Kevin Garnett rips Sixers fans as ‘fair-weather’

Kevin Garnett was feeling pretty saucy after the Celtics’ 16-point win in Game 5 over the 76ers, so he decided to pump up his fan base while taking a swipe at Philly’s. When asked to compare the two fan bases after Boston’s win, Garnett jabbed Sixers fans.

“Not even close. You got fans (in Boston) and then you got fair-weather fans (in Philly). Take it how you want,” Garnett said.

“This crowd sparks you. It doesn’t take much here,” he said of the Boston fans. “Speaking about this crowd, it’s like plugging in. You’re enthused from 48 minutes on from the tip. I can’t see the difference from minute-to-minute. I feel like every minute I look up I see my family, I see people yelling, I see the drunk fat guy. I can’t decipher one from the other. This crowd is ridiculous. I love it.”

Garnett is no stranger to letting loose in postgame comments, so this shouldn’t surprise us. He’s motivated by slights and enemies, so maybe he’s trying to rile up Philly fans before Game 6 on Wednesday night. We know Sixers fans will certainly have it out for him. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get any batteries thrown at him.

Below is video of Garnett’s comments via Ben Rohrbach of WEEI:

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Tim Duncan reportedly hates Kevin Garnett

Any casual NBA can tell you that Kevin Garnett is not one of the most well-liked players in the league. His teammates love him, Celtics fans love him, and a few Timberwolves fans might still feel a connection to him. Otherwise, most of what we hear about The Big Ticket as a person is negative.

On the court, he and Tim Duncan have always been compared. Duncan and K.G. are the two most dominant power forwards of the current era. Duncan has averaged 20.3 points and 11.3 rebounds throughout his career, while Garnett has averaged 19.3 and 10.6.

Duncan gives off the nice guy vibe, whereas Garnett is often called one of the dirtiest players in the NBA. In a recent profile of Duncan that is a must-read for all Timmy fans, Sports Illustrated’s Chris Ballard touched on the feelings Duncan has toward K.G. As you might expect, they aren’t great.

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Was the illegal screen on Kevin Garnett with 10 seconds remaining a good call?

With the Celtics trailing by three and 10 seconds remaining against the Sixers Monday night, Kevin Garnett was called for an illegal screen. Most people seem to agree that the official made the correct call, but the question is should he have made it at such a crucial point in the game. As far as illegal screens are concerned, this was more in line with something that happens dozens of times throughout a game and is rarely ever called.

“I wasn’t fond of it at all,” Doc Rivers said in his postgame press conference. “I think Kevin got three off-the-ball offensive fouls. You know, listen, if you’re going to tell me Kevin was the only one moving on picks tonight then I’ll live with that. But he clearly was not the only one. He was the one that got the call tonight. We put ourselves in that position. At the end of the day, if you put yourself in a position to let someone else do something you can lose games.”

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Kevin Garnett on being tired: ‘I’d die out there if I had to and that’s real talk’

The Boston Celtics are old and ailing, yet they keep finding ways to win. The Big Three of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen are currently playing out the final years of their career. For one or more of them, it may even be the final year. With Boston and Philadelphia playing every other day for the Eastern Conference semis, some have wondered if age will be a factor and the Celtics will wear down. K.G. doesn’t sound all that concerned.

“I’d die out here if I had to and that’s real talk,” Garnett said during an interview with WEEI in Boston according to Sports Radio Interviews. “I’ve been doing this for a long time and ways where I know how to conserve energy and get ‘em at free throw lines and when guys are shooting free throws, those are valuable seconds for me.

“When I train in the summer I train for a lack of, and when I say that, I mean rest. I program my body to recover as quickly as it can. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m a cerebral player these days and I know how to buy myself time on pick and rolls and stuff like that, things that you don’t see when you’re in your seat and it helps me.”

K.G. played 38 minutes in a Game 1 comeback win over the Sixers, including all 12 in the fourth quarter. Doc Rivers knows that he will have to limit his older players’ minutes to preserve them for the long haul, but sometimes the situation doesn’t allow for it — especially in the postseason.

As for whether or not Garnett would actually die on the court, we have no reason to doubt him. He may be considered one of the dirtiest players in the league, but I don’t think there are many people who have questioned his passion for the game.

