Tiger Woods is sick of the slow rate of play on the PGA tour

Tiger Woods has had plenty of issues over the past couple of years. Many of them have been mental and some have been physical. After another forgettable finish at the Players Championship over the weekend, something else was bothering Woods: rate of play.

“Last week, we were playing 4:40 (on Thursday and Friday at Quail Hollow) and there’s no wind,” Tiger explained according to the Golf Channel. “That’s hard to believe.”

Warnings, he says, aren’t cutting it. For starters, every player gets a warning if they falter on the clock and then a penalty stroke the second time it happens. The tour can also fine players between $5,000 and $20,000 for violations. Tiger’s resolution? Skip the warning and make the fines more hefty.

“Strokes is money. I would take the five grand (fine) over the 800K,” Woods said referring to the relationship between the amount players are fined and the amount they can win for finishing among the leaders. “That’s one shot. That’s the difference. That’s what people don’t realize – that one shot is so valuable out here.”

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Kevin Na has a ridiculously long pre-shot routine (Video)

Kevin Na has a pre-shot routine longer than a “Godfather” movie, but far less entertaining. The 28-year-old golfer, who led The Players Championship through three rounds before shooting a four-over 76 in the final round to finish tied for 7th, recognizes how ridiculous his routine is and apologizes for it.

“There’s so much on the line that I just have to sometimes back off,” Na told the media on Saturday. “Or I’ll force myself to take it back, and on the way down I’ll pull up and go over the top (of the ball). As ugly as it is, and as painful as it is, believe me, it’s really tough for me. And I’m trying.

“Trust me, I get ripped a lot,” he said. “I know TV, Twitter and fans are tired of me backing off. I understand people being frustrated with me backing off, but all I can tell you guys is honestly, I’m trying. And it’s hard for me, too.”

Na was on the clock throughout the back nine because his routine was taking so long, and he was even given a bad time on the 16th hole. He says the lengthy routine is due to a swing change.

Some golfers, like Graeme McDowell, can overlook the routine to see the positives in Na’s swing. He tweeted the following on Saturday:

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Video: PGA Golfer Kevin Na Hits 16 Shots on a Par-4

My theory on golf is that everyone sucks at it. Those who don’t are on the PGA tour. Anytime I ask someone if they want to go golfing, they say they suck. Well, guess what? We all do. In fact, even the pros suck sometimes. Fortunately for us casual golfers there are people like PGA golfer Kevin Na, who reminded us on Thursday at the Texas Open that even the big boys can be down right horrendous sometimes.  Check out the video of Kevin Na hitting 16 shots, courtesy of Dogs that Chase Cars via Fox Sports:

Anyone who’s ever golfed has been there before — in the woods and you just can’t find your way out.  It’s just nice to know it happens to the guys who get paid doing it, too.

”I got done with the hole and I said (to my caddie), ‘I think I made somewhere between a 10 and a 15,” Na said. ”But I think it’s close to a 15.”

Almost, kid.  Almost.