Jose Fernandez undergoes MRI, placed on DL with elbow sprain

Jose Fernandez MarlinsMiami Marlins stud pitcher Jose Fernandez is was placed on the DL Monday with a sprained elbow.

Miami Herald Marlins beat reporter Clark Spencer reported that Fernandez underwent an MRI in Los Angeles, which is where the Marlins are for a series with the Dodgers. At this point the severity of the injury is not known.

Fernandez, who was the NL Rookie of the Year in 2013, is 4-2 with a 2.44 ERA and 70 strikeouts in 51.2 innings this season. On Friday, he was roughed up for only the second time in eight starts this season when the Padres got to him for two home runs, six hits and six runs in 5+ innings. Fernandez getting hit hard was as sure of a sign as any that something was wrong. So was his major dropoff in velocity during the start.

Fernandez is only 21 and already one of the most dangerous pitchers in baseball. It’s bad for the Marlins and the game as a whole if he is hurt. There are a lot of people fearing the worst and hoping for the best with the young stud.

Jose Fernandez fakes out Tyler Pastornicky, gets out at home (Video)

Jose-Fernandez-fake-throwMiami Marlins starting pitcher Jose Fernandez looked like a savvy veteran when he got out of a jam in the third inning against the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday night. With two out and runners on second and third, Braves third baseman Ramiro Pena hit a slow roller down the third base line. Fernandez was the only one able to make a play on the ball.

As Fernandez went to field the ball with his bare hand, Atlanta infielder Tyler Pastornicky was breaking from third. Pastornicky waited for Fernandez to throw the ball to first so he didn’t run into the final out of the inning. There was only one problem — Fernandez never threw the ball to first.

The righthander faked Pastornicky into thinking he fired to first. Fernandez then turned around to try to tag Pastornicky, but he was able to avoid it. Fortunately for the Marlins, Fernandez still made a great flip to home plate for the out.

Pena was going to beat the throw to first. Had Fernandez not made the clever play, a run likely would have scored and the Braves would have had runners on the corners. Instead, Miami went on to shut out Atlanta. Nice work, Jose.

Video via Jimmy Traina’s The Big Buzz

Jose Fernandez has surprise reunion with his grandmother after six years apart (Video)

Jose-Fernandez-grandmotherMiami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez won the NL Rookie of the Year Award on Monday following a season in which he compiled a 12-6 record and an impressive 2.19 ERA. Believe it or not, winning the award is not the most amazing thing that happened to the 21-year-old in the past week.

In July, the Miami Herald published a story about the relationship between Fernandez and his grandmother. Olga Fernandez, who Jose describes as a “baseball freak,” had not seen her grandson since he defected from Cuba six years ago when he was 15 years old. The Marlins changed that on Sunday when they were able to bring Olga to Miami for a surprise visit. Jose had no idea she was coming.

“She’s my everything,” Jose told the Herald during the season. “There’s nothing more important than her.”

In fact, Jose said his 68-year-old grandmother even helps him scout MLB opponents during their daily phone calls.

“She tells me, ‘The Phillies are good, but you are better,’” he said. “She says, ‘Here’s the game plan: We’re going to go at them hard and away, and low. Stay down in the zone. Breaking balls in the dirt, but not too many because those are bad for the arm.’ I told her the other day that they have me throwing 95 to 100 pitches a game, and she screamed, ‘What?!’ I don’t think she knows I’m 6-3, 230 pounds now. She still sees me as 15 years old.”

If you’ll excuse me, I think it’s getting a little dusty in here. I need to go rinse out my eyes.

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Jose Fernandez-Chris Johnson spat at center of Marlins-Braves fight (Video)

Benches cleared during the sixth inning of the Miami Marlins’ 5-2 win over the Atlanta Braves on Wednesday, and a spat between Jose Fernandez and Chris Johnson is at the heart of the matter.

Things started in the top of the sixth when Johnson laced a 97-mph fastball from Fernandez to left field. The ball was caught for an out, but Johnson acted confidently after smoking the ball as if to say that the 97-mph heat was nothing.

“Weak ass fastball,” Johnson appeared to say as he was clearing off the field.

Fernandez seemed to cuss at Johnson in return, and the young Marlins pitcher was ticked off when he made his way into the dugout after retiring the side. He shouted some words at the Braves dugout, and then he continued to act upset when he was in his dugout.

Jose Fernandez home runFast forward to the bottom of the inning, when Fernandez came to bat with nobody on, two outs, and his team up 4-1. Fernandez smacked a 1-0 fastball to left center for a solo home run. Not a bad time for the 21-year-old to club his first career homer, right? Well the youngster sure enjoyed it. Fernandez admired his home run before making his way around the bases. And when he got to third, he spit by the base, in the vicinity of Johnson.

Braves catcher Brian McCann had words for Fernandez as the pitcher approached home, leading to both dugouts clearing. Johnson came sprinting in from third to give Fernandez a piece of his mind. Things calmed down, and the Marlins held on for a 5-2 win.

After the game, Fernandez, who was making his last start of the season because the Marlins are shutting him down, apologized for his behavior.

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Marlins prospect Jose Fernandez did not know new manager Mike Redmond’s name

Jose-Fernandez-MarlinsMike Redmond will make his MLB managing debut with the Miami Marlins in 2013, so it would be understandable if the casual fan has never heard of him. The former catcher spent 13 seasons in the majors and won a World Series with the Marlins in 2003, but that was before Miami prospect Jose Fernandez’s time.

Fernandez, the top pitching prospect in the Marlins system according to Baseball America, was asked a general question about Redmond on Tuesday and it caught him off guard. Simply put, he had no idea what Miami’s new manager’s name was.

“Can you talk about how Mike Redmond was here today?” Local 10’s Alyana Cristal asked Fernandez on Tuesday.

“Who?” the puzzled youngster replied.

Video of the humorous exchange can be seen here. Someone then informed Fernandez that Redmond is now the manager of the MLB club that he aspires to pitch for one day.

“Oh, okay. I don’t know his name, I just met him,” Fernandez said. “I just met him a bit ago. We had a meeting so he passed by at the meeting and introduced himself. He’s pretty nice.”

Clearly he didn’t make a fantastic impression. Redmond obviously isn’t as famous or as big a personality as Ozzie Guillen was, but one would think the top prospect in a minor league system would know the name of the highest-ranking manager in the organization. If Fernandez still doesn’t know who Redmond is by April, then we can start worrying.