Lane Kiffin lists Manhattan Beach mansion for sale for $7 million

Lane Kiffin mansion

Lane Kiffin is officially moving on from Southern California.

Lane and his wife, Layla, have listed their Manhattan Beach mansion on sale for $6.995 million.

Kiffin was fired by USC in late September after a loss at Arizona State, but don’t feel too badly for him — he bought the home for $5.5 million last year, so his family stands to make some money off the deal.

There was some confusion over whether Kiffin would owe USC money for the home because the school loaned him $500k for the purchase last year. Some said that story was overblown and not an issue.

Kiffin’s home is 7,308 square feet and has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Most of it is unused considering up until being fired, Lane used to sleep in his office most of the week.

You can read the full summary of the listing below and see some more photos:

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Lane Kiffin talks about firing amid ‘You got fired!’ chants (Video)

Former USC coach Lane Kiffin made an appearance on ESPN’s College GameDay on Saturday morning, and he had to have known what he was in for. Washington fans who were gearing up for their biggest game of the season against No. 2 Oregon had no problem expending time and energy to rag on Kiffin.

ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi interviewed Kiffin about his failed time at USC while fans chanted “You got fired!” in the background. Kiffin took the blame for the Trojans’ poor performance in recent years.

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“Obviously I’m to blame being the head coach,” he said. “There are a lot of things I should’ve done better. At the same time, I’m very proud of our time there. If you look at what sanctions do to major programs, to be 28-15, there’s some good stuff in there.”

Kiffin reminded viewers of the sanctions against the program on more than one occasion. He brought it up again when asked about USC athletic director Pat Haden’s decision to fire at an airport terminal.

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Tennessee students celebrate Lane Kiffin firing: ‘Karma is a Butch’


Most Tennessee Vols fans despise Lane Kiffin. The recently-fired USC football coach accepted a job at Tennessee in 2009 only to leave a year later to coach the Trojans. Kiffin’s new job didn’t exactly work out, and he was recently fired at an airport terminal.

Upon hearing the news that their former coach had been terminated, Tennessee students decided to celebrate by taking a shot at Kiffin through the use of a massive boulder on their campus. As you can see from the photo above that former Vols quarterback Erik Ainge posted on Twitter, they wrote the following in spray paint:

“Hey Kiffin, Karma is a BUTCH!”

Tennessee is currently 3-2 under head coach Butch Jones. USC fired Kiffin after falling to 3-2 following an embarrassing loss to Arizona State, so the grass wasn’t as greener out west as Kiffin thought it would be. No group of fans is happier with the way it turned out than the Vols faithful. Well, we shouldn’t speak for the current USC players.

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Lane Kiffin could owe USC $500K for his mansion

Lane KiffinUSC football’s disappointing performance over the past three-plus seasons has already cost Lane Kiffin his job, and it may also cost him a house. Last December, TMZ reported that USC had given Kiffin a $500,000 loan toward the purchase of his $5.5 million home in Manhattan Beach, Calif. But there was one catch — if Kiffin chose to leave the school or was fired, USC could demand the money back with interest.

After he was fired by the Oakland Raiders in his second season, Kiffin unexpectedly left Tennessee for USC after one season. That is likely what the Trojans were trying to avoid by loaning him the $500,000, and the loan was probably supposed to last at least as long as Kiffin’s reported five-year, $20 million contract with the team did.

TMZ could not determine if Kiffin is still on the hook for the money or if he already paid off the loan. Between his head coaching gigs in the NFL and NCAA, the 38-year-old has made plenty of money. The school could technically foreclose on his Manhattan Beach mansion if he does not pay back the $500,000, but it is highly unlikely that it would get to that point.

The alleged details of the loan simply add to what has already become an entertaining sideshow that began when Kiffin was fired at an airport terminal. The players may be happy to see their former coach go, but the school has to be incredibly disappointed with how much of a failure the Kiffin era turned out to be.