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Kevin Garnett tears into Hawks owner after winning playoff series

The Atlanta Hawks were already tasked with a difficult enough assignment of facing the Boston Celtics in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Their owner did them no favors by calling out Kevin Garnett prior to Game 6 — an elimination game for his team.

Garnett had a game-high 28 points, 14 rebounds, five blocks, and three steals in the 83-80 series-clinching win on Thursday night. The veteran said afterward that he was motivated by owner Kevin Gearon’s comments (video above via WEEI’s Ben Rohrback).

“First off, I want to say thank you to their owner for giving me some extra gas tonight,” Garnett said. “My only advice to him is next time he opens his mouth, actually know what he’s talking about — X’s and O’s versus checkbooks and bottom lines.

“We’re not dirty,” he added. “We’re firm, we play aggressive, but we’re not dirty. You have to understand the word ‘dirty’ in this game is very defined: Trying to hurt guys, ill intent. That’s not the way we play basketball. We play very, very respectable to the opponent, to the city, the game. I play with a lot of passion and with force. It’s the playoffs. I haven’t been here trying to hurt anybody, and neither have my teammates. I found that comment to be a little rude and out of hand, and I wanted to address it.

“Just because you’ve got a bunch of money doesn’t mean you can open your mouth,” Garnett said, putting Gearon in place.

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Hawks owner Michael Gearon calls Celtics ‘old guys,’ Kevin Garnett dirty

With the Celtics leading the Hawks 3-2 in the opening round of the playoffs and Game 6 Thursday night in Boston, Atlanta will need to play their best basketball to earn a trip back home for Game 7. The Hawks were destroyed in every phase of the game during a Game 4 loss the last time they played in Boston, and they can’t afford to let that happen again. According to Hawks co-owner Michael Gearon, Atlanta has gotten no help from the officials.

“On top of all that, we don’t get any calls, which I know everybody always hears,” Gearon said according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “But I’ll give you a stat. Last night, we are playing this old physical team. They are old. I know what happens when you play basketball, old guys foul. (Kevin) Garnett is the dirtiest guy in the league. We are playing Boston last night and they had two fouls the whole first half. We had five times that and we’re athletic.”

Gearon is not the first person to call K.G. a dirty player and he certainly won’t be the last, so Garnett will probably let that go in one ear and out the other. The stuff about old guys fouling, however, may motivate the Celtics. Boston was successful down the stretch this season because they were one of the best defensive teams in the league. Unless every official they have had has missed the fact that old guys foul a lot, Gearon’s reasoning seems a bit flawed.

If the Hawks think they are going to get calls based on their reputation of being athletic versus the Celtics’ reputation of being old and run-down, they’re wrong. As old as the Celtics are, they are also loaded with Hall of Famers and have earned the respect of the league and its officials. Guys like K.G., Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce are going to get the benefit of the doubt with calls that could go either way. That is the nature of professional sports.

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Kevin Garnett: Jeff Teague is ‘a nobody’

The Atlanta Hawks controlled most of their contest Monday night against the Celtics and looked poised to slam the door shut when Jeff Teague savagely threw down the above dunk over Ray Allen in the third quarter to put the Hawks up by eight. Teague got T’ed up for taunting after the jam, and something about that sparked the Celtics, who then went on a 36-13 run and left Atlanta with a 79-76 victory. In somewhat karmic fashion, Teague airballed a potentially game-tying three-pointer at the end of the game.

Afterwards, the Celtics said that Teague’s taunting was a source of motivation for them as they mounted their comeback. “Yeah, there was a sense of anger,” Allen told the Boston Globe. “A sense of, ‘We’re going back at you guys,’ because that was uncalled for.” When Kevin Garnett was asked about Teague’s dunk, he gave the most Kevin Garnett answer:

“I don’t even know who you are talking about. That guy’s a nobody.”

It was your typical KG bravado. People such as Charles Oakley don’t like him for it, and I get it. In Garnett’s defense, you can make the argument that he was just making an objective remark on how Teague’s jersey number is zero. But no, Garnett sincerely was trying to be jerk.

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