy. It was crazy. It’s like tsssss, tsssss. Like [he was calling former teammate Derek Fisher] fish, fish, Fisher. Tsssss, tssss. He do that. Everybody tells you he’s gonna do it before you play him — like, ‘Wait till you hear him do this.’ And then he [does] it, and it’s like, what? He’s really a mamba. It sounds like some kind of snake.”

So does that mean the secret is out on Kobe? I really wonder whether he did this first, or only after he received the nickname. Or is it just coincidence that his sound to call for the ball happens to be like a snake’s hiss?

This story is pretty awesome and makes me want to get courtside seats just to see if it’s true. As awesome as Kobe doing a snake’s hiss to call for the ball is, I still think LeSean McCoy’s on-field tendency is better.

UPDATE: Bryant confirmed over Twitter that he calls for the ball using a “mamba hiss”:

Click here to hear Crawford talk about Kobe

Image via StreetBall

Jordan Crawford Believes He Can be Better than Michael Jordan

You may remember Jordan Crawford for his dunk embargoed around the world. He’s come a long way since the day when Nike blocked his embarrassment of LeBron James. Crawford, a second-year guard with the Wizards, had a great tournament with Xavier before becoming a first-round pick in 2010. Last season with the Wizards, he averaged nearly 12 points per game and 24 minutes. Nothing spectacular, but it won’t stop Crawford from believing in himself.

Take a look at comments he made recently.

“I don’t tell nobody, but I feel like I can be better than Michael Jordan,” Crawford said, without the slightest hint of sarcasm. “When I’m done playing, I don’t want people to say, Michael Jordan is the best player. I want that to be me. That’s how I am. That’s how I was built.”

When told that people would think he was crazy for saying that, Crawford didn’t back down.

“Yeah, I know that, I definitely know that. But I’m not settling for anything less,” Crawford said. “I feel like I’m better than him, anyway. My mom is going to say I’m better than him.”

Laugh all you want, but I’d much rather have a player who believes in himself than someone like Kwame Brown. As long as Crawford doesn’t get crazy and start jacking up 30 shots per game, having confidence is a necessary tool for athletes. Keep dreaming Jordan, and prove everyone wrong.

Chest bump to I am a GM

Video: Jordan Crawford Goes Between the Legs to Andray Blatche

With the way things have been going for him, it’s important for someone to make Andray Blatche feel special these days. After all, it has to hurt when your own team misspells your last name on your jersey in the middle of the season.  That’s why Blatche has teammates like Jordan Crawford who can do special things with the basketball.  Check out this video of Jordan Crawford going between the legs to Andray Blatche:

That’s what you call a complete basketball play.  The block, the spin move, the break, and the no-look, between-the-legs dish.  It can’t get much better than that.

This Is What Nike Was Afraid of???

As if Nike and LeBron James didn’t already take enough heat for going all Communist Russia by confiscating the tape of LBJ getting dunked on, now they seem even worse for causing the stir. Most of the videos making their way around the internet have been pretty crappy quality. My boy HG at You Been Blinded found an excellent quality video — one that looks like it was filmed from a good camera, not a cell phone. So here’s the Jordan Crawford dunk on LeBron in really good quality:

That was such a nothing. Think about it — this was a pickup game at a summer camp and LeBron didn’t get dunked on so much as he got dunked around. There was nothing about which they should have been afraid or fearful. Can you say control freaks? That video would have made the rounds on the net but then would have been quickly forgotten. Instead, it’s a permanent blemish on LeBron’s resume (albeit a small one).

LeBron’s Skills Academy: Where None of Us Are Witnesses

I saw the above photoshop job over at Mouthpiece Sports and just couldn’t resist posting it. Of course that picture is a response to the story that Nike officials bullied a camera guy to take away his tape after he recorded LeBron James getting dunked on. This marks the second time in six weeks that the unblemished King used poor judgment. Here’s the deal: we’re not living in Communist Russia — censorship is not taken while in the U.S. (thank goodness). We don’t like being in the dark on matters or being lied to (unless it’s your team’s player hitting a juiced homer).

Controlling ones image is important when it comes to making decisions about driving drunk, nailing 20-year-olds when you’re married, or making it rain at a club; you can’t guard an image when it comes to play on the court — you have to let that go. And last time I checked, Dwight Howard and Devin Harris both had their likability rise when they let someone school them in a fun setting. That’s weak sauce LeBron, weak sauce.