Troy Tulowitzki and Jason Giambi go to Justin Bieber’s Movie, See Luis Gonzalez

You read that right — Colorado Rockies players Troy Tulowitzki and Jason Giambi had some free time during Spring Training in Scottsdale, Arizona and decided to hit the theater. They did exactly what any typical bulky, muscular, All-American tough-guy ballplayers would do … watch Justin Bieber’s movie, Never Say Never.

But that’s not all — The Denver Post says Tulo and Giambino ran into former roider Diamondbacks outfielder Luis Gonzalez at the theater.

See, Gonzo I could picture heading out to Bieber’s movie. He seems like a sweet, family type of guy who would find a chick flick charming. Tulo we already knew is a Miley Cyrus fan, so hearing he went to see the Biebs’ movie is no surprise. But Giambi? The Rick Vaughn of the Rockies, going to see Bieber?

Not only is it true, but he actually liked it saying “it was really, really good.”

Apparently the once proud prankster is changing, admitting that “The Big G’s getting old,” so maybe his idea of going out is different from what it once was. He sure seems a lot more tame than he used to be, and I for one am horrified.

Justin Bieber Rolls with the Mike Gundy ‘I’m a Man’ Ringtone

Alright, we’ve picked on the twerp a great amount here at LBS, but I do have to say Justin Bieber just achieved permacool status for his nut busting ringtone. During an in-studio interview on Radio Disney, the Biebs received a call from Jaden Smith (not to name drop or anything). His ringer was on so we all got a preview of his ringtone — none other than Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy’s infamous “I’m a man!” speech. Check out this astonishing video via Quickish:

I’m not sure what is more shocking: that Bieber has the Gundy rant as his ringtone, or that a host for Radio Disney actually knew who Mike Gundy was. What do you think?

Justin Bieber Booed at Knicks Game- Video

Ahh, finally we have life the way it should be:

Justin Bieber attended the Knicks-Mavericks game Wednesday night and was booed by the fans in attendance. I know the guy was cool enough to inspire Tom Brady’s hairdo, but luckily NY fans put him in his place. I just wonder if showing up at a basketball game makes the Biebs a traitor.

Justin Bieber Dreamed of Playing Hockey for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Hockey is already the red-headed step child of the sports world, and something tells me that an endorsement from Justin Bieber isn’t going to help.

The Beebs says that if he wasn’t titillating tweens around the world with his barely-tolerable musical stylings, he’d be…playing pro hockey?

“Singing is my first passion, but if things didn’t work out, I would be trying to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs,” Bieber said confidently. “I’m sure I could teach them a thing or two with my mad skills!”

Despite his pee wee league experience (check out his player card), he obviously didn’t get the memo that flatironing your hair isn’t considered a “mad skill” valued by the NHL. Although, picturing Milan Lucic or Matt Cooke dropping the gloves against Justin Bieber makes us absolutely giddy with bloodlust. Better keep JB away from Sean Avery though…they might trade fashion tips.

Tom Brady’s Hair Should No Longer Be Compared to Justin Bieber’s

Don’t get excited.  Tom Brady didn’t get a haircut.  He still has the same long, flowing locks he’s had since the beginning of the season.  However, it’s time to face the facts, folks — Brady no longer has the Justin Bieber haircut.

It may be fun to rag on Tom for looking like a pretty boy and toting around his super model wife’s tiny dog, but it’s time to let the Justin Bieber comparisons go.  Take it from one who knows.  I’m not proud of it by any stretch of the imagination, but I grew my hair out for a short period of time back in high school and it too was in the Justin Bieber phase at one point.

You see, everyone that grows their hair out hits what most call the “awkward phase” during the growth period.  It’s that point where the hair is kind of matted down against your forehead and over your ears and not quite long and flowing like a female’s, which — sadly — seems to be the goal.  The cut that Bieber has become famous for is permanently in the “awkward phase.”  That’s the Biebs’ style.  Brady has gotten beyond it.

Look at the above photos.  The similarities are all but gone.  We can still crap all over Brady for flipping his hair to the side and looking like a feminine little pansy on the sidelines.  Justin Bieber can rap about it all he wants, but the truth of the matter is the two hairstyles are no longer the same.

Justin Bieber Calls Out Tom Brady for Copying His Hairstyle in Rap Song

It has not been a good week for Tom Brady and his hair. After learning that Brady was keeping his hair long because his wife liked it that way, we were told Brady and Randy Moss went “toe-to-toe” in the locker room the week before Moss was traded to Minnesota because of an argument that involved insults over hair. Brady told Moss to cut his beard, Moss told Tom to cut his girly hair, according to the report. Well now Tom can add none other than teen heartthrob Justin Bieber to the list.

As SB Nation pointed out via SI Hot Clicks, Biebs posted a rap to twitter and some of those lyrics called out Brady:

“Sack like a sacker,
Call up Mr. Brady,
Tell him leave his hair to the guy that sings Baby”

Alright, when Bieber is calling you out for your hair, it’s time to cut it. It’s bad enough taking a cue from a 16-year-old to begin with but this was probably the ultimate low.