Kyle Orton reportedly did not get along with Tony Romo

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Kyle Orton forced his way out of Dallas over the offseason and ended up signing with the Buffalo Bills, for whom he is now the starter. One report suggests that Orton’s poor relationship with Tony Romo was a factor in his decision to force his way out.

Here’s what ESPN’s Ed Werder tweeted on Tuesday:

Orton, who started and lost in Week 17 last year with a chance to get the Cowboys into the playoffs, threatened to retire in order to get Dallas to release him. After E.J. Manuel struggled in the preseason, the desperate Bills signed him to a two-year, $11 million deal. They’ve already installed him as their starter.

In addition to reportedly having a bad relationship with Romo, The Dallas Morning News’ Rick Gosselin said earlier this month that it appeared Orton grew tired of the circus in Dallas. All in all, we could sum up Orton’s time with the Cowboys by simply saying it was a poor fit.

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Bills bench EJ Manuel for Kyle Orton

EJ Manuel BillsBuffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone announced on Monday that quarterback EJ Manuel will be benched for next weekend’s game against the Detroit Lions. Kyle Orton will start in his place.

Manuel threw two interceptions in the second half of Sunday’s loss to the Houston Texans. One came on the final drive with the Bills trailing 23-7 with a chance to win the game. Marrone said Monday that the decision to bench Manuel in favor of Orton was his and not one that was cleared with the team’s front office.

“It’s not all EJ’s fault,” Marrone told reporters, via Mike Rodak of ESPN.com. “We need to get better production out of that position. We can’t keep going in the direction that we’re going. I didn’t ask [front office] for an agreement. I just went in and said this is the direction I’m going.”

Manuel, a first-round pick in 2013, hasn’t been horrible. He has a passer rating of 80.3 in four games this season and has completed 58% of his passes. The Bills, who beat the Chicago Bears on the road in Week 1, are 2-2. Apparently Marrone has seen enough for now.

When the Bills signed Orton earlier this month, Marrone was reportedly upset that the team chose to spend nearly $11 million on a two-year deal for a backup quarterback. He also supposedly felt that signing Orton could hinder Manuel’s development. He has already changed his mind.

Doug Marrone reportedly upset over Kyle Orton signing

Doug Marrone BillsBuffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone got into a verbal altercation with members of the team’s front office during a practice this week, and now we know why.

According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, Marrone was upset over the team’s signing of Kyle Orton. Florio specifically says that the timing and money involved with the signing, which came after starting quarterback E.J. Manuel struggled in the preseason, was an issue for the coach.

Orton was signed to a two-year, $11 million deal. Paying a quarterback that kind of money is a sign that he will probably start games for you at some point in the season. Marrone reportedly believes that the signing can negatively affect the confidence of the second-year quarterback from Florida State.

Though Marrone initially denied getting into an argument at practice, team president Russ Brandon said he, Marrone and GM Doug Whaley were involved in the incident. However, in comments to The Buffalo News, Brandon termed it a “discussion” rather than an “altercation.”

“Whaley and Coach were involved in the discussion,” Brandon said via The Buffalo News.

“This is the best working relationship I have seen, to be honest, between a coach and a GM. They’re great competitors and communicators.”

Does it really matter, anyway? All of these dudes will be out of jobs before long once the team is sold. You can bank on that. And any team that has to consider having Orton start games is in big, big trouble.

Jerry Jones’ reaction to Kyle Orton’s game-losing interception (GIF)

Jerry Jones reactionOhhhh Jerruh. You guys nearly had them!

In the end, the Dallas Cowboys’ season ended the way it should have — on an interception. The only difference was it was Kyle Orton throwing the pick instead of Tony Romo. Different QB, same result.

Let’s all enjoy some schaudenfreude and watch the reaction of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to Orton’s interception to seal the loss for the Cowboys.

Let’s also enjoy this great quote from Jerruh during the week.

“We paid a lot of money several years ago for just this very circumstance,” Jones said on his radio show on KRLD-FM Tuesday morning. “Should we be in a situation where a game or a possible intermittent time when Tony couldn’t play, we get the very best we can, and that’s why we signed Kyle Orton for over $10 million a few years ago, just for this very occasion. Kyle has a very strong arm, he’s very experienced. If required, he’ll be able to step in and do as good under the circumstances as you could expect.”

