Aaron and Andrew Harrison returning to Kentucky


Kentucky fans are still trying to get over a tough loss to UConn in the national championship game earlier this month, and they received some great news on Friday that should execrate the healing process. The Wildcats’ twin guards, Aaron Harrison and Andrew Harrison, have decided to return to Kentucky for their sophomore seasons.

Both Aaron and Andrew announced the decision on their respective Twitter accounts.

As usual, John Calipari is expected to bring in one of the top recruiting classes next season. The return of the Harrison twins will give the Wildcats something they have been lacking in recent years come tournament time — experience.

“They wanted to stay in school,” the twins’ father Aaron told ESPN on Friday. “They wanted to explore their options and see what’s out there. They probably made up their minds last week. All the information they got from the draft was that they were middle to late first round. They had to weigh going back to school and improving and maturing. All the things added up to that.”

Julius Randle and James Young, Kentucky’s top two scorers, have already declared for the draft. However, the Harrisons will join Alex Poythress, Willie Cauley-Stein, Marcus Lee and Dakari Johnson as freshman who have decided to stick around for another year.

“I’m coming back for a second season in large part because last year’s title run was special, but we still have unfinished business,” Aaron said.

Aaron knocked down not one but two game-winning 3-pointers in the NCAA Tournament to spark Kentucky’s improbable run to the Final Four. The Wildcats should be the No. 1 team in the preseason rankings later this year for a second straight year.

Louisville students rip on Kentucky fan classmate in hilarious fashion


A Kentucky fan living on the Louisville campus is like a screen door on a submarine. The two things just don’t make any sense when you put them together. According to a Reddit user who goes to Louisville, a fellow student has had a UK flag hanging in his dorm room window all semester.

The Wildcats lost on Monday night. The only college students in the country who may have had more fun with the outcome of the game than the 17,000 living on the UConn campus were the neighbors of the dude with the Kentucky flag in his window.

“So I go to University of Louisville and someone has had a University of Kentucky flag in their window all semester,” Reddit user ct81195 wrote. “This is satisfying.”

At least they kept it clean. The Kentucky fan will probably argue that his team made it further than the Cardinals (or are they both his teams?), but it won’t really matter. He just got LOL’ed right off campus.

Chest bump to The Dagger

Cleveland State assistant coach Jermaine Kimbrough says refs ‘cheated’ team in loss to Kentucky

Cleveland-State-KentuckyKentucky nearly lost its second game of the season on Monday night, and this loss would have been much more shocking than the first. Cleveland State took a 31-27 lead over the Wildcats into halftime and led by as many as seven points with just over five minutes remaining in the game. However, Kentucky was claw its way back and come away with a 68-61 victory.

One of the reasons the Wildcats escaped disaster was that they shot 11 free throws during the game’s final seven minutes. Cleveland State got to the charity stripe just twice during that span. After the game, Cleveland State assistant coach Jermaine Kimbrough took to Twitter to blast the officials. The tweets, which were later deleted, were captured on social media by The Dagger:


The Vikings were without starting forward Anton Gray for the final two minutes — when the score was still tied — after he picked up his fourth foul on a double technical and foul No. 5 with an offensive foul for hooking a defender in the post. Kentucky went on a 24-7 run to end the game, which Kimbrough obviously thought was a result of poor officiating.

You can understand why Kimbrough was upset, but it’s always best to stay off Twitter when you’re on an emotional high like that. Accusing officials of “cheating” your team is pretty serious stuff, as I’m sure Kimbrough’s wallet will soon realize.

Fans buying up Kentucky 40-0 shirts to mock the Wildcats

Kentucky-40-0-shirtThe creators of the website 40and0.com thought their short-lived business venture might come to a screeching halt when Kentucky lost to Michigan State on Tuesday night. The Wildcats were supposed to be virtually unstoppable this season, and 40and0.com had been selling very basic T-shirts that were based on that theory.

The shirts say are royal blue and say “40-0″ across the front in white writing. Kentucky is 2-1, but somehow the shirts are selling quicker than they were before the loss to the Spartans.

“It’s absolutely mind-boggling,” website founder David Son told The Dagger on Thursday. “We’re selling more T-shirts than we were before, and the crazy thing is we aren’t doing anything to promote the site. Some of the guys I’m working with do social media for all kinds of companies, a dentist, a law firm, everything. They’re like, ‘This is insane. We don’t get this kind of traffic.'”

