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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Kevin Ware

Kevin Ware calls stubbing your toe ‘one of the worst pains ever’

Much like Pink Floyd and concept albums or Arnold Schwarzenegger and cheesy one-liners, former Louisville guard Kevin Ware knows a thing or two about pain. You might remember the gruesome compound fracture that the 22-year-old suffered in an Elite Eight game against Duke in 2013. Well, apparently Ware himself, now a Georgia State Panther, briefly…Read More

Kobe Bryant and Kevin Ware bet on who would return from injury first

Kevin Ware revealed that he and Kobe Bryant made a friendly bet to encourage each other as they return from injuries. Bryant is rehabbing his torn Achilles’ tendon, while Ware has already returned from his gruesome broken leg suffered during the NCAA Tournament in March. Ware’s return (he played in an exhibition game, not a…Read More

Kevin Ware is back to dunking (Video)

Louisville guard Kevin Ware suffered one of the most horrific sports injuries we have ever seen less than six months ago. Ware’s broken leg likely changed his life, but that does not mean it has to throw his basketball career completely off-course. On Monday, junior college transfer Chris Jones posted a video of Ware dunking….Read More

Kevin Ware cuts down the net after Louisville wins title

One of the nicest moments of the NCAA Tournament was when Kevin Ware cut down the nets following Louisville’s 82-76 win over Michigan in the national championship game Monday. A plan was in place for Ware to partake in the tradition of cutting down the nets if his school won the title game. With a…Read More

Kevin Ware wears pink Nike foamposites; Louisville is Adidas school

Louisville may have done Kevin Ware wrong by attempting to profit off his broken leg while he couldn’t get a cut of the proceeds, and it looks like the sophomore guard got them back (intentionally or not). Ware, on crutches, came out of Louisville’s tunnel inside the Georgia Dome to join his team for the…Read More

Adidas pulls Kevin Ware T-shirts

Adidas has stopped selling controversial T-shirts that they began manufacturing following Kevin Ware’s gruesome leg broken leg injury suffered last weekend, USA Today reports. The shirts were being sold on the Louisville athletic website for $24.99. The shirts said “Rise to the occasion” on the front, and had the number five on the back. Ware’s…Read More

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