Lakers had Tobey Maguire voice over short movie for Carmelo Anthony

Tobey MaguireThe Lakers did not completely flex their Hollywood muscles during a free agent meeting with Carmelo Anthony on Thursday, but they did at least show what they’re capable of.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Lakers had famed movie producer Joel Silver create a four-minute video showing a trailer of ‘Melo’s life. None other than “Spider-man” actor Toby Maguire did the voiceover for it.

While the Houston Rockets were out there ticking off Jeremy Lin by giving ‘Melo his jersey number, the Lakers had Seabiscuit telling Carmelo what’s up.

Who gets the edge in that one? Not even a discussion.

The Lakers also reportedly told ‘Melo they would offer him the maximum they’re able to, which is $97 million over four years. That sounds nice and all, but he’s still going back to the Knicks.

And how awesome is it that Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson are competing for the same player? That has to make for some great makeup sex.

Byron Scott gets second interview with Lakers

Byron-ScottByron Scott said last month that he believes he is the perfect man for the Los Angeles Lakers coaching job, largely because of his close relationship with Kobe Bryant. The team may agree with him.

The Lakers began their second round of coaching interviews on Tuesday by speaking to Scott for a second time. The LA Times reports that he is the first person to get a second meeting with the team since their coaching search began over a month ago.

Scott, who has had very little success as a head coach in the NBA, played for the Lakers during their “Showtime” years from 1983 to 1993. The Lakers have already interviewed Mike Dunleavy, Kurt Rambis, George Karl, Lionel Hollins and Alvin Gentry. Rambis is set to become an assistant coach for Derek Fisher with the New York Knicks.

Of all the candidates the Lakers have interviewed, Scott might make the most sense. He can probably coexist with Kobe and we doubt LA would be able to make much of a pitch to someone like Carmelo Anthony with an old-school coach like Dunleavy or someone he already played for like Karl.

A recent report indicated that the Lakers are dragging their heels with their coaching search in order to give big-name free agents like Carmelo and LeBron James an opportunity to basically select their own coach. If that’s the case, it could be a while before they make a final decision.

Lakers reportedly delaying coaching search to appeal to free agents like Melo, LeBron

Mitch KupchakWhile teams like the Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks and Minnesota Timberwolves have hired new coaches for the upcoming season, the Los Angeles Lakers have been taking their time during the process. According to one report, they’ll continue to delay things for a specific reason.

USA Today’s Sam Amick reports that the Lakers could wait until July before hiring a coach because they want to make their team as appealing as possible to potential free agents. Amick mentions that the Lakers will do what they can to sign LeBron James and/or Carmelo Anthony, who could become free agents if they decline their options for next season.

Though Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak (pictured) has said they will not take the input of Kobe Bryant when making a coaching hire, this suggests that they will at least allow a big-time free agent to have some input in the process.

So far the Lakers have interviewed Byron Scott, Mike Dunleavy, Kurt Rambis, George Karl and Alvin Gentry for the job. Karl is probably the best coach of the bunch, but hiring him would probably make the team a lot less attractive for someone like ‘Melo, who already was coached by Karl for several years in Denver.

It sounds pretty absurd on the surface to think that the Lakers are delaying a process for the hope that they could land a big free agent, but it’s actually sound strategy. LeBron probably isn’t going anywhere, but if you’re the Lakers, how does it hurt to try wooing him? And despite the flaws in his game, they could definitely use a guy like Anthony. Why box themselves in by hiring a coach now?

Andrew Bynum would like to play for Lakers again

andrew-bynumAndrew Bynum will be looking for a job this summer, and we highly doubt more than a handful of teams will be interested in his services. Bynum is 26 and has chronic knee problems that have limited him to just 26 games in the past two seasons. He also has a terrible attitude and has been known to act like a 10-year-old. But he’s free to dream, right?

TMZ caught up with Bynum at LAX on Tuesday and spoke to him about his future in the NBA. When the cameraman noted that Bynum lives in Los Angeles and asked if he would like to return home next season, he seemed to get excited.

“That would be great,” he said. “Come back home.”

When asked if he would rather play for the Clippers or Lakers, Bynum did not hesitate.

“Lakers,” he said.

