Kate Hansen shares video of possible wolf in Sochi Olympics hallway

Sochi-Olympics-wolfThere have been a number of stories about stray dogs wandering around Sochi at the Winter Olympics. Some have been adopted by athletes while others are left to bark at skiers during their training runs. Stuff got real on Wednesday night when US luger Kate Hansen may have spotted a wolf roaming the hallways of her dormitory.

Could it have been a husky? Siberia is only 2,666 miles from Sochi, so I guess that’s possible. If you Google the differences between wolves and huskies, you’ll notice that wolves have a longer, more defined snout than huskies. The animal spotted by Hansen looked like it had a pretty long, narrow snout, which is more characteristic of a wolf.

Needless to say, you can now add “possible wolves wandering hallways” to the growing list of #SochiProblems. Thankfully, Hansen didn’t come running out of her room to show the wolf her trademark dance moves. Who knows how that would have ended.

UPDATE: The wolf was real, but the video was not. Another classic hoax from Jimmy Kimmel.

Kate Hansen blesses teammate Erin Hamlin’s Olympic medal by twerking (Video)

Kate-Hansen-twerkingKate Hansen is officially my favorite US Olympic athlete from the Sochi Games, and I don’t care if it’s by way of a gimmick. Hansen’s pre-race warmup routine that involves dancing to Beyonce like a madwoman captured my heart. On Wednesday, the 21-year-old did some twerking to “bless” one of her teammate’s medals.

Erin Hamlin became the first American to win an individual medal for luge at the Olympics earlier this week when she took home the bronze. After winning, the 27-year-old kindly asked Hansen for a favor.

“Had to get my medal ‘dance-blessed’ by the one and only @k8ertotz #bustaBRONZEmove #Sochi2014,” Hamlin wrote on Instagram.

Lord only knows what would happen is Hansen won a medal herself.

H/T SI Hot Clicks

US luger Kate Hansen prepares for races by dancing to Beyonce (GIF)

Kate-Hansen-dancingUS Olympic luger Kate Hansen may have the most entertaining warmup routine of any athlete in Sochi. On Monday, NBC aired a portion of Hansen’s pre-race routine. While other athletes are stretching it out and getting focused, Hansen is going HAM dancing to some Beyonce.

The 21-year-old told NBC’s Lewis Johnson that she listens to Beyonce and only Beyonce.

“Strictly Beyonce. My girl B — she just gets my fierce and I get stoked,” Hansen said according to USA Today. “I just have to. I have good mojo going on. It’s just how I roll. [...] I’m in my own world and it doesn’t matter who’s staring, I’m still gonna dance.”

Believe it or not, former Olympic luger Duncan Kennedy was critical of the dance routine.

“I would like to see something a little more sports specific from her,” he said. “What you see out of the top runners, the really heavy hitters, is they’re working those start muscles, they’re working the low back, they’re working the arms and the shoulders and getting the power out of them. Because the start has to be a powerful, explosive movement. And while that might be a very good, general warm-up, I’m not sure it gets the job done for medical contention.”

Why does the damn Man always have to try to hold people down? If Hansen likes getting ready for races by busting out the moves, then that’s what she should do. I certainly found it entertaining.

GIF via @dhm