Kevin Garnett Hits on Michele Tafoya

I’ve already made it pretty clear what I think (or don’t think) of sideline reporters. It’s not necessarily them that I don’t like, it’s just that I don’t like their role. The don’t serve a purpose. Why did we need Tafoya interrupting a moment where Kevin Garnett should be celebrating with his teammates and family? It was so forced. About the only thing good to come out of it was when KG said “Michelle, you look good tonight, girl.” Check it out the video at the 2:45 mark, it’s priceless.

Much like when you’ve had too much to drink, things must just come out when you’re hyped from winning an NBA title. Of course I wouldn’t know, I’m just guessing. That was bad, but nothing can be worse than this. Video courtesy of Awful Announcing. Did you even have to ask?

Kevin Garnett Doesn’t Deny He Tanked

One of the big stories floating around on Tuesday was the comment from Timberwolves owner, Glen Taylor, who said Kevin Garnett tanked down the stretch last season. Taylor went out of his way to specify that it wasn’t the entire team, but rather solely KG, who was tanking towards the end of the year, by not playing in the last five games. Well, obviously with his head focused squarely on the matter at hand — the Houston Rockets and their 22-game winning streak — KG wasn’t digging for NBA headlines during the day. So when he was interviewed after the game by TNT’s David Aldridge, he hadn’t heard about Taylor’s comments. When told by Aldridge what Taylor had said, here was Garnett’s response:

I’m in Boston, I care less what Glen Taylor thinks of Kevin Garnett. Right now, huge win for us. That’s nonsense. I don’t even know why he would bring that up …”

Now I’m not going to say that Garnett’s response was an indictment, but I will say I’m surprised he didn’t defend himself against the charges by Taylor. I would have expected something to the effect of: “I played there my whole career, gave it my all, took them to the playoffs … I always worked hard there.” Sure, KG was more or less ambushed by Aldridge about the matter, but I’m still surprised that he didn’t outright deny the tanking charge. That seems to me like it would have been the natural reaction if it were the case.

Celtics Already Breaking Down?

Is this the typical overreaction of a fan or what? The Celtics lose one game out of like 50, and you have losers on the internet already pondering whether or not they’ve broken down. Well guess what? That’s me right there for you. The Celtics are now 29-4 after losing to the Bobcats Wednesday night. That’s their first loss to a non-marquee team. Falling to LeBron, the Pistons, and the Magic is acceptable — those are the East’s elite. But the Bobcats? What’s that all about?

I know Boston won twice last month without Ray Allen, but man, doesn’t the alarm go off a bit after they dropped this one? That’s what was always said — the Celtics have a great 1-2-3 combo, but after that their depth is limited. Sure, their supporting cast has played well this year, but it was only a matter of time before one of their big guys broke down ruining the running triumvirate (yeah, that’s assonance AND alliteration for you in the same sentence, baby). I know, I know, it’s only one game. Still, I’m already worried that this could be an indication of how fragile the window for Boston’s success is this year. Would be shame to see them fall because of injury and I have a feeling the losses will start coming in more frequently from here on out.

(photo courtesy AP/Charles Krupa)

KG’s Words Are Not for Ray Allen’s Virgin Ears

Now, had Ray Allen known that Kevin Garnett was going to start cussing up a storm like a pedophile caught with his wanger in a kiddie trap, he might not have welcomed a trade to Boston. Site contributer Chris, who last presented us with Smush Parker’s rap song, informs me that Ray Allen is none too pleased with KG’s choice of verbiage recently. From the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

Word in Boston is that the Celtics’ Ray Allen was taken aback by some uncouth language used by Kevin Garnett during a practice, and he let the former Timberwolves star know about it.

Wait a tic, someone explain to me how playing with Robert Swift isn’t considered offensive, but foul language is. My question: Exactly what kind of language could KG have possibly used that offended Ray so? Is it because they were in Europe and close to the Vatican? Did Ray get struck by a new religious movement? Perhaps he’s seen the light! Can I get an amen to that? Amen!

Celtics Aren’t Giving up a Lot for KG

Kevin GarnettIf the rumors are what we think — that the Celtics are talking to the T-Wolves about acquiring Kevin Garnett in a trade (first reported by Foxsports.com), then that would be pretty groundbreaking. That is considering the fact that KG is set to make a ton of cash, and that he previously was not interested in going to Boston. I personally am rooting for the deal, because it would make our man LB look bad, since he wrote that the T-Wolves would never get rid of Garnett. So much for that.

Let’s take a look at the proposed trade though, shall we. The package would include Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Sebastian Telfair, Ryan Gomes, Theo Ratliff, and supposedly a pair of future first-round draft picks. I’m just wondering if Boston can find anyone else on their roster to dump. I mean what, that’s five players, they still have seven to go, right? Herschel Walker chimed in and thinks Boston is giving up a lot in the deal.

That’s not all. KG is set to make $22 mil next year, and $24 big ones the year after that. Between Ticket, Pierce, and Ray Allen, the Celtics will be committing 82% of their payroll. I’m not impressed. By the way, best of luck to them when KG’s contract is up. At least they’ll be able to build with their youth and draft picks. Oh wait. Maybe not.

– CB

LB’s Fearless Prediction:
Minnesota Would Not Trade Kevin Garnett

Minnesota Would Not Trade Garnett

It’s been a popular rumor for years, and something Tom Ziller raises at FanHouse based on a Chad Ford report. Kevin Garnett is apparently available, if you believe several Eastern Conference GMs. Of course said GMs would love to have Garnett available. What better way of trying to pry a superstar loose than by starting a rumor? Besides, most trade possibilities are floated to the public anyways to gauge fan reception. You can sense my obvious skepticism.

Garnett has been a hot name on the trade market for years, and to my knowledge, nothing has happened yet. Why not? Because the T-Wolves aren’t concerned about increasing Garnett’s chances of winning a championship. They’re concerned about running a successful business, staying true to the economical model. People scoffed when Kevin McHale was named as the best GM in sports by Forbes Magazine. The reason he was named the top GM is because he led a large turnaround by the franchise (remember how bad they used to be?), and because they run a successful business. Just because everyone around the league wants to free Kevin Garnett doesn’t mean the T-Wolves are willing and eager to. You know what I mean? Kevin Garnett isn’t going anywhere, at least, not until his existing contract expires.