Phil Jackson tells Kendrick Lamar to get dunk contest started

Phil JacksonNow that Phil Jackson has established a rapport with rapper Kendrick Lamar, he apparently feels comfortable tweeting at the entertainment star whenever he wants.

Jackson sent the following tweet to Lamar while the rapper was performing during Saturday night’s festivities at NBA All-Star Weekend:

The dunk contest — the main attraction for Saturday night’s festivities during All-Star Weekend — was delayed because of Lamar’s performance. Some people were growing impatient and wanted to watch the dunk contest immediately after the 3-point competition, but viewers were forced to wait for Lamar’s set to end. I guess that was Phil’s way of telling Lamar to get a move on it.

In case you forgot, Lamar and Phil have history going back to the summer when Kendrick mentioned Phil in a song and the coach responded.

Phil Jackson responds to Kendrick Lamar song lyric

Phil JacksonPhil Jackson responded to rapper Kendrick Lamar, who mentioned the former Los Angeles Lakers coach in a song lyric.

In the lyrics for “Control,” Lamar says, “If Phil Jackson came back, still no coachin’ me/I’m uncoachable, I’m unsociable.”

“Uncoachable” is how Jackson described Kobe Bryant in his 2004 book “The Last Season” about coaching the Lakers. The Lakers were coming off a disappointing loss to the Detroit Pistons in the NBA Finals, and Jackson decided to take a season off. He got along much better with Kobe after returning to coach the team a season later.

Anyway, after learning that he was mentioned in Lamar’s song, Jackson sent the following tweet to the rapper:

That’s right, Kendrick Lamar, you may think you’re cocky and uncoachable and unsociable, but Phil Jackson says everyone can use a mentor. That goes for you, too.

H/T Inside the Lakers