Matthew Stafford girlfriend Kelly Hall is still dancing (Video)

Kelly-Hall-dancingIf you have followed LBS for at least the past year or so, you probably know by now that we have a thing for Matthew Stafford’s girl. I would imagine there are very few who don’t have a thing for miss Kelly Hall, and the videos she posted on Instagram this week are a prime example of why.

Hall was “bored” and dealing with a power outage on Tuesday, so she decided to post some footage from what looked like an awesome 4th of July party. The first included some of KB Hall’s patented dance moves, while the second showed her lip-syncing to dance party favorite “Cotton Eyed Joe.”

While I still think Kelly’s “drunk modeling” in Costa Rica involved more skill, I always applaud the effort. Never change, KB.

Matthew Stafford and girlfriend Kelly Hall are engaged to be married


Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has one of the most attractive girlfriends in the WAG game, and we have been wondering for a long, long time when he is finally going to propose. It appears the deed has been done.

Stafford’s girlfriend Kelly Hall posted a photo on Instagram Monday of her and Stafford enjoying some ice cream together. She was sporting a massive ring on her left hand.

“Don’t think I could be happier!!” she wrote. “#icecream.”

We don’t know if Hall is saying she is thrilled to be enjoying the scrumptious flavors of Cold Stone Creamery or that Stafford has finally popped the question, but it’s probably a little bit of both. Hall’s brother chad broke the news earlier in the day.

Congrats to the happy couple. Now we can only hope being engaged doesn’t stop Hall from doing stuff like drunk modeling in Costa Rica.

Lindsey Duke and Kelly Hall met on cruise, are now friends


Something incredible developed over the weekend that could very well break the internet. Blake Bortles’ girlfriend Lindsey Duke and Matthew Stafford’s girlfriend Kelly Hall, who happen to be two of the most breathtaking WAGs in sports, ended up on a Caribbean cruise together. They are now friends.

You know the bikini picture we showed you of Duke with her friends in Cozumel over the weekend? Hall posted a bunch of photos of her own trip on Instagram. It appears she went with her family and happened to run into Duke while vacationing.

“Got to meet a new friend on the cruise,” Hall wrote along with the photo you see above. “Wishing her and her man all the luck in the upcoming draft!

I’m pretty much speechless. You all know how we feel about Hall and her “drunk modeling” in Costa Rica. We feel just as tingly about Duke. Worlds are colliding and we couldn’t be happier about it. Here are some more vacation pictures for your enjoyment.


Photos: Instagram/Kelly Hall

Matthew Stafford’s girlfriend Kelly Hall gets roasted by Lions fan after she questions booing

Matthew-Stafford-girlfriend-Kelly-HallMatthew Stafford’s girlfriend Kelly Hall is one of our favorite sports girlfriends. Her Twitter and Instagram pages can put a smile on our face almost any day of the week, but the former Georgia cheerleader threw herself in the Lions den (see what I did there?) on Sunday and paid the price.

Like Jim Schwartz, Hall was upset by the fact that Detroit fans were booing the home team after Stafford threw a pick-six that allowed the New York Giants to tie the game. It didn’t matter that Lions fans were frustrated as their playoff hopes slipped away following another brutal loss. Here’s what Hall had to say.

After reading Hall’s tweet, one suffering Detroit fan with the Twitter handle @DetroitKoolAid fired back at her and became an instant internet sensation. His comment was priceless.

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Matthew Stafford’s girlfriend Kelly Hall does ‘drunk modeling’ in Costa Rica (Video)

Matthew-Stafford-girlfriend-Kelly-HallMatthew Stafford’s girlfriend Kelly Hall spent some time in Costa Rica this week while the Detroit Lions quarterback continues to prepare for the 2013 season. Fortunately for all of us, she made just enough of her vacation public to keep us entertained.

My favorite moment that Hall captured in Costa Rica was a toss-up between the dancing video you see above and a picture of a pretty waterfall, but I decided to go with the pool dancing — or “drunk modeling” as she referred to it in her description. There was just no way I could pass up her variation of the “cat daddy” dance and the Ace of Base blaring in the background.

And that’s not all. A certain someone even chimed in in the comments section. No, it wasn’t Stafford:

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