Pornstar Joslyn James to Play Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 on Website While Topless

Those of you who like video games and porn will love this. One of Tiger Woods’ many alleged mistresses, Joslyn James, is apparently a gamer.  Either that or she is just looking to capitalize on a chance to make a quick buck.  With the way our society loves naked women and golf, I’m sure she is going to make more than a few dollars off this stunt.

As the Examiner pointed out to us, James is taking part in a live event on Oct. 5 on the newly-launched website www.pwnedbygirls.com.  During this highly-anticipated show, James will be featured on a streaming video that shows her playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 topless.  America, don’t go changin’.

James you may recall, was said to be Tiger’s favorite mistress. Last February, it was reported that James was impregnated by Tiger twice.

The first live event on the site was Sept. 20 and featured the launch of the new game Gears of War 3.  Since that day, the site has reportedly received more than 2.5 million hits.  It would stand to reason that the whole Tiger-Joslyn theme will be enough to make that number sky-rocket.  Whether you agree with the event or not, it certainly should be a slam dunk in terms of a cheap way to make a bundle of cash.

H/T to Sports by Brooks Live for the story.

Tiger Woods’ Favorite Mistress? Porn Star Joslyn James

Considering a new mistress seems to emerge on a daily basis for Tiger Woods — and that’s not even an exaggeration — it’s surprising that none of this information came out before. If Tiger was out carousing at clubs constantly, banging chicks left and right, then why didn’t any of this information ever emerge? Where were all the Vegas spies to say Tiger was “spotted” at the club. Was everyone on the take? It really makes you wonder how the media dropped the ball on this one until the National Enquirer stepped up Thanksgiving week. Anyway, Deadspin did some investigation and provides incredible insight into the world of cheating and corruption for VIPs like Tiger. For instance, they say Rachel Uchitel was really more of a party liaison for Tiger than a mistress. They also say porn star Veronica Siwik-Daniels aka Joslyn James is/was his favorite girl.

Last week, James supposedly left a status update on her facebook account suggesting all the chicks proclaiming they had relationships with Tiger only wanted to be like her: “”I find it comical when certain individuals have no life of their own and want to be ME…so terribly bad. LMAO!” Deadspin’s source also says “Joslyn used love to talk about “all the freaky shit Tiger dug in bed,” and that every time he’d come to town he’d pay for a visit. You know, with cash.” The news keeps getting worse for Tiger on a daily basis. At this point, I don’t even feel badly about his character getting crushed; he did it to himself. The only shame was the sham the sponsors and media had us believing this whole time.

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Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs, Cori Rist, Holly Sampson

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