KU Boobs Twitter account ordered by Kansas to cease and desist [Update]

Miss KU boobs

The popular KU Boobs Twitter account said on Monday that they had been ordered by the University of Kansas to shut down by June 12, but the university says that is not the case.

The KU Boobs Twitter account made the announcement at 8:00 pm CT on Monday.

Jim Marchiony, an associate athletic director at Kansas, says the school only told KU Boobs to cease and desist selling merchandise with the KU logo, not to shut down the account.

The KU Boobs movement began last year after a friend of the account’s founder tweeted a picture of herself with the hashtag “#KUBoobs.” That sparked the idea for a submissions-based website, Twitter account, and Facebook group, where men and women send in pictures of their boobs in Kansas colors and/or gear, like these ones:

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