Jose Canseco accused of taking testosterone in Mexican League, says it’s for a medical condition

Jose Canseco and performance-enhancing drugs go together like peanut butter and jelly. We all know that. Whether it be admitting to taking steroids during his playing days or trying to out everyone else who did in his best-selling book, Canseco has become a poster child for illegal substances. Now 47 years old and playing in the Mexican Baseball League, he has once again been accused of doping.

According to ESPN Deportes, the president of the Mexican League, Plinio Escalante, has confirmed Canseco took a banned substance which he does not have a prescription for. The report says that banned substance is testosterone, which Canseco admitted to taking on his Twitter account Wednesday. However, he claims he has a prescription.

“How can I test positive when I never took any test don’t believe everything the media tells you,” he wrote. “The truth always comes out I am not using any illegal substances. Don’t be so quick to judge till you here the truth that’s a sure sign of ignorance hatred and jealousy.

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Jose Canseco apologizes for writing book Juiced, says it haunts him

Jose Canseco sent a few sobering tweets while likely drunk Wednesday evening. Canseco, who’s playing minor league ball in Mexico, apologized for writing the book Juiced that detailed the steroid abuse by many baseball players, ultimately changing the future of the game.

“I am probably the only person in history that will never be forgiven for telling the truth and making MLB better and safer for everyone especially young kids,” he wrote.

“I am truly sorry for hurting my teamates and friends when I wrote juiced. I have had nightmares since I wrote that book it still haunts me till today. It is my demon that never sleeps.”

Canseco is likely sorry about the book because it made him an outcast. He admitted he wrote the book because he was angry he was “blackballed” from the game. He’s been begging for a shot to play Major League Baseball for years and hasn’t received one, so that’s probably the source of his remorse.

It’s hard to know what is truth or fiction from Canseco, but it definitely seems like he is a tormented creature.

Jose Canseco wants to fight Shaq, have Mike Tyson face Herschel Walker

Jose Canseco is busy playing ball for the Tigres of the Mexican League, but he has an idea in mind for when the season is over.

“After baseball season i’m thiniking of holding vegas mma tourney .Beef Bash 1with me shaq tyson an herschel .any promoters interested?” Canseco tweeted Sunday.

In case you’re having difficulty deciphering the message, Canseco wants to face Shaq in an MMA fight and have Mike Tyson face Herschel Walker in the other half of the tournament.

Canseco’s faced several financial issues over the past few years so he’s always looking for ways to make money. After exhausting his wits by writing tell-all books, he resorted to brute force by scheduling celebrity fights (with limited success). Sadly, he’s looking to do even more of that (and we know Shaq is down).

About the only way this could end well (if it happens) is if he and Shaq record the coveted double knockout (and then spent the rest of the afternoon watching Shark Week on the couch).

Jose Canseco signs with Cancun team in Mexican League

Jose Canseco, last seen begging Billy Beane for a tryout with the Oakland A’s, has signed to play professional baseball in the Mexican League. The 47-year-old former MVP reports to the Quintana Roo Tigers Monday for the opening of their spring training.

“I am thrilled to be back in affiliated professional baseball,” said Canseco. “Playing and managing for the independent league Yuma Scorpions last year really rekindled my love for the game and facing the veteran players in that league made me realize that I can still hit at the major league level. I am grateful that Cancun has given me this opportunity and I hope to help them to a championship season and demonstrate that I can help a big league team.”

Yup, Jose still holds his MLB dreams. It’s surprising to see the Tigers sign him considering they won the league last year. Are they desperate for publicity or do they actually think a guy who hit .256 in the Golden Baseball League last year will be an asset?

We probably shouldn’t mock this too much — we’d rather see Canseco playing ball than losing celebrity boxing fights to 60-year-old men.

Jose Canseco Watches ‘Moneyball,’ Begs Billy Beane for Chance to DH

Watch out world: Jose Canseco wants to play in the big leagues again.  Apparently that’s what happens when someone like him gets their hands on the movie Moneyball.  According to his Twitter account, Canseco watched the movie for the first time on Sunday night.  In the process, he developed a man crush for Billy Beane and a desire to return to the MLB as a designated hitter.  The passion is burning so deep within Jose that he was even willing to tweet out his email address to all 397,954 followers.  Check out this hilarious string of tweets:

Come on, Billy. Give the guy a chance.  It sounds like Canseco is willing to play for next to nothing, and maybe he still has a couple of home runs left in him.  Plus, it beats having to see him flipping out on fans, getting it handed to him by a 60-year old, or flaking out on a scheduled boxing match.  Make it happen, Billy.  The A’s need this type of heartfelt inspiration from a stand-up citizen.

Jose Canseco Flips on a Guy for Saying Nobody Cares About Him (Video)

Jose Canseco was with two young ladies leaving some place recently in his nice car. We don’t really know from where he was coming, but that is hardly important.  What is important is how hilarious the exchange was that he had with a man who yelled something that irritated him. 

Jose was approached before getting into his car with the aforementioned ladies and was nice enough (although he was somewhat of a dink to the guy who asked for a picture) to sign a couple autographs before leaving.  That’s when someone decided to let him know that nobody cares about him. Ever seen the movie Hancock where Will Smith hates being called a psycho? I get the feeling that’s how Jose feels about someone saying nobody cares about him.

Classic. Human feces, NO balls. How long has he had that insult in the holster?  When you’re an admitted steroid-user who has been involved with celebrity boxing scams and loses fights to 60-year-old men, don’t hecklers just kind of come with the territory? Apparently Canseco was in no mood to be insulted. Thank goodness for that.

Jose Canseco and Lenny Dykstra to Fight in Celebrity Boxing Match

If I asked you to name the two biggest former MLB All-Stars turned disaster in retirement, your answer would inevitably be Jose Canseco and Lenny Dykstra.

Jose wrote a book and exposed the steroids problem in MLB. He tried to get into reality television, made a second career in celebrity boxing, got evicted, and became an independent league baseball coach.

Dykstra was heralded as an investing genius during the stock market’s peak. When the market collapsed, so did he. He lost his house, his car wash business, and he was accused of sexually harassing women.

If you could pick two sports figures to fight in a boxing match, this would be it. Dykstra and Canseco are scheduled to fight in Hollywood on Saturday, November 5th. They’ll be part of a celebrity boxing event shown on FilmOn.com. The entire fight card for the night is actually pretty enticing, if not pathetic:

    Jose Canseco Vs Lenny Dykstra
    Joey Buttafuco Vs Lou Ballera
    Nadya “Octomom” Suleman Vs Amy Fisher
    Coolio Vs Jeremy Jackson
    Tareq Salahi Vs Kato Kaelin
    Michelle “Bombshell” McGee Vs Violet Kowal
    Tila Tequila Vs TBA

I’ve never hit a girl in my life, but if they don’t fill that TBA spot, I’d be happy to step in.