Jordany Valdespin reportedly quit his Dominican League team after being pinch-hit for

Jordany Valdespin MetsUpstanding citizen Jordany Valdespin seems to be at it again. According to a report, Valdespin quit his Dominican League team because he was upset they pinch-hit for him in a playoff game.

Valdespin batted 167/.316/.612 in 108 regular-season at-bats for Tigres del Licey, according to The MLB Nation. He hit just .267/.389/.722 in 15 postseason at-bats before leaving the team.

Valdespin played in 66 games last season for the New York Mets. He made appearances on LBS for pimping a home run in a game when he was down 7-1 and getting hit as retribution. He also reportedly called manager Terry Collins a “c—sucker” after being sent down to the minor leagues.

The Mets cut ties with Valdespin after he was suspended 50 games because of his involvement with Biogenesis. The outfielder was picked up by the Miami Marlins this offseason.

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Jordany Valdespin reportedly flipped on Terry Collins after being sent down

Jordany-Valdespin-MetsNew York Mets outfielder Jordany Valdespin was optioned to Triple-A Las Vegas on Saturday night, and it was a demotion he did not feel he deserved. The 25-year-old is hitting a measly .188 with 16 RBI and on-base percentage of .250 in his second MLB season, but that didn’t stop him from reportedly flipping out when he got the news.

According to Jorge Castillo of The Star-Ledger, people who witnessed the episode said Valdespin lost it and had to be calmed down by bullpen coach Ricky Bones.

“He’s not helping himself,” one person reportedly told Castillo. “Everyone gets upset when that happens, but you just need to shut up and pack your bags.”

Mike Puma of the NY Post reported that Valdespin screamed at manager Terry Collins when he was given the news, calling him a “c—sucker” and demanding that he be placed on the disabled list rather than demoted. No team would want a 25-year-old player who is struggling as badly as Valdespin to sit on the DL rather than take at-bats at the lower levels, but he obviously doesn’t get that.

“We’ve talked about this many times: It’s hard for a young player who has pretty much spent his whole career as an everyday player to come up and play, maybe, once a week and then come off the bench and hit,” Collins explained. “It’s very difficult. So he’s got to go get some playing time. He’s got to go get his swing back — certainly get back in the lineup. If he’s going to come back, at least he’s got to get some at-bats.”

No player enjoys being demoted, but acting like a child when it happens validates the decision even more. In addition to being unhappy with his performance at the plate, the Mets were also annoyed by Valdespin’s antics like pimping a home run while his team is trailing 7-1. Clearly he has a lot of growing up to do.

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Jordany Valdespin pimped a home run down 7-1, was hit in next at-bat

Jordany ValdespinThe Pittsburgh Pirates did not appreciate Jordany Valdespin’s celebratory antics on Friday night, so they decided to send him a message the next day.

Valdespin entered Friday night’s game between the Pirates and New York Mets in the top of the ninth to play second base. He got an at-bat in the bottom half of the inning with his team down 7-1. Valdespin went deep off reliever Jose Contreras and decided to admire his work:

The Pirates won the game 7-3, but they took note of Valdespin’s behavior. On Saturday, Valdespin did not start but entered the game in the bottom of the seventh as a pinch-hitter for reliever LaTroy Hawkins. The second pitch he faced from pitcher Bryan Morris was a ball right at his hip:

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Jordany Valdespin takes mean pie to face after grand slam (Video)

Jordany Valdespin pieJordany Valdespin hit a walk-off grand slam to give the New York Mets a 7-3 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday night at Citi Field, and he took a shaving cream pie to the face to celebrate the occasion.

Valdespin was up with the bases loaded in the 10th after the Dodgers intentionally walked Lucas Duda with one out to set up a double play. Valdespin questionably moved his foot out of the way on the pitch before his home run. Had he stood in to take the HBP, the team would have won. Maybe he moved his foot because he knew he could win it with his bat; on the next pitch, he launched a walk-off grand slam to right to win the game.

The Mets won the game 7-3, and catcher John Buck greeted Valdespin with a mean pie to the face during the postgame interview. I mean Buck did not hold back at all. I’m surprised he didn’t break Valdespin’s nose with that slam.

I’d pass along some of Valdespin’s quotes from the postgame interview, but I didn’t understand a word of it.

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Jordany Valdespin wasn’t wearing a cup when Justin Verlander nailed him in the nuts

Jordany-Valdespin-MetsA lot was made of New York Mets utility man Jordany Valdespin being hit in the man region by a Justin Verlander fastball on Monday, but many people do not understand the severity of the situation. Fortunately, Valdespin’s health has checked out fine. The thing that made the situation so scary is that he was not wearing a protective cup.

“You would think if you are starting at second base, you would be smart enough to wear a cup,” Mets manager Terry Collins said.

After he left the ballpark, the NY Post was told Valdespin wasn’t wearing a cup when he was drilled with a 94-mph fastball. Did he think you can’t get hit in the nuts during spring training just because the games don’t count? Infielders almost always wear a cup, and it’s probably smart for every position player to do the same. In fact, Valdespin proved that even designated hitters would benefit from using an athletic supporter.

“He took a hack at the first pitch and the next one — he already hit one bomb — and the next one he totally squared [toward] me,” Verlander explained. “And I’m like, ‘Oh God, this isn’t going to be good.’ Right out of the hand it’s like, ‘Oh, [bleep]! That is right at his [genitals].’”

Valdespin said everything is “working good” when reporters caught up with him after the painful experience. Collins has warned the 25-year-old about some of his antics potentially getting him into trouble, such as irritating Washington Nationals ace Stephen Strasburg a couple of weeks ago when he faked a bunt to lead off a spring training game. If you want to get under the skin of opposing pitchers, it’s probably even more critical that you protect the family jewels.