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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: Kyle Orton

Brandon Marshall says Kyle Orton is best QB he has played with

There was a time when Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler were each other’s biggest fan, but their relationship seemed to deteriorate a bit during a disappointing 2014 season. Still, Cutler is still the best quarterback Marshall has played with, right? Wrong. During a Q&A session with his Twitter followers on Thursday, Marshall was asked to…Read More

Kyle Orton Uncle Rico mashup is awesome (Video)

Kyle Orton shaved his mustache before Sunday’s game and went on to lead the Buffalo Bills to a thrilling comeback victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Before he shaved the stache, Orton was starting to look exactly like Uncle Rico from “Napoleon Dynamite.” Mustache or no mustache, the mashup you see above of Uncle Rico throwing…Read More

Kyle Orton totally looks like Uncle Rico

I never really noticed or thought of the resemblance between Kyle Orton and Uncle Rico, but once it was pointed out to me, I knew this had to be an immediate addition to our “Totally Looks Like” category on the website. The resemblance between Orton and Uncle Rico is uncanny. They’re both quarterbacks, they both…Read More

Kyle Orton reportedly did not get along with Tony Romo

Kyle Orton forced his way out of Dallas over the offseason and ended up signing with the Buffalo Bills, for whom he is now the starter. One report suggests that Orton’s poor relationship with Tony Romo was a factor in his decision to force his way out. Here’s what ESPN’s Ed Werder tweeted on Tuesday:…Read More

Bills bench EJ Manuel for Kyle Orton

Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone announced on Monday that quarterback EJ Manuel will be benched for next weekend’s game against the Detroit Lions. Kyle Orton will start in his place. Manuel threw two interceptions in the second half of Sunday’s loss to the Houston Texans. One came on the final drive with the Bills…Read More

Doug Marrone reportedly upset over Kyle Orton signing

Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone got into a verbal altercation with members of the team’s front office during a practice this week, and now we know why. According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, Marrone was upset over the team’s signing of Kyle Orton. Florio specifically says that the timing and money involved with…Read More

Jerry Jones’ reaction to Kyle Orton’s game-losing interception (GIF)

Ohhhh Jerruh. You guys nearly had them! In the end, the Dallas Cowboys’ season ended the way it should have — on an interception. The only difference was it was Kyle Orton throwing the pick instead of Tony Romo. Different QB, same result. Let’s all enjoy some schaudenfreude and watch the reaction of Cowboys owner…Read More

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