How can this be? Behold, the power of heckling.

“I think they’re Louisville fans, I think they’re Michigan State fans, I think they’re North Carolina fans,” Son said. “People love to hate the evil empire. If you’re not a UK fan and you’re not from the state of Kentucky, you hate Kentucky. And if you’re a Kentucky fan, you love being hated.”

Most of the sales have come from residents of Louisville, Michigan, Kansas and North Carolina. That can’t be a coincidence. Fans of the nation’s other powerhouse teams are clearly looking to rub salt in the wounds of John Calipari and company, and its well worth their $14.95 to do so.

Son said he had prepared for the Wildcats to lose by planning to change the site name to SeeYouInDallas.com and start selling shirts that have a Final Four theme. That plan may now be pushed back a while. College basketball fans — gotta love ‘em.

John Calipari says Kentucky players were crying after loss

john-calipariKentucky Wildcats coach John Calipari says some of his players were crying following the team’s 78-74 loss to Michigan State on Tuesday night, and he believes that’s a good thing.

“We had guys crying in there, which is a good thing,” Calipari said after the game. “That was Michael Kidd-Gilchrist after Indiana last year. So you had kids crying in there, and I want it to hurt like that. I knew this would get their attention in the first half.”

Calipari feels that the emotion shows how much his players care, and he believes that is a good sign for the future.

“The biggest thing is if you don’t do this together, you will not win. You’ll never be a special team. So you gotta truly do this together, and that’s both on defense and offense.”

Losing the game probably didn’t come as much of a surprise for Cal. He complained leading up to the game that his young team wasn’t ready for the contest so early in the season. Spartans coach Tom Izzo retorted that Calipari could always forfeit if he were that opposed to the game.

In the end, it was an extremely close and exciting game. Highly-touted freshman Julius Randle went for 27 and 13 and looked great, so nobody will hold it against Kentucky for losing to Michigan State by four in November when March rolls around. Like Calipari said, it’s a good sign that his players felt that badly after the loss.

Kentucky basketball’s ‘Wildcat Code’ revealed

john-calipariThe University of Kentucky men’s basketball team brings in some of the best high school players in the nation on an annual basis, but that does not mean the teenaged superstars don’t have to earn their place. Upon arriving on campus in Lexington, incoming freshmen have to immediately begin following the “Wildcat Code.”

Over the weekend, Kentucky recruit Dominique Hawkins revealed some of what the code entails. Hawkins told the Courier-Journal that the “Wildcat Code” is a points-based system that allows players to earn perks based on academic and physical achievements. For example, players can earn one to four points per day by sitting at the front of class, showing their notes to teachers and putting in extra work at basketball practice.

The points are then used for things like gaining access to the team locker room and earning a private room in Kentucky’s sick new housing facility. Once players hit the 100-point mark, they are given their basketball jersey.

On Monday, Kentucky coach John Calipari jokingly needled Hawkins on Twitter about giving away secret details of the code.

“The first rule of the Wildcat Code is: You do not talk about the Wildcat Code,” Calipari wrote. “The second rule of the Wildcat Code is: You do not talk about the Wildcat Code. LOL.”

Calipari then clarified that he is not upset with Hawkins, who he described as a “good kid” who has been doing well with the team so far. He explained that the “Wildcat Code” is geared toward making players earn everything and that all of their grades will be revealed at the end of the summer. While we know people will somehow spin this into a way that Calipari is violating NCAA rules, it actually sounds like a pretty decent idea.

John Calipari’s daughter takes shot at Louisville fans over cartoon (Picture)

Rooting for injuries is never a classy thing to do, but it’s safe to say there are very few Louisville fans who are weeping over the fact that Kentucky has lost freshman Nerlens Noel for the remainder of the season.

Noel, who was averaging over 10 points and nearly 10 rebounds per game, suffered a season-ending knee injury during a loss to Florida on Feb. 12. The Wildcats are now in danger of missing the NCAA tournament, which a cartoon in the Courier Journal reminded everyone of on Wednesday. Via The Cardinal Connect:


Erin Calipari, the 26-year-old daughter of Kentucky coach John Calipari, was apparently offended by the drawing. She decided to come up with a cartoon of her own after seeing it, which she posted on Twitter:

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