Mike Skeen’s girlfriend Kelly Heaphy slaps Max Papis (Video)

Max Papis had an incident with Mike Skeen on the track during the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Canadian Motorsports Park on Sunday, but it was off the track where things got really bad.

Papis and Skeen were battling for position and both went into the wall on the final corner of the final lap after Skeen tried pulling a move under Papis. Papis managed to finish sixth in the Chevrolet Silverado 250, while Skeen finished 13th.

Papis had words for Skeen during the cool down lap per FOX Nascar blog Shake and Bake. Things spilled over into the garage, where several crew members went up to Papis’ door. After getting out of his car and conducting an interview, Papis was approached by Skeen’s girlfriend Kelly Heaphy, who was irate and slapped him.

ESPN’s Marty Smith reported that Papis literally suffered a dislocated jaw after being slapped, and Papis confirmed that over Twitter:

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