Is Kate Upton dating Justin Verlander?

No, Ellen DeGeneres, Kate Upton is not dating Mark Sanchez. But she might be dating Justin Verlander.

Over the weekend, Upton was seen (drunk?) in Verlander’s suite at a Tigers game in Detroit. They were in that MLB 2k12 commercial together earlier this year, after all. So, it might have been a case of a friend simply hooking up a friend.

But there’s more to this picture that leads us to think they are more than friends. It turns out the supermodel and reigning AL MVP and Cy Young winner were spotted together at an Aerosmith concert last Thursday. But wait, there’s even more! Following said Aerosmith concert, they were seen getting quite cozy with each other at a bar (sketchy photographic evidence here). More from CBS Detroit:

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Radio host confuses Brooklyn Decker for Kate Upton in embarrassing interview

A radio host in St. Louis had his “worst interview ever” this week when he confused Brooklyn Decker with Kate Upton.

Remy of “Mason and Remy” on 93.7 the Bull in St. Louis was interviewing Decker about her upcoming movie “Battleship.” They talked about the movie for the first few minutes, but things got awkward when Remy began asking other questions, such as her Carl’s Jr. commercial and Dougie dance. It was clear Remy had confused Brooklyn Decker for Kate Upton, another SI Swimsuit cover model. The audio from the interview is below:

Remy later called the interview his worst ever, and tried making it up to Brookyln with some poetry. As you can see from her Twitter conversation with SI’s Jimmy Traina, Decker found the entire thing to be pretty weird:

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Ellen grills Kate Upton about dating Mark Sanchez (Video)

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A December report from the New York Post said that SI Swimsuit cover girl Kate Upton and Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez were seeing each other frequently. A source told them the two were just friends. That is a possibility given that Kate attends all the team’s games because her sister works for the organization. Plus, we all thought Mark was dating Hayden Panettiere once — which he denied — and it turned out he was actually telling the truth.

Even though there has been no official statements about Kate and Mark, people have concluded the two are dating. And that includes Ellen Degeneres.

Ellen interviewed Kate Thursday and treated her like a witness being cross-examined on the stand. Ellen referred to Mark as Kate’s “boyfriend” on three occasions. Kate never denied dating Mark, and she even admitted he was cute.

Yeah, I’d say Kate is a much more attractive Valentine than Santonio Holmes.

Kate Upton is the SI Swimsuit magazine cover girl (Picture)

Kate Upton’s popularity has exploded since she made an appearance in last year’s swimsuit edition and was named Rookie of the Year by SI’s Jimmy Traina. Pretty much any move she makes is followed by guys across the world, so putting her on the cover of this year’s magazine was a no-brainer. The only question is which pro athlete will be the first to land her. I just hope it’s not Mark Sanchez.

Sports Illustrated was kind enough to provide us another shot of Kate Upton from the swimsuit issue. Here it is:

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Mark Sanchez Spotted at Kate Upton’s Place Several Times

If the New York media had scripted a romance between two of the cities most eligible celebrities, they probably couldn’t have picked a better one than Mark Sanchez and Kate Upton. According to the New York Post, the two have been spending a lot of time together recently.

From the Post:

Sanchez has been paying frequent late-night visits to the Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model’s Flatiron apartment, we’re told. He’s been spotted several times at the voluptuous blonde’s pad since November, usually after games or before practices — sometimes as late as midnight — rolling up in his black chauffeur-driven Navigator.

Sanchez was even seen in Upton’s building lobby carrying gifts for her after he attended a charity event early last month. On another occasion, Sanchez was spotted coming into the building with bags a minute or two after Upton arrived.

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Sean Avery Pestered Kate Upton Over Twitter and She Put Him in Check

Kate Upton is a Rangers fan, and she attended their November 28th game against the Penguins. She apparently spent some time checking out goalie Henrik Lundqvist, because Sean Avery mentioned it over Twitter after the game.

Avery, known throughout the NHL for being a “pest,” tweeted a jab at Upton earlier this month.

“Since u couldn’t stop looking [Henrik Lundqvist] last night now u can follow him…… #sorryhesmarried” he wrote to Upton.

Kate wasted little time zinging him back:

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Leafs’ Tyler Bozak Puts the Moves on Kate Upton via Twitter

Toronto Maple Leafs center Tyler Bozak is having a pretty good season.  He has six goals and 11 assists on the year, giving him 17 points through 26 games.  This being only his third year in the league, it is sure to be his best statistically if he remains healthy.  Perhaps having elevated his game on the ice has given Bozak the confidence to try to elevate it on Twitter.

On Monday, Bozak decided to give Kate Upton a shout-out.  Why not?  The Leafs were in New York and he had nothing to lose.  Here’s how Phase 1 of Bozak’s “Try To Hook Up With Kate Upton” operation went down:

Well guess what? Tyler got a response.  Any response from that young lady is a response to be proud of.  Here’s what she said.

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