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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Articles tagged: Jose Canseco

Canseco vs. Schilling, Celebrity Boxing?

The last time I was pulling for a celebrity death match it was to have Tommy Lee and Kid Rock fight over my woman, Pamela. While that certainly would provide entertainment, I’m not quite sure it would generate as much hostility as the scenario Jose Canseco posed. My man Ben Maller points out that Jose…Read More

Looks Like the Jose Canseco Local Gym Sitings Are Over

The first time I saw his ass at the gym, I had to do a double take. It couldn’t be him, could it? As another gym-goer told me recently, “I see Ozzie Canseco at the gym all the time.” Sorry, I corrected him, “that’s actually Jose.” Yes, Jose Canseco works out at the local gym…Read More

Jose Canseco Blackmailing Magglio?

Straight from the YHTBFKM Files comes this story. (hint: you have to be … kidding me). Actually I don’t know why this would come as a surprise when we’re talking about a dude who was so desperate for money he tried to sell himself off as the grand prize in a reality TV show. But…Read More

Jose Canseco’s Trying For a Reality TV Show: A Day with Jose

I happened to come across a press release…needless to say it’s screaming for attention. Without further ado: A new television reality series starring Jose Canseco entitle, A DAY WITH JOSE, will begin production in Los Angeles at the end of April. Contestants will “pitch” their fantasy day ideas to a panel of judges, and 6…Read More

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