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Friday, October 24, 2014

Articles tagged: Jose Canseco

Mark McGwire does not want to ever speak with Jose Canseco again

Mark McGwire has no immediate plans to make up with Jose Canseco despite his former Bash Brother’s desperate pleas. McGwire is still upset with Canseco for writing in his 2005 book “Juiced” that he used steroids. McGwire admitted to using PEDs in 2010, but Canseco was ostracized and in his words blackballed from MLB for…Read More

Jose Canseco got a notice from his HOA about his noisy goats

Remember those fainting goats Jose Canseco and his girlfriend bought? We posted about them last month after Canseco said he was pulled over for driving with the diapered animals in his car. Yeah, well, the goats appear to be causing a bit of a problem in his housing community. Canseco posted on Twitter Thursday a…Read More

Jose Canseco thinks he can fix Texas football

With Mack Brown recently announcing that he is resigning from his position as head football coach at Texas, the Longhorns are in need of a replacement. The job, being one of the most prestigious in the nation, is sure to attract plenty of viable candidates. Jose Canseco thinks he is one of them. Canseco, who…Read More

Jose Canseco was pulled over with a diaper-wearing goat in his car

Every now and then, Jose Canseco can still surprise us. The former MLB slugger has done and said more crazy things than you could imagine over the past several years, but even he has outdone himself this time. On Wednesday, Canseco was pulled over by police while he had a goat in the back seat…Read More

Break it to Jose Canseco gently that the Indiana Pacers lost Game 7

Jose Canseco wanted to make his mark on Monday night. Before Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, Canseco congratulated the Pacers for winning in overtime. Congrats to the pacers @pacers great win in OT tonite!You will destroy san antonio in finals — Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco) June 3,…Read More

Jose Canseco suspect in sexual assault case, deletes tweets about it

Jose Canseco often entertains us by tweeting ridiculous things that seem to make very little sense, but a series of tweets he sent on Wednesday afternoon were no laughing matter. Canseco claimed he had been accused of rape, and police later confirmed he is indeed a suspect in a sexual assault case. The former MLB…Read More

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