As for how he is feeling, Bynum was not very convincing. He said “I don’t think so” when asked if we would ever see the Andrew Bynum of old again. He also described his knees as feeling “good enough to walk around on” and didn’t seem too optimistic.

All indications are that Bynum doesn’t care about basketball. It seems like teams are willing to take a chance on him because he is still relatively young and has been an impact player in the past, but I don’t envision any scenario in which the Lakers would bring him back. They’ve already dealt with his antics.

Mike Dunleavy met with Lakers about coaching job

Mike Dunleavy SrMike Dunleavy appears to be a fairly hot name for NBA coaching vacancies.

First there was a report that the Knicks had interest in the former Clippers coach, and now it sounds like the Lakers have interest in bringing the veteran coach back for another spin.

Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reported Wednesday that Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak met with Dunleavy to discuss the position, which became vacant after Mike D’Antoni resigned/was pushed out last month.

Dunleavy, 60, has had a lengthy coaching career. He coached the Lakers for two seasons in the early ’90s, the Bucks and Blazers for four seasons apiece, and he was the longtime coach of the Clippers until resigning during the middle of his seventh season in 2010. He has not coached since then.

I don’t think Dunleavy is anything special as a coach, but he was able to consistently win when he had a roster full of talented/competitive players. You could do worse for a hire, but you could also do better.

Lionel Hollins reportedly interested in Lakers job

lionel-hollinsThe Los Angeles Lakers are looking for a new coach after Mike D’Antoni was pushed out announced his resignation on Wednesday. Former Memphis Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins is among a long list of candidates who are interested.

Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports reported on Wednesday night that Hollins is interested in the new vacancy. The Lakers would be wise to give him a long look. Hollins decided to leave the Grizzlies last June as a result of differing views with management. The divorce was unexpected after he led the team to a franchise record 56-win season and an appearance in the Western Conference Finals.

The Grizzles were swept by the San Antonio Spurs in that playoff series, but hardly anyone expected them to make it that far. Considering the Lakers won just 27 games this season, Hollins might be the perfect man for the job.

Pau Gasol: Lakers would need ‘significant changes’ for me to come back

Pau-Gasol-Steve-Nash-LakersThe Los Angeles Lakers have some serious decisions to make this offseason, and whether to bring back Pau Gasol or not is one of them. The 33-year-old big man has struggled since Mike D’Antoni took over. Injuries haven’t helped, as Gasol has played in 65 or less games each season since the 2010-2011 campaign. He loves playing with Kobe Bryant, but does he enjoy it enough to stay in LA?

On Wednesday, Gasol wrote at length about his impending free agency on his personal blog. Mark Medina of Inside the Lakers shared a translation of some of the more noteworthy remarks.

“Re-signing for the Lakers is a possibility, but I’m not sure whether to say it’s a remote one,” Gasol wrote. “If there’s anything or anyone who could make me stay it’s Kobe Bryant. I’d stay for him, but there’d have to be significant changes. I’ve said it many times: I want to be in a team that has a solid chance to win another (championship) and where I can be an important factor in the game.”

Gasol averaged 17.4 points and 9.7 rebounds in 60 games this season. Given his inability to stay healthy, he can expect to make far less than $19 million per season on his next contract. Gasol’s name has been at the center of a number of trade rumors over the past two seasons, mostly because of his inability to succeed in D’Antoni’s system. He made that point on his website.

“I’ve never concealed the fact that D’Antoni’s style doesn’t suit my game,” Gasol wrote. “Everybody knows this. I don’t know if my decision will be swayed by whether Mike stays or leaves. Obviously, the coach is a very important factor for any team.”

It seems obvious that Gasol would rather play for someone else. Rumor has it Kobe feels the same way, so it might make life easier for everyone if D’Antoni doesn’t return next year. And if he does, the team may decide not to bring Gasol back anyway.

“Money isn’t important to me,” he added. “I have other priorities. A contract lasting several seasons, the make-up of the team that signs me: I’ll need to think long and hard. I won’t just go to the franchise that offers me the biggest salary, I know that.”

Everyone wants to win a championship, and common sense tells you there is too much uncertainty surrounding the Lakers for them to contend next season. If Gasol decides to leave, it would cloud the picture even more.