Louisville to pay tribute to Kevin Ware with warmup jerseys at Final Four (Picture)

Luke-Hancock-Kevin-WareThe Louisville Cardinals have every intention of keeping sophomore guard Kevin Ware as close to the team as possible when the Final Four tips off in Atlanta this weekend. Ideally, that will mean Ware will be feeling well enough in the wake of his horrific injury to join the team on the bench with his crutches.

Ware underwent successful surgery on Sunday and has already begun moving around on crutches with his leg in a cast. He said there is a “50-50 chance” he’ll be able to join his teammates to cheer them on against Wichita State. If he does, he’ll be able to witness their new warmup jerseys first-hand:

If he is unable to make the trip, at least we know Ware will have his new dog to keep him company. We also know he’ll be at the forefront of Rick Pitino and company’s thoughts — whether he’s physically present or not. The team’s new warmup jerseys are one small reminder of that.

UPDATE: Rick Pitino announced that Ware will be joining the team when they leave for Atlanta tonight.

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Kevin Ware gets a new dog and names it ‘Scar’ (Picture)

Kevin Ware still has at least six months before he can begin playing basketball again, so he could be looking at quite a bit of boredom once he is done watching his Louisville teammates fight for a national championship. What better way to cure the boredom blues than to get yourself a new puppy?

On Tuesday, Ware shared a photo of his new dog. As if the No. 5 Ware jersey that the pup is wearing isn’t awesome enough, Ware also informed his followers that he has named the dog “Scar.”

“Welcome Scar to the Ware Family!” he wrote. “We named him Scar to represent my struggle, and the ‘scar’ that will be left on my leg after the healing process.”

When you suffer an injury like this, you need all the comfort you can get during the recovery process. Ware has received a tremendous amount of support thus far and appears to be off to a great start in his journey back to the court. Hopefully Scar can help keep him company during his long rehab.

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Kevin Ware received phone calls from Dwight Howard and Charles Barkley

Luke-Hancock-Kevin-WareLouisville guard Kevin Ware has begun his road to recovery in the wake of suffering one of the most gruesome injuries you will ever see in sports. The sophomore is a long way away from playing basketball again, but he has undergone successful surgery and already begun moving around on crutches. The amazing amount of support he has received has undoubtedly helped accelerate the process.

Ware told the Courier-Journal that he received phone calls in the hospital from Dwight Howard and Charles Barkley, who lent words of encouragement. He also got a visit from NCAA President Mark Emmert and browsed through hundreds of tweets from pro athletes like Michael Bush, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Rajon Rondo.

“I’ve never had this much support in my life,” Ware said. “Like, I’m just so grateful for it, you know?”

Ware said that just being able to move around — even if it is with his leg in a cast and on crutches — brought his spirits up. After his body went into shock when he saw his bone sticking through his skin, he said the only thing on his mind was making sure his teammates won the game.

“And that made me just go into Kevin mode,” he explained. “I just told Luke (Hancock), ‘I’m good. Just win this game.’ I just kept repeating that. I got louder and louder, and Russ was there and I’m pulling their jerseys, trying to get in their face like, ‘Y’all got to win this game.’ When they took me off the court, I heard so many cheers, and I’m like ‘When I’m out of surgery, there’s gonna be some good news.’”

There was indeed very good news, as Louisville dominated Duke to advance to the Final Four. Ware said he didn’t remember his teammates putting the  Midwest Regional trophy in his hospital bed with him because he was so heavily medicated after surgery. However, the memories came back the next morning when the trophy was still sitting next to him.

Assuming his leg does not become infected, Ware should be released from the hospital on Tuesday and there’s a good chance he’ll be able to join his teammates in Atlanta. Having him on the sidelines could give the Cardinals a shot in the arm that they may not even need.

Kevin Ware lays in hospital bed with the NCAA Midwest Regional trophy (Picture)


After defeating Duke in the NCAA Midwest Regional final on Sunday night, the Louisville Cardinals had only one person on their minds. Sophomore guard Kevin Ware suffered one of the most gruesome leg injuries you will ever see in the first half of his team’s convincing 85-63 victory. However, he still managed to get his hands on the trophy shortly after it was presented to his teammates.

As you can see from the photo above that Peyton Siva shared on Instagram, the Cardinals brought the trophy signifying their Final Four berth to Ware’s hospital room. There was no question his broken leg helped inspire Louisville in the second half, as Ware reportedly kept telling his teammates to “win the game” while trainers were tending to his injury.

From a basketball standpoint, Louisville is deep enough to overcome Ware’s injury. The question was how they would react emotionally, and I think Rick Pitino’s team answered that in the second half against Duke. After the game, one of Ware’s teammates wore his jersey as a tribute to him. Expect the Cardinals to continue to draw motivation from Ware in the Final Four.

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Chane Behanan wears Kevin Ware’s jersey after Louisville win (Pictures)

Chane Behanan Kevin Ware jersey

Chane Behanan had injured teammate Kevin Ware close in mind after Louisville defeated Duke 85-63 to reach the Final Four of the NCAA tournament Sunday.

Late in the Cardinals’ win over the Blue Devils, he put on Ware’s No. 5 jersey to honor his teammate who suffered a nasty broken leg in the first half of the game. After the game, Behanan walked around on the court after the game wearing the jersey. He later took it off so that the entire team could hold it up for a team picture on the court:

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Kevin Ware’s leg injury leads to show of support, emotion from both teams

Kevin Ware suffered one of the nastiest, most gruesome leg injuries we have ever seen in sports. The sophomore guard was trying to jump out to block a Tyler Thornton 3-point attempt in the first half of the Midwest Region finals between Duke and Louisville when his leg snapped upon his landing.

Ware’s leg was broken immediately and his bone was sticking through the skin. His leg dangled perpendicular to the ground, causing an instant reaction of horror from his teammates and those on the court. The injury was so bad that players on both sides felt emotional.

One of Ware’s Louisville teammates, Luke Hancock, tried to comfort him as trainers worked to stabilize his gruesome injury.



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