Uruguy president Jose Mujica calls FIFA ‘sons of bitches’ for Luis Suarez ban


FIFA basically had no choice but to suspend Luis Suarez for the remainder of the 2014 World Cup and then some after he bit the shoulder of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. Suarez is a three-peat offender (four if you count this) who had already been suspended twice for biting prior to his most recent incident. Despite that, Uruguay president Jose Mujica felt the penalty was too harsh.

Mujica recently referred to Suarez’s nine-game international suspension and four-month suspension from all soccer activities as a “fascist ban.”

“FIFA are a bunch of old sons of bitches,” the 79-year-old said, via The Guardian. “Publish it. They could have punished him but not given him this fascist ban.”

As we showed you in our post about Suarez’s full biting history, the veteran striker was suspended seven matches for biting in 2010 and 10 games for biting another opponent last year. Those penalties obviously didn’t send a strong enough message, so FIFA would have been crucified if they didn’t throw the book at Suarez this time around.

Mujica isn’t the only one who thought the punishment was a bit too harsh, though he is the only national leader to refer to FIFA as “sons of bitches.” Even Chiellini said he felt the ban was excessive and expressed sympathy for Suarez and his family. Personally, I felt the punishment fit the crime.