JT Barrett won’t buy NCAA Football 14 because Michigan player is on the cover

denard-robinsonFormer Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson won the EA Sports fan vote earlier this year to appear on the cover of NCAA Football 14. While the fans clearly felt he was deserving of the honor, the victory may hurt sales among Buckeye nation.

Several Ohio State players have expressed their displeasure over a Michigan player being on the cover of the game, with one incoming freshman even saying he is boycotting the game because of it. Freshman quarterback JT Barrett tweeted the following on Tuesday and insists he is not joking around.

According to The Plain Dealer, Barrett was not alone. Ohio State running back Jordan Hall already wrote on his Twitter that he plans to rip the cover, which he described as “weak,” off the game. Buckeyes wide receiver commit Trey McLaurin also chimed in:

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