J.R. Smith uses hashtag ‘No Sandusky’ frequently on his Twitter page as a joke

J.R. Smith seems to have come up with a new way to joke about the Jerry Sandusky scandal in a completely inappropriate manner. Oftentimes you will hear people say “pause” when they say something that could be interpretted as homosexual content. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the use of “pause,” Dwight Howard gave us an example of it when talking about Andrew Bynum after a game last season.

If you haven’t heard of “pause” you may have heard of “no homo,” which is basically a more modern and insensitive way of saying the exact same thing. However, Black Sports Online pointed out to us that Smith has taken it to an entirely new level by using the hashtag “#nosandusky” on his Twitter account. Here are a couple of examples:

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JR Smith: Jeremy Lin’s big contract would bother Knicks players

The Knicks reportedly are not planning to match the contract offer Jeremy Lin has from the Rockets, and that may be wise for more than financial reasons. If the comments from J.R. Smith are any indication, Lin’s contract could be a troubling issue for Knicks players.

“Without a doubt,” Smith told SI’s Sam Amick when asked if Lin’s contract would be a challenge for teammates. “I think some guys take it personal, because they’ve been doing it longer and haven’t received any reward for it yet. I think it’s a tough subject to touch on for a lot of guys.”

Carmelo Anthony may have indicated a similar feeling when he termed Lin’s contract “ridiculous” over the weekend, although we can’t be sure if he was talking about the entire 3-year $25.1 deal, or the $15 million “poison pill” salary Lin will earn in the third year.

Amick also reports that Raymond Felton agreed to sign-and-trade from the Blazers to the Knicks with the understanding that New York was not going to match Houston’s offer for Lin.

Whether or not Lin is worth the contract depends on how he plays over the next few years. I certainly think he can prove he’s worth it. But these comments indicate jealousy over money is a factor in locker rooms, and it probably is an indication that some players were jealous of all the attention Lin got last season.

J.R. Smith and Rihanna reportedly have been seeing each other for weeks

We shared a report two weeks that said Knicks guard J.R. Smith and singer Rihanna were getting cozy together at a club, prompting speculation that the two were dating. Now we have a second report saying they’ve been seeing each other.

The New York Daily News says the two have been spending time together for weeks, and that they were hanging out in South Beach over the weekend.

Smith was arrested late last Thursday night in Miami Beach after a routine traffic stop that showed he had a warrant out for not addressing a past ticket. Maybe Rihanna was there to bail him out.

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J.R. Smith’s Young Money tattoo looked swell in his mug shot (Picture)

Knicks guard J.R. Smith was arrested late Thursday night in Miami Beach after officers learned there was a warrant out for his arrest following a routine traffic stop. Yup, Smith had a warrant out for his arrest because he never addressed a past ticket for driving without a valid license.

Come on J.R., how hard is it to toss a check for a few hundo in the mail so you can avoid this sort of embarrassment? Or I guess if what your dad is saying about you is true, maybe you just didn’t have the money. Now that would be sad.

Another question is why Smith was pulled over in the first place. He’s in Miami Beach for the always popular Urban Beach weekend, the same setting where Gilbert Arenas and a teammate were arrested six years ago.

You know it’s a sensitive environment down there, J.R., so you gotta know better than that. Oh yeah, and that Young Money tattoo was looking fly.

J.R. Smith dating Rihanna?

Rihanna sure does love her athletes. The singer and actress reportedly was seen getting cozy with Knicks guard J.R. Smith at a club recently, sparking rumors that they may be dating.

“They were very flirty in the club all night and holding hands,” an eyewitness told In Touch. “She was sitting on his lap and was really into him.”

In Touch says they were together on May 6, which is the same day the Knicks won Game 4 of their first-round playoff series with the Heat — their only victory of the series. Either Rihanna was a pregame good luck charm, or Smith chose to celebrate the win with her.

The magazine also suggests Smith, who has sparked controversies in the past, has the type of edgy personality Rihanna likes.

“I definitely like high-risk guys,” Rihanna has said. “I don’t like cream puff, corny guys… the nice ones that won’t hurt you. I like the edge. That’s the thrill for me.”

We have no idea if the two are really dating or if they just got cozy together for one night, but we are guessing that whatever happened, Rihanna likely was paying.

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J.R. Smith reportedly in financial trouble, father wants him to stay with Knicks

J.R. Smith has until July 1 to decide if he would like to exercise his player option and remain with the Knicks next season. If he chooses to stay, his salary for the 2012-2013 season would be $2.443 million. Like many other professional athletes, Smith is said to be interested in going wherever he can earn the most money. The reason? He is reportedly having a tough time financially.

According to ESPNNewYork.com, Smith’s father Earl has been adamant about wanting his son to remain with the Knicks next season and take the guaranteed money. There is a chance he could earn more money if he opts out and resigns with New York or another team, but he may not be in a position to take that risk.

The report added that the only reason Smith chose to play for the Knicks when he returned from China was because he was “financially broke” at the time and they offered him the most money. The most likely scenario is that Smith opts out and asks New York for the 20 percent raise that is enabled by the Non-Bird Exception. The issue would then become whether or not the Knicks value his erratic shooting abilities enough to resign him for around $3 million.

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J.R. Smith questions returning to the Knicks after getting criticized by fans

The roller coaster Knicks season finally came to an end in Miami on Wednesday, this time with everybody’s appendages in tact.

After the game J.R. Smith, who finished with a brutal 3-of-15 shooting from the field and a minus-20 plus/minus in over 35 minutes of action, heard the brunt of frustration from Knicks fans on Twitter. Smith was kind enough to share some of those thoughtful tweets with us:

Then Smith himself weighed in, and it sounded like his feelings were hurt.

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