Kevin Love: I’m guaranteed to make Olympic team because I’m token white guy

Kevin Love was a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Tuesday and told the host he’s a lock to make the squad because he’s the token white guy.

Asked by Kimmel if he needed to try out for the squad, Love broke out a joke.

“Well it’s interesting. For me, I don’t know if I have to because they always need at least one token white guy,” he joked. “I think that I have a pretty good shot of making it there.

“It’s like the white guy in the gang — he’s the one you really gotta watch out for.”

Love talked about plenty of other topics, and said he doesn’t really want any team to win the NBA championship since his T-Wolves didn’t make the playoffs. He did admit he’s partial to the Thunder because his former UCLA roommate and teammate Russell Westbrook is on the squad.

Love also discussed his Twitter absence at length. Love explained to Kimmel that he got into trouble by the team for breaking news of the Rick Adelman coaching hire via Twitter, and that why he’s been less active with it. I guess we’ll excuse him for not mentioning that he also ripped his front office for botching the 2009 draft, but he did concede that many of the franchise’s social media rules probably were created in response to his social media habits.

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Kevin Love shaved his mustache and beard and looks like a little kid (Picture)

When Kevin Love shaved the beard last week and left nothing but the mustache, you had to wonder how long he was going to keep the look. The answer is less than a few days.

Love showed up at practice on Saturday with the mustache shaved, startling his teammates and the media that covers the team.

“Ok, he doesn’t look like a mexican anymore but I think he looks even worst… Here is our superstar,” Ricky Rubio wrote, in a fairly racist tweet.

“He looks like he’s about 12 years old,” coach Rick Adelman said. “I don’t think anybody recognized him.”

So why did Love decide to shave the ‘stache?

“I was going to keep it, but I couldn’t look in the mirror and see my dad every time,” Love said.

Congrats Kevin, and now you can look forward to getting carded at every bar and club you go to the next few months.

Photo via Ricky Rubio

Kevin Love shaves beard, leaves mustache (Picture)

Are we looking at Kevin Love 2.0? The Timberwolves forward slimmed down over the summer and showed up for the season with a completely new look. Not only had he lost plenty of weight, but he also was sporting a beard. Well it looks Love is changing up his look. He tweeted the above picture on Thursday from a barber’s chair asking fans “What do you think of my new haircut?”

If by “new haircut,” he means “totally awesome mustache,” then the answer is I think it’s tremendous. Good luck, Love.

Kevin Love on Kentucky beating an NBA team: That would never happen

With the amazing amount of talent Kentucky has in its starting five, talk of them beating NBA teams has spiraled out of control over the past few weeks. The Wildcats aren’t the first dominant college team that is loaded with NBA talent and they won’t be the last. NBA teams are made up of the best players from the NCAA, but for some reason that hasn’t quite registered with some people. It has with Kevin Love, who says there is no way Kentucky could ever beat even a terrible NBA team.

“It would never happen,” Love told the Dan Patrick Show according to Sports Radio Interviews. “They would get blown out by both teams, Bobcats or Wizards. They do have a great team, they haven’t won the National Championship yet, they’re well coached by (John) Calipari and have a lot of great one-and-dones, but that’s just something that would never happen.”

In one corner, you have guys like Charles Barkley and former Maryland coach Gary Williams who disagree with Love. You even have people like legendary NBA coach Larry Brown who has taken it a step further, saying Kentucky could beat half the teams in the NBA. Still, the oddsmakers say it would be an insane longshot and Calipari himself does not believe it could happen — although that could be modesty talking.

For all we know, all of Kentucky’s starters could go on to be NBA busts. It’s unlikely, but it has happened to some of the most dominant players in college basketball history. You can’t say a college team could beat an NBA team based on their performance against other college teams. The game doesn’t translate like that, and it’s surprising that guys like Barkley (actually, no it’s not) and Brown would think otherwise.

Photo credit: Mark Zerof-US PRESSWIRE

Kevin Love now has an octopus named after him

Kevin Love is putting up monster numbers this season and has led the resurgent Timberwolves to just a game out of playoff position. And now his accomplishments are being rewarded with the high honor of having an octopus named after him. Yes, Love has officially made it in the NBA.

With the Mall of America in Minneapolis set to add an octopus to its aquarium, Love will be on hand Thursday to help release “K-Love,” as the critter has been named, into its new habitat along with a waterproof basketball. Hopefully the aquarium doesn’t already have a Luis Scola octopus.

You may remember last year a Bay Area amusement park named a newborn giraffe after San Francisco Giants first baseman Brandon Belt, whose nickname is “Baby Giraffe.” The octopus bears Love’s namesake because the two share “excellent grabbing abilities.” There was a probably a better way they could have said that.

Photo credit: Steve Dykes, US Presswire

Ricky Rubio will be wearing a Justin Bieber backpack the rest of the year (Picture)

Not even star players from foreign countries are immune to a little rookie hazing. Timberwolves forward Kevin Love tweeted Sunday that teammate Ricky Rubio would be wearing the Justin Bieber backpack seen above for the rest of the season. It’s a funny idea on the surface, but how about a little originality, guys. We’ve seen that exact same backpack used before for rookie hazing.

While this may be embarrassing, Rubio got off easily — at least he didn’t have to dress up as Lady Gaga.

Picture Credit: Kevin Love

Kevin Love suspended for Luis Scola stomp, hopes he isn’t labeled a dirty player

The NBA announced on Monday that Kevin Love will have to serve a two-game suspension for stomping on Luis Scola over the weekend. After the incident, Love said he did not think the league needed to look any further into the play. After sleeping on it a bit and likely discussing it with his public relations coach, Love accepted the punishment and expressed some remorse.

“I think (the suspension) was warranted,” Love said Monday according to FoxSportsNorth.com. “As long as Luis and the Houston Rockets are OK with it, then I’m OK with it. But I think it was a learning experience for me. Definitely, it won’t happen again.”

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