JR Smith asks girl who messaged him if she’s ‘trying to get the pipe’

JR Smith is quite the ladies’ man. The New York Knicks guard has had dalliances with the likes of musicians Rihanna and K. Michelle. He has dated the large-bottomed ex-girlfriend of rapper Joe Budden, and this heavily-tattooed model.

Smith is in high demand when it comes to the ladies, so excuse him if he just gets right to the point when he senses a woman is interested in him.

Take for instance this direct message exchange he had with a girl over Twitter. According to Deadspin, this exchange took place last month before the Knicks visited the Philadelphia 76ers. The girl involved is apparently a senior in high school.

JR Smith Twitter exchange

Oof. Not the smoothest line out there, huh? Smith was just oozing with the charm of Rex Manning in the lunch room.

Of course, after Deadspin published the story, Smith seemed to respond via Instagram:

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JR Smith airballed a free throw, and the Knicks bench loved it (Video)

JR Smith free throwJR Smith’s shooting is generally considered to be a strength in his game, but it was the source of embarrassment on Monday.

Smith shot 5-for-15 from the field and went 1-of-2 at the free throw line in the New York Knicks’ 99-85 win over the Detroit Pistons. A career 74.5 percent shooter from the line, Smith had 16 points which is right on his season average, but he airballed a free throw during the second quarter.

Smith’s free throw actually hit nothing but the bottom of the net. The only problem is it did not go through the actual cylinder first.

After his miss, Smith gazed at teammate Amar’e Stoudemire in disbelief before shrugging it off with some laughs. Tyson Chandler and Carmelo Anthony could help themselves and busted out laughing on the bench. They could afford to — the Knicks had a huge lead at that point and won the game pretty easily.

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JR Smith hits Kris Humphries with a Kanye West blast

JR SmithKris Humphries tried boasting following his team’s win over the Knicks on Monday, but JR Smith put him in place.

Humphries, who had 11 points and 13 rebounds in the Brooklyn Nets’ 88-85 win at Madison Square Garden, bragged on Twitter about his team quieting the home crowd.

“Big game tonight! The Garden got really quiet on the way out!” he wrote.

Knicks guard JR Smith didn’t like what he read, so he hit Humphries back with a Kanye West taunt.

Kanye of course is the new boyfriend of Humphries’ ex, Kim Kardashian. Kris and Kim are still technically married, though they have been separated since Kardashian filed for divorce in Oct. 2011, 72 days after they were married.

Kanye performed at the Hurricane Sandy benefit concert at MSG last month, leading to the well-timed tweet from Smith.

Smith has gotten himself into trouble over Twitter in the past, but he’ll only get laughs from this one. Well played JR, well played.

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J.R. Smith beats Suns with crazy game-winning shot (Video)

Knicks guard J.R. Smith helped New York top the Phoenix Suns 99-97 by hitting an improbable buzzer-beating shot to win the game on Wednesday. The winning shot was Smith’s second of the month, and what made it even more special — aside from the difficulty of it — was that Smith also hit a jumper on the previous possession that tied the game:

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JR Smith says Jerryd Bayless has ‘little man complex’ after fight (Video)

New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith and Memphis Grizzlies guard Jerryd Bayless got into a bit of a skirmish during the second quarter of the Grizzlies’ win over the Knicks on Friday night. While the two were battling for position on the perimeter, Smith threw a pretty blatant elbow toward Bayless’ upper body. Bayless was understandably upset, so he reacted by shoving Smith before teammates and coaches stepped in to separate the two.

After the game, Smith pleaded ignorance to the entire thing.

“I dunno what he could’ve been mad at,” Smith said according to Chris Herring of the Wall Street Journal. “Some small guys got little man complex. Maybe he’s gotta work that out.”

Smith has a whopping three inches on Bayless if their stats are accurate, so I don’t know if that’s the best insult to go with. It was no Metta World Peach knockout blow, but J.R. clearly intended to hit Bayless with the elbow. When you do something like that you have to expect retaliation.

JR Smith says partying less has led to improved play on the court

J.R. Smith is off to a scorching start with the New York Knicks this season, averaging 18.2 points per game and converting more than 70% of his shots from three-point range. The three-point percentage will obviously fall at some point, but Smith’s scoring average is notable as it is almost a full six points higher than his career mark of 12.6 points per game.

The Knicks have only played five games, but their sharp-shooter has looked like a new man. On Wednesday, Smith admitted that his improvement on the court has to do with focusing more off of it.

“I’m not going to lie,” Smith told Marc Berman of the NY Post. “The New York City nightlife pretty much got to me (last season). I was going out pretty much every other night and not focused on the task at hand.”

New York head coach Mike Woodson says he has noticed a change in Smith. Woodson said the eight-year veteran has taken his advice by acting more professionally and doing things like wearing suits to games instead of baggy jeans.

“My thing is, being professional 24 hours a day – 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Smith said. “I can’t let myself slip as well as my teammates slip. In order for me to hold them accountable, I have to hold myself accountable. I go out here and there. I definitely have to choose my spots. Definitely not before games. I’ve been smart about it.”

Not going out before games is a great career choice. Now if Smith could stop writing ridiculously dumb things on his Twitter account, the Knicks would really be in business. J.R. said he expects a championship and nothing less for New York this season. While there is still a long way to go before anyone starts thinking about that, he would certainly give the Knicks a major boost if he keeps playing at an incredibly high level.

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J.R. Smith expects the Knicks to win a championship and ‘nothing less’

This offseason may have brought a shift in power across the NBA, but few believe that power has gone to the Knicks. In the Eastern Conference, the defending champion Miami Heat should be even more dangerous with the addition of Ray Allen and a now-confident LeBron James. In the West, the Lakers have managed to add Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. Those teams are easily your two favorites for the NBA Finals.

Coming off a disappointing 2011-2012 season in which they were bounced in the first round of the playoffs, the Knicks have bolstered their bench by signing veterans Jason Kidd and Marcus Camby. They also brought back J.R. Smith, who confidently said he is expecting “a championship” from the team this upcoming season.

“Nothing less,” Smith said according to the NY Post. “If we settle for anything less, we already start off losing.”

Kidd and Camby are big names, but it remains to be seen if they can make a difference at ages 39 and 38. Smith did acknowledge where the power lies in the NBA, but he was quick to say that New York will beat any of those teams.

“Lakers, Heat — whoever,” he said confidently.

For his own part, Smith could probably benefit the team by not becoming a distraction. Between talk about Jeremy Lin’s contract situation and the idiotic things he says on Twitter, J.R. tends to make headlines for what he does off the court far more frequently than what he does on it. Less talk and more three-pointers is what the Knicks need from the shooting guard.

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