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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles tagged: Jose Canseco

Jose Canseco threatens to hunt down person who stole his car stereo

Somebody took something that belongs to Jose Canseco, and the former MLB slugger is not happy about it. On Friday afternoon, Canseco hopped on Twitter to warn the person who stole his car stereo that they can either return his property along with an additional $1,000 or else. According to Jose, the thief has been…Read More

Jose Canseco and Leila Knight break up after huge fight

Less than a month after Jose Canseco shot off his finger and was professing his love for his girlfriend Leila Knight for taking great care of him, the two have broken up. Canseco tweeted on Sunday that the two split: Leila and I have gone our separate ways.check back later and find out what happened…Read More

Jose Canseco to sell gun, finger that fell off

Jose Canseco may have lost a finger because of his little gun accident, but like the true capitalist he is, Canseco is looking to make some money off the unfortunate incident. Canseco tweeted on Monday that he plans to sell his finger and the gun that shot off the digit. As of now, Canseco is…Read More

Jose Canseco shares photo of his disgusting nub finger

You know how Jose Canseco accidentally blew off his own finger while cleaning his gun last month? Doctors have been trying to save it for him, and it looks like they have not been doing a great job. On Friday, Canseco tweeted that his sewn-on finger had fallen off the previous night during a poker…Read More

Jose Canseco shares photo of hand with four fingers

Jose Canseco accidentally blew off his finger while cleaning his gun on Tuesday, and somehow the brainiac lived to tell about it. Canseco was so proud of his wound that he posted a photo to Twitter on Wednesday of his new hand configuration. The former MLB slugger just hopes he’ll be able to keep his…Read More

Jose Canseco shot his finger off while cleaning his gun

Jose Canseco underwent surgery after accidentally shooting his finger off while cleaning his gun on Tuesday. 13 Action News in Las Vegas says police were called to Canseco’s home Tuesday afternoon after being told the former AL MVP shot himself in the hand. Canseco’s fiancee, Leila Knight, told TMZ that Canseco was cleaning his gun…Read More

Mark McGwire does not want to ever speak with Jose Canseco again

Mark McGwire has no immediate plans to make up with Jose Canseco despite his former Bash Brother’s desperate pleas. McGwire is still upset with Canseco for writing in his 2005 book “Juiced” that he used steroids. McGwire admitted to using PEDs in 2010, but Canseco was ostracized and in his words blackballed from MLB for…Read More

Jose Canseco got a notice from his HOA about his noisy goats

Remember those fainting goats Jose Canseco and his girlfriend bought? We posted about them last month after Canseco said he was pulled over for driving with the diapered animals in his car. Yeah, well, the goats appear to be causing a bit of a problem in his housing community. Canseco posted on Twitter Thursday a…Read More

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