Keith Hernandez drools over woman eating $25 hot dog (Video)

Woman-eating-hot-dogKeith Hernandez had himself one of those “I probably should have kept that to myself” moments on Tuesday night, but we’re sure glad he didn’t. During the broadcast of the New York Mets-Arizona Diamondbacks game, a woman was shown eating one of the infamous $25 hot dogs that are being offered at Chase Field this season. Hernandez was in awe.

However, Pretty Boy wasn’t amazed by the gigantic hot dog. What he was staring at was certainly gigantic, but I think there were two of them.

“My goodness,” Hernandez said.

“How much meat is in a $25 hot dog,” Hernandez’s partner Gary Cohen asked. “Probably a few pounds, right?”

Hernandez wasn’t talking about the meat in the hot dog.

“I wasn’t talking about the hot dog,” he said.

The two then went on to talk about how many calories must be in the hot dog and some other obnoxious food items that are being offered at ballparks this year. Hernandez talked about how he used to treat himself to a banana split every once in a while when he ran a lot. He then gave his final thoughts on the woman in red.

“She looks fit,” Hernandez said. “She must be a runner.”

Yeah, Keith — that must be it. You don’t know the first thing about first base.

Video via Awful Announcing
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Keith Hernandez calls broken bat ‘dead soldier’ on Memorial Day

Keith HernandezKeith Hernandez was doing his usual job as a color commentator on Monday when he referenced a casual baseball saying that was untimely given the holiday.

Daniel Murphy was facing Phil Hughes in the bottom of the first of Monday’s New York Mets-New York Yankees Subway Series game and broke his bat on a 94-mph inside fastball from the pitcher. After Murphy was thrown out at first on a ground out, the camera focused on the broken bat on the field.

“Well, that is a dead solider right there, folks, laying on that infield dirt,” Hernandez said in reference to the broken bat. “That’s what we call getting sawed off. Nothing to be ashamed of — it happens.”

Ordinarily people wouldn’t think much of someone calling a broken bat a “dead soldier,” but the saying sounded especially bad coming on Memorial Day when the country pays tribute to all the real soldiers who died fighting for the country. Not only does Hernandez’s saying trivialize the deaths of the hundreds of thousands of US soldiers, but it also shows an incredible lack of awareness.

In the top of the second, Vernon Wells broke his bat on a pitch and Hernandez didn’t make any mention of the broken bat. Perhaps someone said something to him about his poor choice of words.

Maybe this is a good reminder to all of us that war analogies should not be applied to everyday life in general.

Keith Hernandez shaves his famous mustache for charity (Pictures)

Keith Hernandez is officially naked. On Thursday morning, the Mets legend made an incredible sacrifice when he said goodbye to something that has been a part of him for 25 years — his mustache. Without the stache, Keith is virtually unrecognizable. He probably would never have landed his guest appearance gig on “Seinfeld” if not for the facial hair, but at least he rid himself of it for a good cause. As part of the event, Schick donated $10,000 to the Adult Day Health Center to help people who struggle with Alzheimer’s disease.

We have seen MLB managers and NFL stars shave their heads for a good cause, but Hernandez without a mustache is like tortilla chips without salsa on game day. Something about the world just feels out of whack today.

Photos via Mets Blog on Twitter

Keith Hernandez will reportedly shave his mustache at the end of the season

Come Sept. 27, Keith Hernandez may no longer be Keith Hernandez. You’ve seen him as the NL MVP in 1979. You’ve seen him in five All-Star games. You’ve seen him nearly lead the Mets to the World Series in 1988 only to fall one victory short. You’ve seen him in “Seinfeld. You’ve seen him in the broadcast booth. But all the while, you’ve seen Keith Hernandez with a mustache.

The mustache has been Hernandez’s trademark for years, but according to Newsday’s Neil Best it will be no more at the end of the season.

Talk about the end of an era. Can he grow the mustache back? Of course, but it will never bee the same mustache. The one he has had for all these years will be gone. How can he rag on players like A-Rod if he doesn’t have the stache to back him up? I don’t see it happening.

H/T Eye on Baseball

Keith Hernandez Rips on A-Rod: Where’s the Purse? (Video)

Bagging on A-Rod used to be the favorite pastime of fans and media until it was replaced by ripping on LeBron. But now that A-Rod skipped out of the way on a double play ball during Friday night’s Subway Series opener between the Yankees and Mets, we can thank Keith Hernandez for bringing it back. Watch Keith Hernandez say to A-Rod “Where’s the purse?” on this Robinson Cano double play ball. Video:

As if the purse line wasn’t enough, play-by-play man Gary Cohen said “At least he didn’t slap at it,” which is a reference to an October, 2004 game between the Yankees and Red Sox where A-Rod made this motion:

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Keith Hernandez: Mets Have too Many Charitable Demands on Players

Former 1979 MVP winner and current Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez took aim at an organizational approach recently, saying the team demands too much of their players off-the-field during the season.

Hernandez was backing up third baseman David Wright who was recently criticized by owner Fred Wilpon. Hernandez said Wright has gone “over and above the call of duty” when it comes to representing the team. He then criticized the organization’s operations and demands of players.

“I have always felt that for too long the Mets have, you know, done a little bit too much with the players (in terms of personal appearances) during the season,” Hernandez said. “The players have to play baseball. And it’s a long grueling season. David has always been there for the organization.”

Speaking from personal experience, Wright is extremely accommodating and accessible when it comes to granting media interviews during the season, so I know he’s great with his time. But the Mets are running a business, and part of being an employee is doing public relations and interacting with fans. There’s nothing wrong with teams having their players make appearances and interact, but they have to be mindful of the players’ schedules.

Hernandez played the game and has a good idea of what’s asked of the players and what’s reasonable, so I’ll take his word for it. After all, we know he doesn’t suck up to the players, so he’s probably not messing around. Not only that, but as a team broadcaster, he’s probably speaking on their behalf, saying something they can’t say for fear of criticism. I’ll bet this complaint is coming from the players.

Giants Fan Heckles Keith Hernandez for Sleeping on the Job

It’s been over two months since Jerry Seinfeld’s good friend Keith Hernandez fell asleep in the broadcast booth during an extra-inning game between the Mets and Giants. Not surprisingly, the fans haven’t forgotten. They also haven’t stopped letting him hear about it. Here’s a video of a Giants fan heckling Keith Hernandez for falling asleep in the broadcast booth, courtesy of Tirico Suave:

It seems the only thing that gets under Hernandez’s skin more than being heckled about this embarrassing moment is a confrontation with Jose Reyes. Props to the heckler for being loud enough to be heard on the TV broadcast. I’m not really sure what Keith means when he says, “I wish I could say something back but we’re on the air.” What can he say? The man fell asleep on the job. He can tell the fan to shove it if it makes him feel better, but at the end of the day when you do something that hilarious, you can expect to be heckled about it for a long, long time.

Rowdy Giants Fan Keeps Keith Hernandez Awake [Tirico Suave]