White Sox GM Kenny Williams Booed at Sox Fest Fan Event

49ers wide receiver Kyle Williams isn’t the only family member hearing it from fans recently. His father, White Sox GM Kenny Williams, was booed by fans at the team’s “Sox Fest” event Friday. The boos were a response to the team’s disappointing 79-83 season last year, but Williams says he doesn’t mind them.

“I was booed in 2004 and 2007 and we went to the playoffs the next year, so bring it on. Hopefully we’ll be three for three,” Williams said in an interview with Comcast SportsNet. “The guys on stage were trying to determine a percentage, and the consensus was 10 percent. I thought it was more like 20.”

Williams contrasts this year’s experience with last year’s, when he says he was cheered after walking into a local restaurant because fans approve of the team’s offseason moves. We saw how that turned out.

Though Williams is optimistic about the upcoming season, White Sox fans should be concerned. The team traded Carlos Quentin and Sergio Santos, and failed to re-sign Mark Buehrle. They still have plenty of talent, but they’ll need guys like Adam Dunn, Alex Rios, Gordon Beckham, and Jake Peavy to play at the All-Star level they’re capable of in order to have a successful year.

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Man Breaks into White Sox GM Ken Williams’ House, Drinks Beer and Relaxes

When someone breaks into a wealthy person’s home, they usually have a motive.  Most of the burglars have the same exact motive — to take money or take things that are extremely valuable.  The man who broke into White Sox General Manager Ken Williams’ home did some of that, but for the most part it seems like he just wanted to know what it was like to be Ken Williams.

According to an NBC Chicago report, Williams’ house was broken into at some point last week.  The intruder, 51-year-old Wayne L. Field III, took some of Williams clothes, a set of keys, and some jewelery.  Sounds pretty standard, right?  Not exactly.

Police were able to catch Field for two reasons.  First off, he left behind a hospital bracelet with his name on it.  Secondly, he returned to the home wearing Williams’ clothes and World Series ring and was peeking in the windows while police were investigating.  According to the report, Field had made himself at home when he broke in.  He drank Williams’ beer, ate a frozen pizza, surfed the internet, defrosted a lobster, and even climbed into bed.

The Boston Celtics, Tampa Bay Rays, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. should have been so lucky.  They were all victims of more traditional robberies, but it appears Williams just fell victim to a fan that wanted to know what it was like to be him.  On second thought, I’d probably rather just be robbed.

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Ken Williams Pranks Gordon Beckham

It’s somewhat of a compliment to have your name tossed around at the trade deadline in Major League Baseball. It’s a sign that you’re desired, that teams want you. At the same time, having your name mentioned in trade rumors can also leave you somewhat paranoid. Players will constantly wonder if they’re going to be traded.

Even though he’s having a down season, White Sox second baseman Gordon Beckham was worrying about his status. Beckham knew his name was involved in rumors and that GM Ken Williams is unafraid of making shocking deals. Apparently Williams was well aware of Beckham’s mentality and decided to take advantage of the situation. As this video recaps, Kenny called Beckham into manager Ozzie Guillen’s office 10 minutes prior to the trade deadline to screw with the kid’s head. You have to hear more about the pressure-packed situation in this video of Ken Williams pranking Gordon Beckham courtesy of Chicago Breaking Sports:


I don’t know if MLB Network had a camera crew filming the joke for an episode of The Show, but that sure was a made-for-TV moment. As far as baseball pranks go, that was pretty good. Although I do have to say that Adam Dunn’s prank of Jay Bruce is still my favorite.

Video Credit: Chicago Breaking Sports

Is Ozzie Wearing Thin on Ken Williams?

Ozzie Guillen went on one of his beautiful rants yesterday after the White Sox had lost their third game in four to the Rays. Never mind the fact that the White Sox are first place in their division by one game and over .500 by four despite losing three in a row, Ozzie still was not happy with his club. He promised changes on Tuesday, clearly dissatisfied with the lack of offensive production by the team. His rant was amusing as usual, though not quite Hall of Fame material as it so often is. One person who would not share my opinion however, was GM Kenny Williams. Williams was perturbed Ozzie was saying the White Sox need to make changes — a suggestion that falls under Kenny’s umbrella of responsibility.

“Very interesting, very disappointing. It’s never a good idea to throw your boss under the bus, especially when that boss has had his back as much as I have. I guess that lineup will be real interesting to see on Tuesday.

We have the horses. Everyone has to stay positive and keep grinding. If you’re looking for a quick fix personnel-wise, with the climate right now, you’re not going to get it. I expect more of everyone in that uniform and certainly the guy leading the team on the field.”

Baseball’s season lasts 162 games. You can’t just flip your lid every time your team loses three games in a row and strands runners in scoring position — that’s what the fans do. You figure the manager should be more calm and sensible about things, unless you’re Ozzie Guillen of course. I’m actually surprised Williams reacted the way he did. I figure he would just sweep it under the rug and move on, knowing that’s just Ozzie being Ozzie. But this is the same Ken Williams who came out and aired the dirty laundry with Frank Thomas, so it’s pretty clear he likes to keep a fresh image in front of the press. Probably wasn’t worth doing this time.