Does Kevin Durant’s new back tattoo have a spelling error? (Picture)


Kevin Durant recently put the finishing touches on his massive back tattoo, but there may be an error with the ink.

The Oklahoma City Thunder star shared a photo of one addition he made to the tattoo this week — a portrait of Jesus on the lower left of his back. He later added a bible verse to the right side, which Ball Don’t Lie identified as James 1:2-4:

“Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides,” the passage reads. “You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way.”

Perhaps we are misreading the fancy font, but it certainly looks like the word “mature” is spelled “mautre” in the last line the photo Durant posted shows. Durant seems to take his tattoos quite seriously, so he can’t be happy if that is indeed a spelling error. We have seen tattoo type-O’s in the past, but they are pretty rare on an athlete’s body who makes nearly $20 million a year. Again, maybe we’re just reading it wrong.

UPDATE: It looks like we may have been reading it wrong. Durant later shared a close-up photo of the tattoo and it looks like “mature” was spelled correctly, though the writing was odd looking.

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Kevin Durant is finishing his back tattoo (Picture)


Those who have never seen Kevin Durant without a basketball jersey on would probably be surprised to see how many tattoos he has. The Oklahoma City Thunder star is loaded with ink. Durant’s tattoos are mostly on his chest and back, so they can’t be seen while he’s on the court. A couple of years ago we showed you some of his tattoos and the explanations behind them, and it appears he is not done adding to the designs just yet.

Durant got a back tattoo that said “Maryland” across his shoulders with a religious figure underneath it nearly two years ago. You can see an image of the original tattoo here. On Monday, Durant wrote on Instagram that he is “finishing my back piece” and shared the photo you see above.

It looks like he has added a portrait of Jesus since our last update. The important thing is he continues to keep it classy, which isn’t a surprise. As long as he doesn’t get any terrifying back tattoos like this, fans have nothing to worry about.

Kevin Durant donates $1 million to Oklahoma tornado relief

Kevin-Durant-ThunderThere will be no possible way to make life easy for the residents of Moore, Oklahoma and the surrounding areas in the coming weeks, months and years, but athletes have already begun trying to do their part to help the state recover in the wake of the disastrous tornado that touched down on Monday. According to Royce Young of CBSSports.com, Kevin Durant has donated $1 million.

Durant made his donation to the Red Cross, matching the $1 million the Thunder’s primary sponsor Chesapeake Energy made on Monday.

The death toll is currently unclear, but various reports have the number climbing over 50 people with hundreds of others injured. Sure, Durant made over $17 million this year and will make nearly $20 million per season over the next two. But it’s still $1 million, and it will help more than a few people get back on their feet.

To give you some perspective, the Boston Red Sox donated $100,000 to the One Fund after the Boston Marathon bombings last month. That’s not to say the Red Sox’s donation was insignificant by any means, but it shows you the type of person Durant is that he was willing to donate 10 times that amount as a single player. As we told you earlier, Dodgers slugger Matt Kemp has also pledged $1,000 for every home run he hits this season. Hopefully the donations keep rolling in during this time of tremendous need.

Kevin Durant on Royce White: ‘Ain’t that the guy that’s afraid to fly?’

Royce WhiteMore often than not, taunting an opponent on Twitter is something that will make a player look bad. If you are a D-League player taunting an NBA team and one of the best players in the game, you are always going to look bad.

Royce White gave us a perfect example of that earlier this week when he sent a tweet at Kevin Durant about how the Oklahoma City Thunder are starting to look “shaky” against the Houston Rockets. The irony of the whole situation is that White suffers from an anxiety disorder that has put his NBA career in doubt. However, Durant claims he isn’t all that familiar with him.

“Who is that?” Durant said Friday when asked about White’s comments, via Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman. “Who is that? I haven’t seen him on the bench. I haven’t seen him on the bench. So, I mean, I’m not worried about guys that’s not even in our series. Ain’t that the guy that’s afraid to fly? Well I wish him the best, man, and if I see him next year I’ll let him know who we are.”

Game, set, match. There was really no winning for White in this situation. Boston Celtics guard Jordan Crawford got called out by Carmelo Anthony’s wife after he talked trash because he’s a benchwarmer. White isn’t even on the Rockets’ NBA roster, so he’s a step below that. The former Iowa State star was simply looking for attention and he got it. If he wants to look like an idiot to earn a share of the spotlight, that’s his prerogative.

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Royce White taunts Kevin Durant, Thunder over Twitter

Royce WhiteRoyce White is among the Houston Rockets fans feeling confident following the team’s stunning 107-100 win over the Thunder in Oklahoma City on Wednesday night that extended the playoff series to a sixth game.

White, who was a first-round pick of the Rockets last year and played for the team’s D-League affiliate this season, sent tweets to the Thunder and Kevin Durant after the game.

How ironic is it to see White of all people taunting an opponent for looking “shaky”? White suffers from an anxiety disorder that keeps him from flying in airplanes and threatened to hinder his NBA career. He demands the most fragile working conditions imaginable and complains when he doesn’t receive them. He pleads for empathy and understanding. And he’s telling a team that finished first in the Western Conference that they’re looking shaky?

Not only was this the wrong person to come from, but he’s also making matters more difficult on his team; he’s not even playing, yet he’s motivating the opponents. Smooth move, Royce.

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Kevin Durant gets lucky roll on big 3-pointer (Video)

Kevin Durant three-pointerAn incredibly lucky roll was the difference between the Houston Rockets being in their series with the Oklahoma City Thunder instead of on the verge of elimination.

Houston came back from a 26-point deficit in the second quarter of Game 3 to take the lead in the fourth. They were up 99-97 in the final minute before Kevin Durant made a 3-pointer that hit nearly every part of the rim. The ball dropping through was probably the difference in the game. James Harden turned the ball over on the ensuing possession, and Derek Fisher made both his free throws after getting fouled. Harden made a layup on the next possession, but Reggie Jackson made his free throws to seal the 104-101 win for the Thunder.

Durant finished with 41 points and said after the game that the Lord helped that ball go in. Whatever force was at work certainly helped the Thunder. They’re up 3-0 in the series and can close things out in Game 4 on Monday night. It’s amazing how such small things can mean the difference between winning and losing in the playoffs.

Kevin Durant yells ‘This is my city!’ in Houston after taking charge (Video)

Kevin DurantKevin Durant was feeling it in Houston during Game 3 of the playoffs between the Rockets and Thunder. Durant went off for 27 points in the first half and played like he was trying to prove a point in the team’s first game since Russell Westbrook got hurt. He was feeling so pumped up he even yelled out, “This is my city!” after taking a charge early in the second quarter.

Should anyone remind him he was in Houston and not Oklahoma City? Durant is from Washington DC, not Houston, though he did attend the University of Texas. But after his monster first half, he probably felt like he owned the entire country.

KD also threw down this jaw-dropping dunk on Omer Asik in the first quarter:

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