Kliff Kingsbury had dance-off with Derreck Edwards at practice (GIF)

Kliff-Kingsbury-danceYou know how we know Kliff Kingsbury is one of the coolest coaches in the country? For starters, he recently admitted he flirts with high school players’ moms during recruiting visits. Then there’s the whole dancing during practice thing.

On Thursday, Kingsbury and junior wide receiver Derreck Edwards decided to have a dance-off during a spring workout. The clip doesn’t show much, but if you ask me it looked obvious that Kingsbury was putting forth more effort. His version of “The Dougie” was spot-on, to say the least.

No wonder the ladies can’t get enough of this guy.

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Kliff Kingsbury admits he flirts with recruits’ moms

Kliff-Kingsbury-Texas-TechTexas Tech has one of the top football programs in the country, and head coach Kliff Kingsbury is bringing the team’s popularity to new heights. One reason for that is that chicks dig him. Kingsbury has been called a Ryan Gosling clone. Texas Tech students have been known to hold up signs talking about how hot their coach is. Does any of this help with recruiting?

During an appearance on “The Dan LeBatard Show” Tuesday, Kingsbury was asked a number of questions about his good looks. One interesting tidbit came when he was asked if any single moms of recruits flirted with him during recruiting visits.

“Yeah,” Kingsbury said while chuckling, according to CoachingSearch.com’s Chris Vannini. “You’ve got to play to your strengths. So I kind of encourage that a little bit. It’s part of the deal.”

For starters, I hope we’re really only talking about single moms here. Because that would just be messed up if they were married. Secondly, I wonder if this ever backfires on Kingsbury. It sounds like the moms he’s talking about started it and he just went along with it, but wouldn’t that piss you off if your potential college coach was flirting with your mom right in front of you?

As for the Gosling comparisons, Kingsbury said he’ll take it.

“I’ll take that one,” he said. “It can be worse, for sure.”

It certainly can be, and it can also be worse than being Kliff Kingsbury — the 34-year-old college football coach that men want to be and recruits’ moms want to be on.

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Kliff Kingsbury made an ‘All I Do is Win’ rap

Kliff Kingsbury bus

Kliff Kingsbury is one of the most popular coaches in the country, mostly because of his good looks. Women swoon over the Texas Tech coach and love to talk about how much he looks like Ryan Gosling. Now, the question is whether his rapping skills will make him more or less attractive.

Kingsbury has been known to bump rap music during practice, but prior to Thursday we hadn’t actually heard him spitting rhymes. That all changed when Kliff made an appearance on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas and laid down his own version of “All I Do is Win.”

“And every time I step up in the building everybody goes guns up…and they stay there.”

You can hear the full audio of the track here. It’s a must-listen for Kingsbury fans, though I don’t know if girls who hold signs like this will react favorably to it or not. My guess is Kliff can do no wrong in their eyes.

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Kliff Kingsbury answers hard-hitting question about Band-Aids from preschooler

Kliff-Kingsbury-Texas-TechKliff Kingsbury is a full-blown celebrity in the state of Texas and beyond. The Texas Tech coach’s good looks have left fans swooning and comparing him to Ryan Gosling. One Little kid even dressed as Kingsbury for Halloween this past October. Despite that, it doesn’t appear that the 34-year-old has let the fame go to his head.

Students from a pre-K class in Texas recently wrote Kingsbury a letter asking him an incredibly tough question. The little tikes wanted to know, “Do players fall down and get Band-Aids?” The Red Raiders coach wrote back.

“Thanks for writing me and that is a great question!” Kingsbury replied. “When our players fall down and get cuts or scratches, they do usually get Band-Aids.”

As Graham Watson of Dr. Saturday noted, Kingsbury is known for being very involved with the community. Taking time to answer hilarious questions from preschoolers is a prime example of that.

Baby Kliff Kingsbury may be best Halloween costume of 2013


Over the past few years, parents have been really nailing it by dressing their young ones up as college football coaches. Baby Kliff Kingsbury may have already won this year’s Halloween costume contest.

Kingsbury is more than just the head football coach at Texas Tech. The 34-year-old has been featured in gossip magazines and on television stations like E! throughout the season because of his good looks. Fans have even held up signs talking about how hot Kingsbury is. And this kid (or his parents) absolutely nailed the look.

Wayfarer sunglasses? Check. Perfectly parted hair? Check. Five o’clock shadow? Yup. Little Kliff Kingsbury has future lady killer written all over him.

Related: Oklahoma takes shot at Kliff Kingsbury’s good looks

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Oklahoma Twitter takes shot at Kliff Kingsbury after win

The person running the Twitter account for the Oklahoma Sooners football team was probably just trying to be humorous when sending out a tweet after Oklahoma handed Texas Tech its first loss of the season, but the move backfired.

Shortly after Oklahoma beat the Red Raiders 38-30, the Sooners’ Twitter account sent out the tweet seen below, which was an obvious shot at Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury:

Oklahoma Twitter Kliff Kingsbury

Kingsbury’s reputation for being the best looking coach in the game precedes him, and Oklahoma thought it would be funny to zing him for that and the loss. They quickly deleted the tweet and obviously regretted it.

Texas Tech may no longer be undefeated, but they’ll be the first to tell you that their coach is hotter than yours.

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Kliff Kingsbury is hotter than your coach

Kliff Kingsbury bus

Best looking coach in sports? Has to be Kliff Kinsbury. The guy is a Ryan Gosling clone. He looks like a male model, not a football coach. Everyone seems to recognize that.

In fact, prior to the Texas Tech-TCU game, ESPN showed some Texas Tech fans/students holding up a sign that boasted “Our Coach is Hotter Than Your Coach.” You can see it below:

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