Landon Donovan Apologizes for Tweaking Sacramento Kings Fans on Twitter

Wednesday evening in Sacramento was one of the saddest moments of the NBA season. The Kings faced the Lakers in what was likely their last game ever in Sacramento given their plans to move to Anaheim. It couldn’t have been a more bitter goodbye for Kings fans who watched their team blow a late lead to the enemy Lakers after mounting a huge comeback. But if there were some people who enjoyed seeing the outcome, it was Lakers fans.

Team USA star soccer player and LA Galaxy star Landon Donovan is an LA native and fan of the local sports teams. As a Lakers fan, he took particular joy in watching the team beat the Kings in their final game in Sacramento and gloated on twitter:

Donovan took massive amounts of heat from Kings fans as a result and followed up by saying “Jesus, one little joke brings out the passion. Note to self: don’t ever go to Sacramento…ever.” Then when things were explained to him from real people in Sacramento who are forced to see their team leave and have local jobs lost, Donovan started to understand and empathize. He apologized, writing “I apologize. I’m a diehard Laker fan and got emotional. I made a mistake, sorry to all the King fans.” He even took down that critical tweet, but thanks to Jose3030 on twitter it was preserved.

Donovan never had to apologize for his comments because he is a Lakers fan and that’s part of the rivalry. But after he connected with fellow fans who showed him how much it sucks to lose a team, he understood and apologized. He didn’t have to, but I’m glad he learned how painful this is for Kings fans and realized how insensitive his remark was. It’s the Maloofs who need the criticism, not the fans.

Landon Donovan Has Love Child in U.K.?

It’s amazing the way things can change so quickly. Landon Donovan gained hero status in the U.S. with a late goal to beat Algeria 1-0 giving the U.S. the Group C win. Donovan also scored the lone goal in USA’s loss to Ghana, and the first of two U.S. goals against Slovenia. But you know the way things work — they can only stay golden for so long before the moment is ruined.

The U.S. soccer bandwagon came apart on Saturday with the loss to Ghana and Donovan said the team was “naive” going into the game. They seemed unfocused as they fell behind early on and were outplayed most of the match. Maybe “distracted” was the word Donovan should have used. Grant Wahl of SI found out that a U.K. tabloid was prepared to run a story that Donovan knocked up a woman while he was on loan from the Galaxy to Everton in England earlier this year.

Donovan told Wahl he was made aware of the report during the World Cup which I’m sure didn’t exactly put his mind at ease. I don’t know when he found out the information but he sure played well for a guy who just had a bomb dropped on him. As if this report wasn’t bad enough, it comes at a time when Donovan was optimistic that his failing marriage was on its way to being repaired. I guess you can never have it all.

Donovan addresses imminent U.K. tabloid report [Grant Wahl/SI]

Epic Reaction to Landon Donovan Goal

Following 91 minutes of the most excruciating yet captivating 0-0 play between Team USA and Algeria, Landon Donovan caused everyone in the United States to spill their Wednesday morning beer with what is being called the most important goal in US soccer history. And what do we sports fans do when national history is made? Film ourselves reacting to the moment and upload it to YouTube, of course. Deadspin assembled a collection of the finest Landon Donavon goal reactions from across our great nation and once you get past how strange it is that some of these people were filming themselves watching a soccer game, putting these clips together side by side actually makes you realize how remarkable it is that every American glued to their television set lost their marbles and went bananas at the exact same glorious moment. I deem this collection of videos from Deadspin significantly more cool than creepy. Here is my personal favorite, complete with soundtrack:

A Children’s Treasury Of Drunk People Screaming About Donovan’s Goal [Deadspin]
Video Credit: YouTube user MatthewBakke

Bad Call Again? No Problem; Donovan Scores in Stoppage Time

The World Cup officials once again made their best attempt at costing the United States a game.  Luckily, they were unsuccessful.  Referee Koman Coulibaly cost the Americans a game last week against Slovenia and has since been demoted.  It almost happened again on Wednesday, but team U.S.A. was able to score in stoppage time to beat Algeria and secure a spot in the knockout round.  Had they not scored, the game probably would have ended in a tie.  With the way the England vs. Slovenia game went, it would have taken a miracle for the U.S. to advance if they played to another tie.  Check out the video of the World Cup refs blowing an offside call that cost Clint Dempsey and the United States a goal:

If you know anything about the rules of soccer, you know that play isn’t even close.  If not for Landon Donovan’s goal in stoppage time to give the U.S. a 1-0 victory, the officials would have faced epic backlash following the match.  But he did score, and because of that the Americans are moving through to the next round and have won their group for the first time since 1930. Here’s the video of Landon Donovan’s stoppage time goal

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