Comparing the Lane Kiffin firing to the John Robinson botched firing

Lane KiffinUSC made some major waves in the college football world by firing Lane Kiffin hours after the team got swatted by Arizona State 62-41 on the road. The firing made all sorts of news for a number of reasons. One, Kiffin is a despised figure in the sports world, so many were happy to see him served a dose of karma. Two, few saw the firing coming since athletic director Pat Haden continuously stood by his football coach. And three, the manner in which they terminated Kiffin was something to behold. Kiffin was called off the team bus and fired at a terminal in LAX upon returning to LA. Deadspin said the firing was done in “the most cold-blooded way.” Few would disagree with their phrasing.

But the thing is USC has been in a similar situation before when it came to a firing. That was when they fired John Robinson in 1997.

First, let’s rehash exactly what happened with Kiffin, because the story is sublime.

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USC players reportedly happy to see Lane Kiffin fired

Lane KiffinUSC Trojans fans weren’t the only ones happy to see Lane Kiffin fired on Sunday. Apparently many of the players were, too.

Los Angeles Daily News Trojans football reporter Scott Wolf said on Sunday that one player told him Kiffin “lost the locker room.” That’s not a surprise considering the team went 7-6 last season and got slaughtered in the Sun Bowl.

USC really should have fired Kiffin after that debacle. Not only did his players get into a fight following that game, but Kiffin and one of his assistants did too.

Then in the offseason, Matt Barkley was critical of Kiffin, saying the coach focused too much on Marqise Lee, which came as a detriment to the rest of the offense.

Of course things did not improve this season. USC had the home loss to Washington State in the second week of the season, narrowly escaped Utah State, and then got crushed by Arizona State on the road. They were 3-2 overall and 0-2 in conference when Kiffin was dropped.

One player reportedly told Wolf that Kiffin being fired was a weight lifted off them. You can interpret that many ways, but it’s clear the player felt that having Kiffin gone was good for the team.

Rich Hammond of the OC Register says athletic director Pat Haden said the reception from the players was “great” when he met with them to share the news.

Wolf also said a player told him he resented how Kiffin would only focus on certain players, like Barkley.

Whether they didn’t like the way he coached or just thought it would be better for the program if he were gone, it’s obvious many players were happy to see Kiffin fired. We also know there are recruits who wanted him gone, too.

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Lane Kiffin fired at Landmark Aviation Terminal in LAX; decision made in third quarter of ASU rout

Lane KiffinTerribly disappointing news out of USC this morning. Unfortunately, athletic director Pat Haden decided to fire Lane Kiffin as head football coach of the Trojans following the team’s horrendous 62-41 loss at Arizona State on Saturday night.

Haden stood behind Kiffin multiple times even when people questioned whether the coach deserved his job. But Haden cited things like graduation rate and Kiffin’s ability as a playcaller when deciding to keep him on as coach. He even kept Kiffin after the team’s embarrassing 10-7 home loss to Washington State in their second game of the season. But the rout at Arizona State was too much.

According to LA Daily News writer Scott Wolf, Haden made the decision to fire Kiffin when the Sun Devils went on a 28-0 run in the third quarter. He reportedly met with advisers in a tiny room and decided then that Kiffin had to go. USC was down 20-14 at halftime, but the Trojans scored early in the third to go up 21-20. They then allowed four straight TDs to fall behind 48-21.

The 62 points were the most USC ever allowed to Arizona State. Also in the Kiffin era, Oregon and Stanford set records for most points scored in school history against USC.

The story of how Kiffin was fired is as memorable and embarrassing as it gets.

According to Wolf, Kiffin was pulled off the team’s bus at Landmark Aviation Terminal in LAX to meet with Haden. Kiffin apparently thought it would be a routine, brief meeting and even left a bag on the bus. Kiffin told the bus driver to wait for him, while USC officials told the driver to head back to campus to drop off the players. It was during this meeting that Haden told Kiffin he was done and gave the coach the option of being terminated or resigning. Kiffin chose to be fired.

Ed Orgeron will be the interim head coach, which is also a joke. He’s as clueless about running a team as Kiffin.

Kiffin’s firing has been long overdue. I never would have hired him as coach in the first place and thought he would bring USC down the way he did. As a Bruins fan, I can only hope the Trojans botch the next hiring, though I don’t think we’ll be that lucky.

And from now on, I will always think of Lane Kiffin whenever I’m near Landmark Aviation Terminal at LAX.