Julius Peppers’ girlfriend appears to be Claudia Sampedro


Julius Peppers has had an exciting offseason. He was released by the Chicago Bears last month and quickly signed with the division rival Green Bay Packers. His new contract is reportedly worth $30 million, so he is still going to make plenty of money. He also got to go on vacation with the lovely Claudia Sampedro.

Sampedro, a model, shared a photo on Instagram Monday of her getting cozy with Peppers. The Big Lead notes that Sampedro also dated Reggie Bush a few years back. As you know, Bush now plays for the Detroit Lions. Between Peppers going from Chicago to Green Bay and now dating Bush’s ex, we have plenty of story lines to follow in the NFC North.



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Julius Peppers signs with Packers

Julius PeppersJulius Peppers has agreed to a three-year contract with the Green Bay Packers. The deal, which was first reported by ESPN’s Josina Anderson, is reportedly worth a maximum of $30 million. Peppers will make $8.5 million next season.

Peppers, who was released by the Chicago Bears last week, declined a bit last season with just seven sacks. Still, he remains one of the better pass rushers in the league at age 34. Playing alongside Clay Matthews will also help, as defenses won’t be able to focus solely on Peppers when it comes to stopping the pass rush.

Green Bay also re-signed BJ Raji to a one-year contract on Thursday after he was unable to drum up any significant interest on the free agent market. The Packers have ultimately kept their defense intact, so the addition of Peppers should help.

At age 34, Peppers can still be a valuable piece of the puzzle without putting up the same sack numbers he did earlier in his career. That said, I’m not convinced he’s worth the type of money the Packers gave him.

Bears reportedly looking to trade Julius Peppers

Julius PeppersJulius Peppers signed a big free agent contract with the Chicago Bears in 2010, and now he is due to make some big money. Because of the large salary he is owed this season, the Bears are trying to get rid of him.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on Monday that the Bears are calling around looking for a trade partner for Peppers, who is set to earn $13.9 million this season. His cap number is said to be over $18 million, which is all the more reason the Bears will try to trade him.

If the Bears are unable to find a trade partner, they will probably cut him.

Peppers had 46 tackles, 7.5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles last season.

In addition to Peppers, the Bears are releasing running back Michael Bush, which will save them nearly $3 million.

Julius Peppers Reportedly Rented Plane to Transport Bears to Funeral for Urlacher’s Mother

No matter how many negative stories were hear about, there are always some good ones that shine through to make one feel better about humanity. This is one of those stories.

Brian Urlacher’s mother, Lavoyda Lenard, died unexpectedly on Monday. The Bears linebacker missed several days of practice this week and returned to New Mexico for Saturday’s funeral. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the majority of his defensive teammates will also be in attendance.

The Sun-Times adds that Julius Peppers rented a private plane to transport his teammates to New Mexico for the funeral, and then New Orleans for Sunday’s game against the Saints. Though the report is unclear, I’m taking “Peppers rented a private plane” to mean he not only made arrangements for it, but that he also paid for it.

Regardless of who paid for it, it’s awesome that the Bears are going out of their way to ensure they’re there to support their teammate. And as someone who was signed to a huge free agent deal last year, Peppers is putting his money to good use if he in fact paid for the plane.

This reminds me of what the Indians did last month to ensure Jack Hannahan did not miss the birth of his child. Some athletes may come across as cold and callous, but we’ve learned that teammates support each other more often than not.

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