Fake Ken Rosenthal Twitter account fools MLB Network


MLB Network was fooled by a fake Ken Rosenthal tweet on Thursday. This is hilarious because Ken Rosenthal works for MLB Network.

There are plenty of “quality” fake Twitter accounts out there. We have fallen for phony tweets on more than one occasion and probably will again at some point. But hopefully LB would never fall for a fake Del tweet and vice versa — not that people like us enough to impersonate us.

Anyway, MLB Network on Thursday briefly gave life to a fake rumor about the Tigers and Rays finalizing a deal involving David Price and Ben Zobrist. The real Rosenthal quickly pointed out that the report came from a fake account and then had some fun with his co-workers when he went on the air.

As of now, Price remains with the Rays. Don’t let Ken_Rosenthal_ tell you any differently.

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Keith Costas explains what happened to dad Bob’s eye (Video)

Just when you thought all angles of Bob Costas’ eye infection had been explored, we get this video.

Keith Costas, who is Bob’s son and apparently an employee at MLB Network, created a funny video to explain what’s up with his father’s eye. Keith says that it wasn’t the bad water at Sochi or pink eye that caused his dad’s eye problem. Oh no. Instead, Keith says that Costas’ eye infection is due to an argument with FOX MLB reporter Ken Rosenthal over who is taller.

If you missed that original video, you can watch it below to catch up on the whole thing:

Look at Bob Costas, all 5-foot-6 of him, talking trash to 5-foot-4 Ken Rosenthall. Fantastic. Talking about how he can post him up. Sheesh, if he keeps this up, I might end up actually liking him.

Bob Costas pink eye

Ken Rosenthal tweets that Marlins need a center fielder, CF Justin Ruggiano responds that they don’t

The Miami Marlins are in the market for a variety of players after they decided to wash their hands of almost everything they did last offseason and start fresh. You could argue that they are in need of a full-time center fielder, just don’t expect Justin Ruggiano to agree with you.

On Thursday morning, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports tweeted that Miami is in the market for a center fielder and got a direct response from Ruggiano, who played that position for the Marlins for a good portion of the 2012 season.

Rosenthal obviously didn’t see that coming, and he praised the 30-year-old outfielder for his sense of humor while they exchanged pleasantries.

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Ken Rosenthal’s umbrella holder was the real NLCS MVP (Video)

Ken Rosenthal was trending on Twitter after the San Francisco Giants won the NLCS on Monday, and it was for a funny reason that typifies Internet humor.

It started raining heavily during the 9th inning of Game 7 between the Giants and Cardinals, to the point where there was speculation that the game would be delayed. The teams continued playing, and the rain kept pouring all the way through the postgame show.

In order to stay dry and to give a solid TV report, both FOX MLB reporters Erin Andrews and Ken Rosenthal used umbrellas while conducting postgame interviews. Andrews held her own umbrella while Rosenthal had someone else hold his. Having someone else hold the umbrella presented a cleaner shot on TV for Rosenthal, and it also allowed the player to be covered too. But instead of seeing it that way, Twitter users started cracking up thinking that this was one of Rosenthal’s special privileges as an accomplished reporter.

Rosenthal later found out how big of a deal his umbrella holder had become, and he was a good sport about the joke:

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