Lamar Odom Dunk Stuffed by the Rim

Sunday’s game between the Lakers and Magic was fairly physical and heavily defensively-oriented. Both teams have strong interior presences which made it tough to score baskets down low. Lakers’ big man Lamar Odom figured he wasn’t going to be intimidated so he tried to make a statement by going up for a dunk on Dwight Howard in the third quarter. The good news for Odom is that Howard didn’t stop him. The bad news is the rim did. Let’s go to the video:

It’s pretty funny how my reaction to that move changed midway; as Odom was soaring through the air, I thought to myself, “Damn, look at Odom making a statement.” Once he came up short, I thought “Nice try, Lamar.” Clearly he forgot to eat his PowerBar before the game.

Lamar Odom/Khloe Kardashian Getting Paid for Marriage?


This whole Lamar Odom/Khloe Kardashian wedding news never sounded right from the day it came out. To say they met one day and were planning to get married the next day isn’t even a stretch. Plus, add in the fact that after dating Rashad McCants Khloe said she was swearing off ballers (I guess it’s a hard habit to kick). Then you mix in Odom’s previous long-term relationship and his kids and you figure it would take a little more than a month of knowing each other before they would decide to tie the knot. Well now it seems as if all those reasonable questions are being answered.

TMZ is saying that Odom now wants a prenuptial agreement but they won’t have enough time to draw one up prior to Sunday’s wedding. That means the marriage supposedly will be non-binding and essentially a sham, as Sports by Brooks wrote. To make matters more disgusting, TMZ also says that a reality show is paying for the million-dollar wedding — can you say Wag the Dog? So what does this all mean? It means the whole wedding is a paid-for sham and nothing more than a publicity grab. At least we’ll have to give them this much — it worked! But how shallow can you be to sell your love on TV? I guess Shawne Merriman would know something about that.

Lakers Already Making Moves, Odom?

Funny the way things work. Two weeks ago, the Lakers were the toast of the NBA, a near cinch to win the title. Then, in a matter of games, they have become a so-called mess. We’ve already decided here that the Lakers would be back and that this is just the beginning of a new era in Laker basketball. That’s more than I can say for the mentality of others in this city. It’s already the Laker therapy line locally, and it didn’t even take long after the game for players to say changes were needed (e.g. defensive toughness). Your first likely change? Lamar Odom to go, according to the LA Times.

Then there’s Odom’s $14-million salary, as the Lakers assume as much as $90 million in additional salary and luxury tax over the next three seasons with Gasol.

However, from the day they made the trade, the Lakers never thought they would end up paying that much, suggesting they were already thinking of moving Odom.

Indeed, Odom was in their package for Gasol until Memphis owner Michael Heisley took him out, asking for lesser players who afforded more cap relief.

You probably didn’t even need to hear the money side of the issue to guess Odom would be gone. With Bynum coming back next year, someone will have to go, and you know it won’t be Pau. Besides, was there any player more Jeckyll and Hyde in the playoffs this year than Odom? I like the guy, but man, his inconsistency has to drive you nuts, not to mention his fluctuating health. He’ll be someone else’s mess before too long, most likely.

Lamar Odom: Lakers Wanted the Spurs

When most players are asked about an opponent they prefer to face, they usually stay pretty P.C. on the issue giving the “We don’t care who we play” line, or the “We’ll come out ready to play regardless of who the opponent is.” That’s kind of what I expected from Lamar Odom on the subject when he joined Tim Montemayor on Sporting News Radio. Instead, Odom volunteered that the Lakers wanted to face the Spurs in the Conference Finals:

To play against them is really significant for us — it’s a challenge that we’re ready for. We’re ready to compete at the highest level, to play our A-game every night, and may the best team win. We were rooting that the Spurs won the series.

I figure most people would associate wanting the Hornets as taking easy way out, even though New Orleans was the two seed. The Spurs are the veteran team, battle-tested, and full of playoff experience — they’re the defending champs. Odom’s comments that they wanted the Spurs makes me think the Lakers are playing with confidence and that they feel they want to knock off all the top dogs on the way to the title. Well, Lamar got his wish, now it’s on him to deliver the goods.