Georges St. Pierre Destroys Josh Koscheck, Gives Him a Margarito Eye

If there was any doubt why Georges St. Pierre is often ranked as the top pound-for-pound fighter in MMA, it should have been erased after his performance Saturday night at UFC 124. GSP thoroughly dominated Josh Koscheck through five rounds in front of his home fans in Montreal, winning 50-45 on all three cards. In fact, St. Pierre hasn’t lost a round since 2007 when Koscheck won one against him in their previous fight.

St. Pierre did not accomplish his goal of finishing Koscheck but he came darn close. St. Pierre’s boxing skills were on display as he peppered Koscheck’s face with a variety of jabs and hooks. He appeared to have vastly improving his punching thanks to work with famous boxing trainer Freddie Roach, and he nearly achieved a stop due to the swelling and bruising around Koscheck’s eye. In fact, Koscheck came out looking like Antonio Margarito, the opponent of another Freddie Roach fighter. Take a look at his eye:

You know that had to make the fans pleased. Maybe it’s the reason the one-sided affair was voted Fight of the Night by the fans.

Fans Boo Josh Koscheck at UFC 121

Josh Koscheck earned some sympathy the last time he made an appearance here at LBS when Paul Daley nailed him with a cheap shot after their fight. The fans on hand for UFC 121 in Anaheim on Saturday were less forgiving.

When the 32-year-old welterweight was spotted walking to his second row seats at the Honda Center, the fans showered him with boos. Koscheck seemed to embrace the bad boy role, playing to the crowd. Every time he got up to move around, he heard boos even though he wasn’t even fighting. Eventually he flipped the crowd the bird (as reported by the LBS twitter account — you must follow) which is what they were waiting for. As if the boos weren’t enough, the fans began to chant “GSP, GSP!” — a reference to Georges St. Pierre.

Koscheck and GSP are set to fight in December at UFC 124 in a rematch of GSP’s win over Koscheck at UFC 74. The fans let Koscheck have it because he threw rumors around that St. Pierre was juicing (in addition to all his talk that has made him a polarizing character). If the fan reaction at UFC 121 in Anaheim is any indication, Koscheck will certainly be the villain in Montreal (not that that’s anything new for Josh).

Paul Daley Punches Josh Koscheck in Cheap Shot After Fight Ends

UPDATE: Paul Daley has been cut from UFC for the cheap shot punch

Josh Koscheck beat Paul Daley by unanimous decision at UFC 113 in Montreal on Saturday night. Daley was so frustrated after the fight ended that he decided he would get in one extra shot on Koscheck. Check out this video of Paul Daley cheap shot punching Josh Koscheck after the bell:

Michael David Smith at Fanhouse says that was the beginning of an ugly postfight experience because Koscheck proceeded to act out as well. Koscheck began taunting the Montreal fans and told them he was going to beat George St. Pierre, their hometown guy.

UFC 113: Josh Koscheck Beats Paul Daley, Then It Gets Ugly [Fanhouse]