Kyle Williams, Eric Wood take shot at Jets for going to Dave & Busters before game

Dave-&-BustersThe New York Jets spent some quality time together at a local Dave & Busters on Saturday night before their game against the Buffalo Bills. Teams usually get together for a couple meetings and focus on resting up the night before game day, but the Jets decided to do things a bit differently. They then proceeded to be laughed out of Ralph Wilson Stadium with a 37-14 loss.

Did the Bills use the Jets’ trip to Dave & Busters as motivation? They certainly felt disrespected by it. Cornerback Eric Wood, who seemed offended, claimed there was “not much” talk about it before the game.

“It’s almost so in-your-face, it didn’t need to be said,” Wood told reporters, via the NFL Network’s Kimberly Jones.

Defensive tackle Kyle Williams was a bit more forward.

“I think we’ll stay off of Dave & Busters,” Williams said. “It didn’t work out very well for the other team that had a party there.”

The Jets entered Sunday’s game with a record of 5-4. Before their bye, they defeated a very good New Orleans Saints team. Prior to that, they were blown out in a 49-9 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. I can’t imagine Rex Ryan felt that his team was going to go on the road and beat Buffalo with ease. Perhaps he believed his team had done enough preparing with the extra week off. He was wrong.

Given the way Geno Smith played, I doubt skipping Dave & Busters would have yielded a different result.

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7-Year-Old Boy Sends Letter of Support to Kyle Williams

Despite all the hate mail and death threats 49ers wide receiver Kyle Williams has received since blowing the NFC Championship Game, he still has some support. A 7-year-old who is a huge 49ers fan sent a letter to Williams telling him to be proud of his season. Here is a look at the letter via Huffington Post:

In case you’re having a tough time reading the young boy’s writing, here’s what the letter says:

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Giants Targeted Kyle Williams Because of His Concussion History

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Kyle Williams handed the NFC Championship Game to the Giants with two turnovers on punt returns. Williams, the son of White Sox GM Ken Williams, was filling in for the injured Ted Ginn Jr. as the team’s punt returner. Two Giants players said after their win that they targeted him because of his concussion history.

“The thing is, we knew he had four concussions, so that was our biggest thing, was to take him outta the game,” said Jacquian Williams, who forced the second fumble.

Devin Thomas recovered both fumbles and said the same thing.

“He’s had a lot of concussions. We were just like, ‘We gotta put a hit on that guy,’ ” Thomas said. “(Tyler) Sash did a great job hitting him early and he looked kind of dazed when he got up. I feel like that made a difference and he coughed it up.”

Did Williams make a bad decision to be around the ball on the first return because he was woozy? And is that the reason he lost the second punt? It’s hard to say. We do know there’s at least another reason for his poor showing. Williams’ father says his son thinks he separated his shoulder in the third quarter. Neither man wants sympathy; Kyle felt he could get the job done.

Kyle Williams is a huge reason why the 49ers lost, but he’s not the only reason. I just hope the death threats and animosity from 49ers fans ends. There is no need for that.

And for the record, Williams was concussed in Week 16 and missed the season finale because of it. He told reporters earlier this month that it was his fourth concussion.

Special Teams the Difference in AFC and NFC Championship Games

We hear coaches say it so often that it has become a cliche. When guys like Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin take the podium the week before a game, they always mention special teams. It is the third phase of the game that people tend to ignore. When analyzing the match-up between two teams on paper, we look at offenses and defenses. On Sunday, we were all reminded of how important the forgotten phase of the game truly is.

In the AFC Championship game, it was Billy Cundiff. The game was headed to overtime. Both the Ravens and Patriots had come up with timely turnovers to keep the game close. Tom Brady had an unimpressive day throwing the ball, but he led a go-ahead drive in the second half that was capped off by an uncharacteristic leap into the end zone over a pile of Ravens defenders.  Joe Flacco put Baltimore in a perfect position to send the game to overtime by bringing his team to the New England 21-yard line.  Perhaps the Patriots would block it, but no NFL kicker is going to shank a field goal inside 40 yards, right?  Cundiff shanked it, and the Patriots advanced.

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