Katherine Webb gave AJ McCarron kiss after Alabama’s win (Video)

Katherine-Webb-AJ-McCarron-kissLast week, a report surfaced claiming AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb have broken up. If that is in fact true, it appears college football’s most famous former couple has chosen to keep things civil. Following Alabama’s win over Ole Miss on Saturday, Webb gave McCarron a kiss on the cheek.

Webb was at the game with McCarron’s mother. If you remember, Webb was at the BCS National Championship Game last year with McCarron’s mom when Brent Musburger first drooled over her and introduced her to the world. It would seem that the two have remained close even if McCarron and Webb are no longer dating.

We can only speculate, but that embrace seemed to give credence to the reports about McCarron and Webb having broken up. If you ask me, that looked much more like an ex-girlfriend kiss than anything.

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Katherine Webb tweets ‘don’t believe everything you hear’ after AJ McCarron breakup rumors

Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and his girlfriend Katherine Webb reportedly broke up recently. The story first surfaced early Friday morning, with Webb’s mother supposedly telling a gossip website that the couple is no longer together. Shortly after word began circulating the internet, Webb sent out the following tweet.

Katherine-Webb-AJ-McCarronWebb could have squashed the rumor altogether and denied the breakup, but she did not. For that reason, I’m inclined to believe the split is legitimate.

So what could the tweet mean?

The report from Radar also said that Webb’s modeling gigs and television roles — like ABC’s “Splash” —  have forced her to travel a lot and strained her relationship with McCarron. She is said to have broken things off with AJ, not the other way around.

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Perhaps McCarron was the one who ended things, or maybe Webb’s busy schedule had absolutely nothing to do with the alleged split. Again, it would have been much easier for Webb to pull a Caroline Wozniacki and put the speculation to rest. She did not, which leads us to believe that the details of the breakup could be the issue.

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AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb reportedly break up

Katherine-Webb-AJ-McCarronThe most famous couple in college football has reportedly split. According to a report from Radar Online, Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and former Miss Alabama USA Katherine Webb are no longer dating. Webb’s mother told the gossip site that Katherine broke things off with McCarron.

“Yes [they've broken up],” Leslie Webb reportedly told Radar. “Katherine’s just trying to stay real busy.”

The report went on to say that Webb’s new-found fame has led to a great deal of traveling for modeling gigs and shows like “Splash,” which had become a burden on her relationship with McCarron. Less than a week after we posted a full history of how the Hollywood-esque story of Webb and McCarron came together, this certainly comes as a shock to LBS.

One friend of McCarron’s would not rule out the couple getting back together.

“It might end up just being a break, but for now they’ve called it quits,” the friend told Radar.

But that’s not all. Katherine and AJ have also stopped following each other on Twitter, which means the breakup just has to be for real.

McCarron and Webb had been seen less and less together over the past several months, but we were left to assume that was because Alabama’s season had started back up and Webb was busy capitalizing off of her good looks. Apparently there was more to it than that. This is truly a sad day for the WAG community.

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AJ McCarron and girlfriend Katherine Webb: the full history

Katherine Webb AJ McCcarron

AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb make up Alabama’s first couple, if such a thing exists. McCarron is a senior and in his third season as the starting quarterback of the Crimson Tide. He led the Tide to back-to-back titles in his two years as a starter and has gone 26-2 in 28 starts over three years. He’s thrown for 50 touchdowns and nine interceptions during his career. Webb’s stats in her field of modeling have been nearly as impressive. She was the 2012 Miss Alabama USA, a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition model, and she has appeared on TV.

Webb became famous after ABC announcer Brent Musburger gushed over her good looks during the national championship game between Alabama and Notre Dame in January, but her relationship with McCarron began a few months before that.

McCarron and Webb met over Twitter after a mutual friend mentioned the two in the same tweet late last year. Webb says McCarron began following her after that, and she followed him back. They exchanged phone numbers and began to develop a relationship through text messaging. That happened in late November.

“I had no idea who AJ was. But I thought he was cute,” Webb told AL.com about the first time they connected over Twitter.

This is the tweet that started it all:

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Katherine Webb wants to have a pajama party with Kate Upton

Kate Upton Vanity Fair

Best pajama party ever?

Kate Upton is on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, so Katherine Webb, girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, decided to congratulate her fellow SI swimsuit model on the accomplishment.

Katherine Webb and Katherine Upton … together in the same room … ordering room service … and having a pajama party? Oh, I dunno, possibly two of the most attractive Katherines of all time? If you’re having a bad day, just think of that visual for a moment and I promise you it will get better.

Oh, and Upton’s not the only one of the two to score a cover recently. Here’s Webb with McCarron’s mother DeeDee Bonner on the cover of Access:

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Marisa Miller, Katherine Webb highlight hottest women of the 2013 ESPYs

Why do I love the ESPYs? Like many others, I enjoy reliving some of the best highlights from the sports year. Awards like Best Game, Best Play and Best Moment bring back a roller coaster of emotions for everyone from casual fans to diehards. But that’s only part of it.

There are also the women. Between the celebrities and WAGs, the ESPYs provide us with some of the best people-watching of the calendar year. Those who demolish the red carpet deserve credit for it, so we’ve decided to rank them for you. Here are your hottest women of the 2013 ESPYs.


10. Hope Solo — Maybe I can’t get past the fact that she’s bats*** crazy, but I’ve never been a big fan of Hope. I wasn’t a big fan when she was in ESPN the Magazine’s “Body Issue” and that hasn’t changed much, but I know others like her.

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AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb seem to be doing just fine

AJ McCarron Katherine Webb

There’s a common response couples have when their relationship is being questioned, and that is to share a photo on social media as if to say, “see, everything’s fine.” That seems to be what Katherine Webb was telling us.

The Alabama beauty queen shared the above photo on Instagram Friday of her at boyfriend A.J. McCarron’s graduation. McCarron is a redshirt senior, so he just completed his fourth academic year at Tuscaloosa, which explains his graduation.

As for the timing of the photo, there was a report last week saying that a model spent the night with McCarron while Webb was away. The insinuation from the gossip reports was that there would be problems between Webb and McCarron as a result of the story, but it looks like that’s not the case. Here’s to America’s favorite couple.

Photo: Instagram/Katherine Webb