You called it, Jerruh.

Terrell Owens: Kyle Orton gives Cowboys better chance to win than Tony Romo

Terrell-Owens-cryingKyle Orton will start in place of Tony Romo for the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. Given Romo’s history of choking and the fact that the game will decide which team advances to the playoffs, some people feel that Orton may actually give Dallas a better chance to win. Terrell Owens is one of those people.

We all remember the infamous “that’s my quarterback” press conference where TO had tears streaming down his face in defense of Romo, but he’s going with the numbers in this situation.

“My thing with Romo is he’s been inconsistent late in ballgames,” Owens said during an appearance on the NFL Network. “Going into a situation like this you don’t have him No. 1. With Tony Romo you kind of already know what to expect. Late in the game it’s a toss-up.

“So if you look at what Kyle Orton has done — he’s done more with less. In this situation, I think the uncertainty with (the Eagles) not playing against Orton, he has an edge.”

Prior to Owens presenting his argument, NFL Network showed a few statistics about Romo’s play in clutch situations versus Orton’s play. Since 2008, Orton has throw a touchdown pass every 13.7 pass attempts in the final five minutes of the fourth quarter. Romo has thrown a touchdown pass every 28.7 pass attempts in the same situation. Orton has thrown one interception every 40.1 pass attempts in the final five minutes, and Romo has thrown one every 20.1 attempts.

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Bill Polian believes the Colts could have gotten Kyle Orton with a later trade deadline last season

With the NFL having decided to move the trade deadline back two weeks to Week 8 next season, Colts fans are left wondering if that would have been a good thing or a bad thing for their team last season. When asked about the rule change recently, former Colts vice chairman Bill Polian seemed fairly certain that the Colts would have had a different look last season if the deadline was Week 8. More specifically, he feels they would have had a chance to land a legitimate starting quarterback.

“I think the deadline being moved last year would have made a difference for us,” Polian told Sports Illustrated’s Peter King. “We would have rekindled our interest in Orton. In Week 6, we knew our quarterback situation wasn’t great, but after a couple more weeks, we realized the situation was bad. We probably would have called Denver, who’d gone to (Tim) Tebow by then, and said, ‘Hey, we’ll give you a three (a third-round draft choice) for Orton.'”

That may be, but that would have also likely led to the Colts not landing the No. 1 overall pick and thus not drafting Andrew Luck. As we know, that would have made Indy fans like these ones quite upset.

Trading for Orton last season would probably have led to a few more wins, but it certainly wasn’t going to make the Colts a playoff contender. Not only that, but Orton isn’t exactly a quarterback you would want to build the future of your team around. Indy’s abysmal season may have ultimately cost Polian his job, but at the moment Colts fans should be pleased with the way everything turned out.

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Jason Campbell, Kyle Orton are starter quality, but they signed to be backups

Two underrated free agent signings in the past 24 hours were Jason Campbell and Kyle Orton agreeing to become backup quarterbacks. Campbell signed with the Bears for $3.5 million Tuesday to back up Jay Cutler. Orton signed a three-year deal with the Cowboys Wednesday to back up Tony Romo.

Campbell went 11-7 over the past two seasons as a starter in Oakland and was 4-2 before getting knocked out for the season last year. He’s not a big game-changer, but he doesn’t make too many mistakes and he gives his teams a chance to win.

Orton was 1-4 as a starter for the Broncos before being benched in favor of Tim Tebow. He was claimed by the Chiefs after being waived and went 2-1. He’s capable of putting up bigger stats than Campbell, but he also makes more mistakes.

What’s interesting about these signings is that it shows there are limited opportunities for quarterbacks to compete for starting jobs; most teams feel they have a quarterback or are planning to acquire one through the draft or free agency. Just looking around the league, either QB would be an upgrade for the Vikings, Seahawks, Cardinals, Browns, and Jags. I’m not sure why those teams weren’t interested.