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Monday, June 25, 2018

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Watch: LeBron James shoves Lance Stephenson

LeBron James Lance Stephenson

LeBron James looks like he has had enough of Lance Stephenson.

Late in the third quarter of Game 6 between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers, James shoved Stephenson, who hit the floor. Stephenson appeared to flop after the contact, but there was enough for James to be called for a foul.

The saga between Stephenson and James has been going on for years, with Stephenson becoming a huge thorn in James’ side. There was the infamous ear-blowing incident between them. The two went at it during a game in January. Then James was called for a tech for shoving Stephenson in Game 4. Lance may be in LeBron’s head.

JR Smith calls Lance Stephenson a clown on Instagram

JR Smith

It has only been four games, but JR Smith’s already sick of Lance Stephenson.

After his Cleveland Cavaliers beat Stephenson’s Indiana Pacers on Sunday to tie their playoff series at two games apiece, Smith reacted to a post by popular Instagram account House of Highlights that detailed Stephenson’s antics.

Watch Lance.

A post shared by House of Highlights (@houseofhighlights) on

The former Sixth Man of the Year Smith left a comment on the post that said “straight clown” with an emoji in place of the actual word “clown.”

While Stephenson is averaging a decent 10.3 points, 4.0 rebounds, and 2.5 assists per game for the series, his primary role for the Pacers has been that of an agitator, especially towards LeBron James. His act can definitely border on jester-like at times, but you have to admit that it has worked to an extent.

LeBron James gets technical foul for shoving Lance Stephenson

LeBron James bald

LeBron James got called for a technical foul during Game 4 of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ playoff series against the Indiana Pacers on Sunday.

James gave Lance Stephenson a shove when they were going to a timeout, which resulted in him being called for the tech midway through the fourth quarter.

Victor Oladipo made the technical free throw for the Pacers to make it 92-89 in favor of Indiana.

Stephenson and James have a long history of chippy play between them. The two went at it earlier this season. He also was involved in a notorious play with James four years ago in the playoffs.

Lance Stephenson: Pacers have ‘full control’ of series with Cavs

Lance Stephenson thinks he has LeBron James right where he wants him.

Speaking with reporters after practice on Saturday, Stephenson expressed confidence over the Indiana Pacers’ 2-1 lead in their first-round playoff series against the favored Cleveland Cavaliers.

“We have full control right now,” said the mercurial swingman, according to Mike Wells of ESPN. “We have to keep it. We get another win in our building, and that’s when I think they’re going to start panicking. We’re going to bring it like we [brought] it the first game.

“Our goal is to stay together, try to contain LeBron, play team defense,” he added. “That team is a good team. I don’t think they’re gonna get frustrated.”

Indeed, the Pacers are in the driver’s seat after stealing Game 1 in Cleveland and defending their home court in Game 3 to take the surprising 2-1 series lead. However, it is obviously impossible to count out the four-time MVP James, who has fought back from way more insurmountable deficits in the past. But leave it to Stephenson, who has made a living of trying to get into James’ head, to poke the bear by making inflammatory comments here.

Lance Stephenson avoids flagrant foul despite smacking LeBron in head

Lance Stephenson LeBron foul

Lance Stephenson avoided being called for a flagrant foul for smacking LeBron James in the head while playing defense in the third quarter of Game 1 of their playoff series on Sunday. However, Stephenson was still called for a foul and technical foul.

James was driving towards the basket when Stephenson went for a block and swatted James in the head.

James received three free throws as a result. He made two of the three to make it an eight-point game.

Stephenson’s defense on James is something to watch throughout the series between Indiana and Cleveland given the history between the two players.

John Henson calls out Lance Stephenson on Twitter for in-game trip

John Henson

Milwaukee Bucks big man John Henson is the latest NBA player to be put off by Lance Stephenson’s tomfoolery.

After the Bucks lost to the Indiana Pacers on Monday by the final of 92-89, Henson called out the Pacers swingman on Twitter for tripping him during the game in a sequence that was caught on the Milwaukee broadcast.

“S— crazy,” Henson added in a follow-up tweet.

The unpredictable Stephenson is obviously one of the biggest characters in the NBA (sometimes bordering on villain territory even), and he loves stirring up beef with opponents, especially those in-conference. An intentional trip is beyond just harmless beef though, and Henson probably won’t forget if the Bucks (currently eighth in the East) and the Pacers (currently three games ahead of them in fourth) meet in this year’s playoffs.

LeBron James, Lance Stephenson go at it again (Video)

The Eastern Conference’s favorite rivalry is back.

LeBron James and Lance Stephenson were involved in a bit of a mix-up in the Cleveland Cavaliers-Indiana Pacers game on Friday night. The fun started in the fourth quarter when Stephenson got into James’ space during a dead ball, causing the four-time MVP to complain to the referees. As play was about to resume, James gave Stephenson a slight forearm shove to the chest and was promptly whistled for a technical foul.

The tech proved costly as the Pacers would eke out the 97-95 win to give the Cavs their third straight loss. As fate had it, James stepped out of bounds and turned the ball over in the closing seconds, and Stephenson was loving it.

Of course, the two have a well-established history with one another, and it’s interesting that Lance can still get under LeBron’s skin after all these years.

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