Kevin Kolb: I Want Eagles to Win Super Bowl if Cardinals Don’t

Oftentimes when a player is traded or leaves via free agency, there is some lingering hostility toward his former team. Kevin Kolb was drafted by the Eagles with the intention of making him the heir to the Donovan McNabb throne in Philly.  Then came the unpredictable resurrection of Michael Vick’s career, which resulted in Kolb being traded to the Cardinals.

Since his departure, Kolb has had nothing but compliments for his former organization.  He spoke with reporters in July about the respect players have for Andy Reid and now insists he’s genuinely rooting for his former teammates this season.

“I just saw that they won and it looked like Mike moved around a lot and he made some plays with his feet,” Kolb told the Scott Van Pelt show when asked if he had watched the Eagles-Rams game over the weekend. “If we don’t win it, I want them to win it. I truly mean that. I love those guys over there and I wish them the best except for Week 10 or 11, whenever it is that we play them.”

Kolb’s skill paired with his demeanor is what could ultimately turn him into a star in the NFL.  He has faced a number of frustrating situations since being drafted by the Eagles and handled them all perfectly, saying all the right things along the way.  An ability to handle the spotlight is one of the most underrated factors that determines a quarterback’s success in the NFL, and Kolb is on his way to mastering that early in his career.

Kevin Kolb: Players Cry in Andy Reid’s Office and He Protects Them

Kevin Kolb spoke with guest host Howard Eskin on The Dan Patrick Show Tuesday and said he’s not expecting to be with the Eagles after the lockout ends. Kolb said playing for Arizona would be nice, and Eskin insisted Kolb would be be traded there (he must read LBS). In addition to the talk of Kolb’s future, there was another interesting nugget shared during the interview. Kolb depicted Reid as quite the players’ coach.

“I have seen him take the bullet for so many players that the media had no idea about, that the fans had no idea about,” Kolb said. “He sat up there and took up for his player, and the player is in his office crying in a tough situation, and Andy’s just sitting there with a shield on taking bullets for him.

“So he puts himself in those situations, but there’s a reason he does it, and that’s how he gets respect from his players and that’s why guys play so hard for him. And I just hope that in the future everybody will look at whatever situation he’s in, going, ‘He’s crazy for doing this. Why’s he doing this?’ Well, there’s a reason he’s doing it.”

We got a sense that Reid was a players’ coach when he and the Eagles signed Michael Vick after he was released from prison. Another example may have been when kicker David Akers missed two field goals against the Packers in the playoffs. There were reports that Akers was distracted by personal issues during the game. Reid didn’t say anything about it and didn’t blame Akers the way other coaches have gone after their kickers.

Despite all his shortcomings (e.g. pass-to-run play ratio), Reid is one of the best coaches in the NFL. We knew players liked him, but now we have a much better understanding why.

Arizona Cardinals Reportedly Had Deal in Place for Kevin Kolb Before Draft

If you are a Cardinals fan and wondering why the team didn’t select a quarterback in the NFL draft despite needing one, we may have our answer. Pro Football Weekly reports that the Eagles and Cardinals had a “potential deal in place to trade QB Kevin Kolb … but those plans changed when 2011 draft picks were not allowed to be dealt.” They add in their report that the trade talks could reignite down the road, and I imagine that is the case.

We knew a year ago that the Cardinals did not seem comfortable with their quarterback situation entering the season. Derek Anderson’s awful play and outburst did not help matters, and Max Hall played horribly. John Skelton could be a decent backup, but you don’t want any of those three guys being your starting quarterback if your goal is to win. Even analyst Jimmy Johnson told us personnel was the problem in Arizona, not coaching. So it makes sense for them to pursue an upgrade at the most important position on the field.

Kevin Kolb has shown accuracy and an ability to produce in his limited time as Philadelphia’s starting quarterback. Even though he’s a West Coast Offense QB (not the style the Cardinals run), he’d be a big upgrade over anything else they have on the roster.

We know Kolb would like to be traded to Arizona and that Larry Fitzgerald also wants it to happen. When league business is eventually cleared to resume, I would anticipate a deal getting done. That is unless someone else (Seattle perhaps?) can come up with a better package to offer the Eagles.

Chest bump to Evan Silva for the tip

Despite Kevin Kolb’s Success, Andy Reid Says Michael Vick Still Eagles’ Starter

When Kevin Kolb had to be removed from the Philadelphia Eagles‘ week one game against the Packers with a concussion, Michael Vick stepped in and gave the Eagles a chance to win.  They came up short in that particular game, but Vick proceeded to tear it up when he was given a chance to start the following two.  Given the level Vick was playing at, there was no way Andy Reid could give Kolb his starting job back when he was cleared to play.

However, these things have a way of working themselves out.  Or do they?  The exact same situation arose again for the Eagles in their week four game against the Redskins, only this time it was Vick with the injury and Kolb filling in for him.  Like Vick, Kolb played effectively but came up just short of a victory.  Also like Vick, Kolb went on to lead the Eagles to wins the following two games.  In a win over the 49ers, Kolb threw for 253 yards and a touchdown with a passer rating of 103.3.  On Sunday, he threw for 326 yards and 3 touchdowns in a dominating 31-17 win over Atlanta, posting a passer rating of 133.6.

With Vick inching closer to being cleared to play, what does Reid do now?  The Eagles are winning with Kolb.  Oh yeah, they were winning with Vick, too.  The Eagles’ quarterback play is a huge reason they’ve been able to win with Kolb.  Oh yeahhh, that was a huge reason they were winning with Vick, too.  Despite Kolb’s success the past two games, Reid insists Vick still has his starting job locked down.

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