Mark McGwire does not want to ever speak with Jose Canseco again

Mark McGwire Jose Canseco

Mark McGwire has no immediate plans to make up with Jose Canseco despite his former Bash Brother’s desperate pleas.

McGwire is still upset with Canseco for writing in his 2005 book “Juiced” that he used steroids. McGwire admitted to using PEDs in 2010, but Canseco was ostracized and in his words blackballed from MLB for the book.

Though Canseco showed up to O.Co Coliseum in Oakland last weekend to be honored with the rest of his A’s teammates for the 25-year anniversary of the 1989 World Series-winning team, McGwire, who is a hitting coach for the Dodgers, did not attend. That didn’t stop Canseco from apologizing to Mark while attending the event.

Unfortunately, McGwire wants nothing to do with the reconciliation attempt.

“It’s too late. I don’t care to ever speak to him again,” McGwire told ESPNLosAngeles.com on Wednesday. “What he did was wrong.”

That was not the first time Canseco attempted to reconcile with McGwire; he also wore a shirt to a Dodgers-Cardinals game in 2012 that read, “Sorry for everything, Mark.”

McGwire says he could not care less what Canseco does.

Canseco told reporters that he regrets writing the book and the way he went about exposing people like McGwire.

Word of McGwire’s comments made their way to Canseco, who seemed heartbroken. He tweeted the following Wednesday night in response to McGwire:

Please excuse Jose for misspelling his former teammate’s name. And it’s just like Canseco to try to work a Home Run Derby challenge into his reconciliation attempt. It wouldn’t be a Canseco proposition if it didn’t involve a boxing fight or Home Run Derby.

Maybe Big Mac will forgive Canseco in time. Canseco sold out his teammates and many more because he was desperate. He helped clean up baseball, which was a nice consequence. It’s been almost 10 years. Hopefully McGwire will forgive him eventually.

Jose Canseco got a notice from his HOA about his noisy goats

Remember those fainting goats Jose Canseco and his girlfriend bought? We posted about them last month after Canseco said he was pulled over for driving with the diapered animals in his car.

Yeah, well, the goats appear to be causing a bit of a problem in his housing community.

Canseco posted on Twitter Thursday a violation notice he received from his homeowners association for having goat noises coming from his home. He was even told to remove the animals from his home. Seriously.

Jose Canseco goats HOA

HOAs, man, always spoiling the fun. If Canseco wants to open up a petting zoo in his backyard, they should let him go ahead with it. He should step it up and add some alpacas, llamas and pigs while he’s at it. What’s the HOA going to say about that?

Jose Canseco thinks he can fix Texas football

Jose-Canseco-AsWith Mack Brown recently announcing that he is resigning from his position as head football coach at Texas, the Longhorns are in need of a replacement. The job, being one of the most prestigious in the nation, is sure to attract plenty of viable candidates. Jose Canseco thinks he is one of them.

Canseco, who is apparently a big Texas football fan, believes the Longhorns need a big name to bring their program back to where it was about 10 years ago. I’m not sure I agree with that, but he makes an intriguing case. Maybe Texas should give him an interview.

Remember folks, this is the same Jose Canseco who believes global warming could have saved the Titanic and still thinks he deserves a shot in the MLB. It’s obvious he’s been put on this earth for our entertainment.

H/T College Spun

Jose Canseco was pulled over with a diaper-wearing goat in his car


Every now and then, Jose Canseco can still surprise us. The former MLB slugger has done and said more crazy things than you could imagine over the past several years, but even he has outdone himself this time. On Wednesday, Canseco was pulled over by police while he had a goat in the back seat of his car.

That’s not all. The goat also happened to be wearing a diaper. And there was more than one goat in the car. If you look carefully at the photo above, you can see a black goat in front of the white one.

“Just got pulled over with goats in the car” Canseco wrote on Twitter. “The cop laughed at our poor goats. Awesome.”

Canseco explained himself on Thursday morning — kind of.

Actually, that really wasn’t an explanation at all. It’s unclear why police stopped Canseco, but it doesn’t appear it was a big deal. I’m guessing the first thing the cops wanted to do was get away from the smell. That’s probably enough for Jose to get off with just a verbal warning.

H/T Fansided via SI Hot Clicks

Jose Canseco caught sandbagging at senior softball – update no he wasn’t

UPDATE – Even though it is 2013, this is the start of the 2014 senior softball season, therefore Canseco qualified as a 50-year-old for the tournament. Our apologies for saying he cheated when he didn’t.

Jose CansecoWell what do you know? More than a decade after playing his last game in Major League Baseball, Jose Canseco appears to be up to the same tricks that got him “blackballed” from MLB.

Canseco tweeted this week that his team won a 50-and-over senior’s softball tournament in Florida.

Good for Canseco! Guy is still staying busy and finding new ways to put his athletic skills to use. Only one problem: as Hardball Talk pointed out, Canseco is still 49 years old and doesn’t turn 50 until next July. Whoops!

Unless this is some senior league that allows people under 50 to compete despite it being a league for 50-and-over, then Canseco was sandbagging. Of course, that would be nothing new for him. My guess is he’ll say his twin brother was to blame like last time.

Break it to Jose Canseco gently that the Indiana Pacers lost Game 7

Jose Canseco wanted to make his mark on Monday night. Before Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, Canseco congratulated the Pacers for winning in overtime.

Too bad the Heat won 99-76. Maybe there was a malfunction with Canseco’s space time continuum.

Game 1 between the Heat and Spurs is on Thursday, Jose. Nice try though.

Jose Canseco on rape allegation: She had her clothes off when we left the club

Jose Canseco just cannot manage to stay quiet about the rape allegation for which he is a suspect.

Earlier on Wednesday, Canseco tweeted about a sexual assault allegation he is facing. He mentioned the accuser’s name and shared a photo of her. He even shared the location for where she goes to the gym. He deleted most of those tweets, though he did leave up one that mentions the woman’s name. Las Vegas police confirmed to LBS that Canseco is a suspect in the case and that they are investigating the accusation.

Even though he deleted some tweets because he probably realized it was best to stay quiet about the case, Canseco got back to defending himself over Twitter a few hours later.

Jose Canseco rape tweet

Canseco may have provided some intimate details, but it’s obvious he’s trying to tell us the encounter between the two was consensual. He then continued to advocate having both him and his accuser take a lie detector test:

It will be interesting to see what the police decide to do after investigating. Canseco might not even get charged with anything.