Kobe Bryant and friend have bet over whether Justin Bieber, Katy Perry will implode first

Justin Bieber Zack Morris hair

Justin Bieber has officially reached the point in his young career where people have little interest in talking about his music. The general public is more concerned about Bieber’s recent DUI arrest and his tendency to believe he is above the law. Kobe Bryant believes that behavior will ultimately lead to the downfall of Bieber’s career.

In a feature that was written on Bryant for the New Yorker, there is mention of a running bet that Kobe has going with a business associate. Kobe and his buddy, a big Bieber fan, have apparently bet on whether it will be Katy Perry or Bieber that self-destructs first.

Bryant, who wears self-discipline like a badge, has long favored the more predictable Perry’s odds, and found in Bieber’s recent tabloid episodes hints of a looming implosion: talent spurned. As he and the associate walked into the dining room at the Four Seasons, in downtown Miami, in late January, the associate, a Belieber, mentioned that Bryant had been giving him a hard time about it for years. He seemed almost ready to concede. That morning, elsewhere in Miami, Bieber had been caught drag racing and booked for driving under the influence.

Bieber has also gotten into trouble for egging his neighbor’s house and pissed off various NFL stars by speeding through his and their neighborhood. I don’t really follow celebrity gossip too closely, but I don’t hear much about Perry getting into trouble with the law.

As someone who signed his first NBA contract at the age of 17, Kobe knows plenty about reaching celebrity stardom at a young age. I like his chances with the wager.

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The real reason why the US vs Canada hockey game matters

US Canada Justin Bieber

Need we say more?

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Justin Bieber reportedly turned away from three Super Bowl parties

Justin-Bieber-leather-shirtJustin Bieber is looking to keep the good times rolling at the Super Bowl this week, but he had a difficult time trying to find a place to party over the weekend. According to Access Hollywood, the 19-year-old singer was turned away at three different Super Bowl parties on Saturday night.

Bieber’s recent DUI arrest coupled with the stories we have heard about him egging neighbors houses and having his private jet searched have shown us that he doesn’t seem to think the law applies to him. That may have been the case on Saturday, when the 19-year-old Bieber was reportedly denied access to several parties because he is underage.

A source told Access Hollywood that Bieber was eventually able to weasel his way into a party hosted by Maxim when he snuck past event staff and got in through a VIP entrance. When it was eventually discovered that Bieber and his 13 friends were at the party, eight security guards were reportedly assigned to make sure he didn’t cause any problems.

Bieber supposedly left the party with a blonde girl that he hung out with throughout the evening after inviting her to his booth.

One week he’s rolling in a Lamborghini with DeSean Jackson’s ex-girlfriend and the next he’s meeting a new girl at a party he had to sneak into. Classic Biebs.

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Chantel Jeffries upset with media after Justin Bieber arrest

Chantel Jeffries

Stop me if you can believe this one: a girl who willingly dates some of the most famous athletes and entertainers in the country is upset with the media for ruining her “normal” lifestyle. Seriously.

Chantel Jeffries, who was in the car with Justin Bieber when the musician was arrested last week in Miami Beach, has responded to the negative attention she’s received since the incident.

“I am a full time student who had enjoyed a normal lifestyle, free from public scrutiny and criticism, until now. What has happened to me is wrong. I want people in general, and the media in particular, to consider the impact their disparaging comments have on the individual; especially when their comments are inaccurate,” Jeffries said in her statement.

See if you can buy that assertion from Jeffries. How can someone who dated P. Diddy’s son, Justin Combs, Pro Bowl WR DeSean Jackson, and Bieber, claim she lives a “normal lifestyle”?

Also in her statement, Jeffries got upset with the media for making what she says are false statements about her arrest record. Multiple outlets reported that the young model had been arrested five times, including once for allegedly stabbing a woman with a deadly weapon.

“My family and I are particularly upset about the false accusations which have been published concerning my criminal history,” the statement said. “For the record, I have not been arrested five times, as has been stated in the media, nor am I guilty of physically assaulting anyone, in any way shape or form.”

True — she’s not guilty of the assault — the charge was dropped after the victim did not want to proceed. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

You can tell by her statement and some of her comments on Twitter that Jeffries has been bothered by what’s happened.

But what the heck do you think is going to happen when you hang out with Bieber? You can’t ask for attention and then complain when something negative goes along with it. That’s the give and take of fame, and Jeffries is experiencing it.

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Dallas Stars remind you Justin Bieber is a Maple Leafs fan

Justin Bieber Maple Leafs

The Dallas Stars added insult to victory during Thursday’s win over the Toronto Maple Leafs. Not only did they pound Toronto 7-1, but they also dumped on the Leafs while up 3-1 in the second period by flashing a picture of Justin Bieber on the jumbotron and reminding everyone that the Canadian singer is a Leafs fan.

That’s how bad things are for Biebs now. People are using him as an insult. Ouch.

Photo: Twitter/Dallas Stars

Justin Bieber stole his haircut from Zack Morris

Justin Bieber Zack Morris hair

Remember how Justin Bieber once called out Tom Brady for stealing his haircut? Well now we can call out Bieber for jacking his joint from another celebrity.

The Biebs was popped for a DUI on Thursday morning in Miami Beach, where he was drag racing on the street. Steve DelVecchio already highlighted Bieber’s hilarious mug shot where he’s smiling like he was just informed he was named People Magazine’s most beautiful celebrity in the world. Anyway, what we missed until our guy Corey pointed it out on Twitter, was that Bieber had the same haircut as none other than Zack Morris from “Saved by the Bell.”

Nice going, Justin. If it worked for Preppy, it will surely work for you.

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Keyshawn Johnson on Justin Bieber arrest: ‘They finally caught him!’

Keyshawn-JohnsonKeyshawn Johnson and Justin Bieber live in the same upscale gated community in Calabasas, Cali. Last year, Johnson reportedly chased after Bieber and followed him to his home after he was furious that the pop star had been driving like a maniac. Another former NFL star later agreed that Bieber drives too fast and needs to slow down.

On Thursday morning, Bieber was arrested for driving while under the influence. Guess what got him pulled over? Driving recklessly, of course. When Johnson caught wind of the news, he ripped Bieber on Twitter and said he hopes he learns from the arrest.

NFL single-season rushing record holder Eric Dickerson, the other NFL player who is annoyed by Bieber’s driving antics, also seemed pleased.

Given the fact that Bieber allegedly swore at police several times and resisted arrest by leaving his hands in his pockets, we’re guessing he’s not going to learn much. In fact, Keyshawn supposedly reached out to him before and attempted to offer some advice and Bieber wanted no part of it.

Bieber’s a reckless young punk. That’s why we know 19-year-old women’s tennis star Genie Bouchard could do much better.